GoFundMe to Take Back MTA & NYC Subway Cartoons Newspaper

GoFundMe to Take Back MTA & NYC Subway Cartoons Newspaper

Hi, I’m Tony. I’m a daily writer of the
New York City subway. I’m also a cartoonist, socialist, and activist with a
group called The People’s MTA. We formed in 2017 after New York’s “Summer of Hell”
to create a campaign to take back public transportation for the people. I want to
use this GoFundMe campaign to raise money to create a comics newspaper about the subway. The People’s MTA has been fighting especially hard an issue of
transit accessibility, only about one in four of New York City subways has
elevators and the ones that do exist constantly break down. This makes subway
travel nightmarish and oppressive for mobility impaired riders or anyone who
can’t use subway stairs, parents with strollers, older riders, people with
luggage, people who don’t feel well. We all remember the preventable death of
Malaysia Goodson, the young African-American mother who fell to her
death was going down the subway stairs carrying her baby and her stroller at
the same time. “We have to carry his walker down the
stairs which represents a peril in itself.” The People’s MTA is also fighting
to end the racist police profiling and harassment of Black and Latino riders.
This is not a new problem, it’s basically stop and frisk in the
subway. The great “Swipe It Forward” activists did
manage to reduce subway arrests with their campaign of swiping in riders
for free, but now the MTA is announced a campaign against “fare beaters” putting 500 more cops on the subway. What is this but another racist
war on the poor. Between 2004 and 2006 I wrote and drew a daily comic strip
called “It’s All About You” for the free daily newspaper Metro. After that comic
strip was nationally syndicated for three years in 2010 I started a monthly
comics newspaper (published with union labor of course) called “Coffee Talk” that
I distributed throughout Brooklyn. I put out 10 issues of these, one a month. It features my cartoons, also cartoons, lots of other cartoonists and so the
idea is do this but for the subway. So if you want to do something about
constant delays, getting elevators and ramps installed, constant delays, racist
police harassment, elevators that don’t work, getting stuck
in an elevator, constant delays, then support this campaign by sharing it far
and wide!

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