Good Samaritans Rescue Driver From Exploding Tanker Truck | TODAY

Good Samaritans Rescue Driver From Exploding Tanker Truck | TODAY

49 thoughts on “Good Samaritans Rescue Driver From Exploding Tanker Truck | TODAY

  1. Absolutely no reason to put the baby pics on. Its like,, FIRE! baby pic, MASSIVE FLAMES!! baby pic, HUGE EXPLOSION!!! baby pic, A MAN WAS ON FIRE WTF!!!!,,, baby pic, the end.

  2. I do believe he was burned quite badly maybe not so much rescue as a recovery, should you find me on fire someday (very likely), I mean my whole body on fire go ahead and put me down its O.K. really, my quality of life may not be so good anymore.

  3. It's a very misleading headline. The driver wasn't "pulled from exploding tanker", he'd already got out. As well, the baby pictures are completely irrelevant.
    Kudos to those who helped the driver. But it's stories like this bring out my cynicism.

  4. Somebody make a note of this, the media did a story on something good. Instead of trashing trump bc he blinked too many times or instead of making some killer famous by showing them 24/7

  5. Humanity at its finest! Thank you to the brave souls that help the driver out! Our fire fighters are the bravest! God-bless them and keep them safe


  7. Thank you to the people that helped. I haul 8,000 gallons of pure 200 proof ethonal many times a day. Even with my 100% attention accidents can happen. You are true heros, thank you!

  8. God bless all who cared enough to risk their lives to help that driver and may his injuries heal and he return to his family again.

  9. Any one else here because they were trying to find out how to give their girlfriend the ol' Indiana Fire Bomb???

    That when you have your partner in doggystyle position and you attempt to surprise her my sneakily coating your jimmy with spicy nacho/jalapeno cheese dip either giving her immense pleasure or sending her running running out to her car heading for I-69 faster than Tony Stewart at the Indy 500

  10. Wow, can't believe what she did just days after giving birth! Thank goodness for kind people willing to go out of thier way!

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  12. I remember hearing about this the other day. If you are able you need to do this kind of stuff. Helping people in need

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