Grading Forums in Moodle

Grading Forums in Moodle

Hi, my name is Bethany Smith I’m going to talk to you today a little bit about how to grade in forums Now one of the issues with grading with forums is trying to figure out How do you go through all of them. So there’s a couple different ways that you can set up grading in forums to make it easy for you. So first of all if I look at the settings that I have in my forums One of the things that you’re gonna find is that I actually have readings So under ratings, I’m gonna go ahead and do ratings now. I’ve set my maximum grade as five I could set it out of a hundred, but when I set it from five that means I just have five things to choose from in my drop-down. If I set it to 100 my drop-down will be really really long. I also set that my grade is “teacher grade students.” I could do some of these other options “average of ratings,” “count of ratings.” But I’m gonna have that the “teacher grade students.” So I’m gonna go ahead and display this forum. Now I should say that this is a forumNG forum, so this is one of the options that exists in Moodle. When I go ahead and look at a discussion And I want to see what some of these discussions are I can go ahead and I can rate this on a zero to five. So if I rate this is five that works out really great and Then I could look at Suzanne’s rate her four may be rate here to five and So I’ve got all of these different options, then I could go through and rate each one individually Another option that I could do when I come through is I could actually look at participation by user When I look at participation by user it’s going to actually show me the different students and I can look at all of the different posts, so if I scroll down to Where McLane I could look at that I had given him a five I can decide here if I wanted to give him a five Or I could go ahead and click on show all posts by him so that I could see all of his posts in one place So that I could go ahead and grade those all together so that I can see everything that he’s contributed. I can do that with each one’s of my Students instead of having to go back and forth if you’ve asked them to posts and then post two responses So that’s my quick tip on how to grade forums more effectively

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  1. What version of Moodle is this? I'm on 3.4 and do not see a Participations by User button. I think it could be handy for a problem I am currently having where I need to put in grades for users who have not made any forum posts, so there is no easy drop down rating option so I can quickly give them a zero. Suggestions?

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