Google Website Optimizer Tour

Google Website Optimizer Tour

>>What if there were a way to know which
images, headlines, and website copy are most effective at getting visitors to convert?
Instead of losing visitors shortly after they’ve entered your site, what if you could find
the magic words and images that enticed them to stay and become customers?
Google Website Optimizer is a free mutli-variate testing tool from Google that helps you do
just that. It eliminates guesswork from website design,
because you can test variations of your web pages.
Here’s how it works. You choose the page you want to test and the
conversion goal. The goal could be someone clicking through
to an important page on your site– for example, the receipt page after a sale.
The goal could also be submitting a form or spending a certain amount of time on a test
page. Next, provide alternate content.
You might try different variations of headlines, images, or text, even large-scale design or
layout variations. Website Optimizer does the rest.
As traffic arrives at your site, Website Optimizer works in the background, dividing visitors
into different groups, and presenting each group with a unique page variation.
As it tracks how each group interacts with your site, Website Optimizer figures out which
pages– and even which elements on a page– are most effective at producing the outcome
you’re looking for. You can run simple A-B tests that compare
just two or three pages, or you can run complex multi-variate experiments that test dozens
of headlines, images, copy, and design combinations simultaneously.
It’s easy to set up, and once you have some alternate content, you can launch a simple
test in under five minutes. All you need is a web browser and website
to begin testing. If you have an Adwerts account, you can use
Website Optimizer directly from the Adwerts interface, or log in to Website Optimizer
with any Google-related log-in, such as the one you use for Gmail or Google Analytics.
Otherwise, just click the “sign up” button to get your free Website Optimizer account

16 thoughts on “Google Website Optimizer Tour

  1. did google® figure out how to make money on the web??! amazing! wait.. its just more bullshit to solidify their position in the market place

  2. Shoemoney's latest newsletter discusses Google's website optimizer. Hats off to him – I didn't know this was offered by Google.

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  4. Website design is a crucial part of SEO and if there are any parts of the site, especially navigation, that are confusing to the visitor, they may become frustrated and leave the site. GWO offers ways to test various designs and elements to learn which will work best for the site and its traffic.

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