Google Chrome vs Chromium – What’s the Difference?

Google Chrome vs Chromium – What’s the Difference?

how are you going guys. I am ThioJoe an in my last video i talked about How microsoft is developing the new version of their edge browser based on chromium which unlike the name suggest is not the same as google chrome but it is very similar you see the chromium project is basically a community project of an open source browser called chromium it was started by google but literally anyone can contribute to if they are allowed and this includes google developers and the product of this project is chromium and you can kind a think of this as like a base version of a well developed browser that any company can build on top of and that’s what google did with their chrome browser they helped create chromium which is like the base version but then if someone wants to come along and make their own browser and add features on top of browser using that as a base they can do that so chrome is still on top of chromium but that means did you don’t have to run google chrome you could indeed run the base version just install chromium by itself and use that as your browser but what exactly are all the differences between chromium and chrome and that’s what this video is about as a side know you may have also heard of chrome OS which is an operating system used by google in their chrome books and yes that is also built on a base operating system called chromium OS so there is the browser and then actually there is a chromium OS we get to that at the end

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  1. I mean, chromium has this thing where sometimes when a virus is on the computer it makes a fake chromium

  2. I like your serious videos, much more productive to society, but I miss the jokes and pranks from the past, ;( I know you cant have both, could you outsource it to another person and start a new prank channel with a new face? I will be your first subscriber, want to see if people will still send emails asking the president for money XD

  3. I'm using Linux on my computer so I can have only Cromium, but the good thing is that I have a laptop that has Windows 10 so I'm good

  4. Ppapi i have a Pen i have a apple OH apple Pen i have a Pen i have a PINAPLE OOOH PINAPLE Pen apple Pen PINAPLE Pen OH penpinapleapplepen

  5. hahahah very funny, how about you make some real videos instead of lying to us about "google chrome vs chromium"

    i did it and it destroyed my computer you bastard

  6. Wow, sounds like a hacker's dream come true !!! Use it to build in all kinds of trojans then spread it around via social media or wherever. People download it unknowingly and end up with all kinds of trojans and keyloggers implanted into their PC's !!! NO THANKS I'll pass !!!

  7. There is a lot of fake Chromiums, virus’s that can slow you computer by 25%


    every time i get a virus on my computer butttt its really i can get rid of it easy

    if that virus happens chrome gets replaced by chromium


  9. But there is one downside with chromium it has nothing to do with hackers it’s just that chromium could sometimes make your computer drain your computer faster

  10. Oof Chromium doesnt wanna be lost on my computer >_< i kept deleting it in trash bin (i deleted it inside trash bin) and everytime i open my computer, it always pop out in my screen for no reason >:( who ever that idiot who created chromium, "GET LOST!"

    chromium make my games crash… especially for my roblox :'C

  11. Deer thio joe please make a video about comparison of different search engine like bing and google which one is baste

  12. I use Brave which was made with Chromium but I really want to make sure I'm safe so I want to make my own

  13. The main difference of Chrome and Chromium is that Chromium sells your information to human trafficking mob bosses. God I hate that.

  14. Warning don't download Chromium and use it as your back browser…
    It is the most aggressive parasitic entity you could infect your computer
    If you are running it and are having issues delete that sucker and put in Google Chrome …
    I have a mac book Pro which runs great on Google Chrome ….

  15. Chromium = open source
    Chrome = partially closed source


    End user experience: chrome > chromium
    Privacy, safety, freedom: chromium > chrome

  16. I wonder if chromium is used to make better versions of chrome such as brave, same with firefox and tor but i think thats just a plugin

  17. Chromium is a virus. Do NOT install it. Took me a while to uninstall it and the URL of it was still on my desktop after I had unintalled it. Took me even more time to uninstall that

  18. Wow I just looked it up, makes sense.
    Chromium is the element, it's all that it is, a base element on the periodic table.
    Chrome is Chromium that is electroplated on an object and contains chromium oxide as well, meaning it's Chromium with some extra stuff.

  19. ThioJoe: Chromium doesn't work very well on Vegasworld, but Chrome does. My character's body and clothing was cut off on Chromium, but not on Chrome, so now i'm using Chrome.

  20. and yes: you can watch youtube on chromium. What did u expect? my frickin mum uses arch linux with chromium (no extensions) and she has no idea of haw computers work

  21. I didn't know chromium was owned by google, i know its significantly older than google chrome and chrome is based on the open source chromium. Which i always was curious how they could make money off a open source browser without violating any laws or terms but if they actually own it or bought it, or made it as you say than it would make sense how they could since they own it. Chromium though led to account vulnerability's and virus infection last time i had used chromium, which if owned by google may have been on purpose to discourage users back to chrome? anywho very interesting i will have to look into it.

  22. I thought chromium is a malware? i got that 2-3 days ago and researched about it and saw its a malware millions of people are suffering for.

  23. I accidentally downloaded chromium and it put a search bar on top of my screen that I couldn't get rid of, and it wasn't deletable like a virus 0/10 took a long time to remove, but I currently am using chrome and it's fine

  24. Lmao when your video popped up at my screen, i instantly thought of you wrapping internet cable around a battery and saying 'it will change the speed code' and make your internet faster…. Lmao

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