Google Ads Tutorials: Introducing Search Excellence

Google Ads Tutorials: Introducing Search Excellence

Whether you’re brand new to Google
Ads, or a seasoned digital marketer, Search Excellence should be the
foundation of your marketing strategy. It’s the groundwork that helps you achieve your
business goals with Google Ads, so that you can reach more valuable customers, improve your ads, find the right bid strategy, and simplify campaign management. Every advertiser has a unique journey
towards achieving Search Excellence. You can identify where you are on your journey through the recommendations page. Recommendations vary across accounts depending on what action will have
the highest performance impact. In this video, let’s review your
Search Excellence checklist and how you can implement the
recommendations with one click. These recommendations are customized to
your unique account settings and history, so keep in mind that you might not see
every recommendation in your account. Let’s get started! Measure the right actions Make sure you’re measuring every
interaction throughout the customer journey to accurately assign credit to touchpoints
that occur across Google Search. Ensure conversion tracking is set up
correctly using the global site tag, and that you’re using a non-last click
attribution model, such as data-driven. Use automation to drive growth Use the power of Smart Bidding to unlock growth through real-time bidding based on
your unique marketing goals. Choose from Maximize conversions,
Maximize conversion value, Target CPA, or Target ROAS to utilize advanced
machine learning to grow your business. Ensure you have enough budget
to maximize performance and keep showing ads when customers
are searching for your business. Expand your reach Find more customers who are
interested in what you offer by expanding your targeting via new keywords, and using Dynamic Search Ads to
dynamically improve query coverage. Also, enhance your search strategy by adding
audience lists to gain insights at scale. Make use of remarketing lists, similar audiences and in-market audiences to boost Smart Bidding with additional signals. Don’t forget to adjust your budgets
to capture those new customers. Maximize your search presence Apply responsive search ads to show
the right message to the right customer. Now that you know the best practices, keep
checking on the Recommendations page to ensure that your account is always set
up for success with Search Excellence. For more step-by-step videos on Google
Ads implementation and optimization, check out Google Ads Tutorials on
the Google Ads YouTube Channel. If you have any questions, or for more
information, please visit Google Ads Help. [music continues]

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