99 thoughts on “Google Demo Slam: Epic Docs Animation

  1. I can Make a better one with 460 or 500 pages if you want to see it like me and within a week i'll post on youtube under 460 demo powerpoint or with a 500

  2. in the extra information box theres a link. Click on it. It will lead you to a full screen of the presentation. Look at the bottom left, theres the bit that says ACTIONS, click on it. Then download it as PPT and you're good to go 🙂

  3. your ad hoc is amusing. empty and meaningless like most ad hoc but amusing. this will make a fine character adaptation

  4. i think it was to prove the point that you can do any sort of thing on google docs. that or how it's not the tool that makes beautiful art but the hand that wields it by demonstrating simple but entertaining animation using nothing but a basic slideshow and premade elements. thats what i take from it anyway.

  5. That's awesome! (: Can you do it with google docs? I would love to make an animation out of tens of hours working on shared doc. Can I use Revision History to make it? (:

    12 members of NGO worked for hours and I would like to present their work in an animated form to others (: is it possible?

  6. How do you change the duration of a slide?  My students create stop motion, but since going chrome exclusive it is a project that is slowing going the way of the dodo bird.  

  7. Although you have to wonder how much easier this would have been to make using other, more appropriate software. It was hardly a presentation, either! 😉

  8. I found a link but I'm not sure who owns the file. It's not me.

  9. try this link: (will force copy to your drive)

  10. This is still the best slam ever but yes it would be easier on any other slide software.
    Google please give me my "glide to <location>" animation.

  11. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1FTPc4KTFBipUrmV-8Q_4s2MVjN6iK5ELMGmtVBGEkMA/edit#slide=id.g5a525769c6_3_40

    my animation

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