Google Photos: Automatic Backup

Google Photos: Automatic Backup

man: Look at you,
Mr. Spontaneous. Feeling good today. Until you realize,
your phone is in your pocket. Sure, you can get a new one…
but your photos? What will you do? man: Ahhhhhhhhhhh… man: Nothing, because every pic
and video you’ve ever taken in your entire life was already
backed up for free with Google Photos.

100 thoughts on “Google Photos: Automatic Backup

  1. That's very dumb and an invasion of privacy, I accidentally erased almost all my photos trying to remove them from google photos. After that I disabled it and erased it's memory and when I got a new phone all my pictures were there. I accepted defeat and now I have it.

  2. Thank you for preserving my worthless electronic images while I plunge into bodies of water haphazardly, neglecting the fact that I’m porting around an electronic device in the pocket of my swim trunks because I definitely need my phone near me in the places that I would usually wear those.

  3. Except most phones are waterproof now up to the depths you would normally be for up to a full 30 minutes. Which makes this ad completely pointless. Think it through google marketing

  4. Ah yes all the apps phone numbers important files don’t matter but the 56 pics you took on vacation oh those are are what makes your phone important

  5. people are more worried about the price of a new phone especially if they just bought one. sure photos are nice but what about everything else?

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