Goals in Google Calendar

Goals in Google Calendar

This is Brad. (SMS: “Brad, it’s not you. It’s me. It’s over.”) Brad is sad. (Sign: “Change your life!”) So Brad started making changes. Brad knew he’d need some help. So he set a few goals using Google Calendar. Goals like, ‘Do yoga’ (3 times a week) And Calendar found the time. Look at Brad go! (Done) Of course, goals don’t come easy. Sometimes your boss gets in the way. “Brad!” Luckily, Calendar can move things around automatically. Other times, life gets in the way. But Calendar can help here, too. (Defer) Because helping you stick to your goals is what this story is all about. You can even take a few minutes for those unexpected surprises. Calendar always has you covered. Now that Brad is meeting his goals, everything else seems to fall into place. Like the time he met the new sales rep, George. From Spain. Now Brad has a new goal. (Build a skill.) (Practice a language.) And Calendar knew just what to do. Go Brad. Go! (Google Calendar: Make Goals. Find time.)

45 thoughts on “Goals in Google Calendar

  1. What about Google Tasks? All this time Calendar, Gmail, Keep, Drive, Plus, are available on their individual apps for iPhone and Android. Why Google don't build Google Tasks as an individual app?

  2. I just decided install this app, but I didn't remembered its name. And I would have forgotten it existed if I wouldn't enjoyed the creativity of the ad (and its acceptation of the Lgbt community). I found it thanks it rested somehow in my head and this comment is to congratulate you because you have earned a new user xD

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  4. Hi Google if you're listening: My android calendar app has a small issue. When I set a goal and adjust the timing for it, I can only do so for the first event and the future event for the same goal dont change time. Is that a bug ??

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  6. sadly Brad died of aids before he could complete his yoga course, and the producers of this commercial all got put in an oven too. its all so sad 🙁

  7. I hate how Google is promoting the straight agenda by including straight people in this ad along with the gays.

  8. I want to change the time of all the sessions of my goals, but I can't, it just change the time of that day. What can I do? Also, when I create a new goal and I schedule it for the night, for example, the app schedule it in the morning or in the afternoon. Why??? What should I do??

  9. The absence of morality can cause a tendency to contradictory norms called deviations! #abnormality

    If they want one roof of the world with the slogan then, I think Google has to straighten out its commerciality that they are not just based on their freedom and agendas but limits in the world, because not all of them display the same attitude #taboo

  10. Who DONT like this PROMOTION of super tolerance? – LIKE

    I think that tolerance – is ok. But…
    But i think that google, while they make this ads, they just think about new target audience. Or they really do mistake, when they try to promote that kind of values in society.

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