Gratitude Journal Exercise (Psychology of Happiness #4)

Gratitude Journal Exercise (Psychology of Happiness #4)

This section of the course is all about
gratitude and the power that simply saying “thank you” can have when it comes
to our happiness and sense of well-being. Before we get into the science of
gratitude and happiness, though, let’s take a second to do the actual exercise.
And we’ll do this first before we understand even more about it because as
we’ll see in the next lecture, saying “thank you” and keeping a gratitude
diary can be a great way to practice gratitude in an everyday situation and
boost your well-being over time. So let’s do the exercise now. All it takes is just
a couple of minutes, and if you do this every few days, or at least once a week,
you might find the many benefits that large-scale research studies have
discovered. Here’s the exercise: think about three things you’re thankful for. What are three things in your life that are a benefit to you and without which
you’d be at least a little bit worse off? There’s no perfect answer to this, and if
you’re having some trouble getting started, I’ll give you three of my own. (1)
I’m thankful that I’m able to call my family on the phone and hear about their
days. (2) I’m thankful that I got to take a walk this morning before it started to
rain — I was cutting it close, I have to say. (3) I’m thankful that I have a place to
call home. Now some of those are big things, like home and family, but there’s
also something that seems pretty trivial — taking a walk before it rained. But I’m
thankful nonetheless. So try doing this right now. Pause the course and
either write down these three things you’re thankful for or just spend a
couple minutes thinking about them. Try doing this once a week. Set a reminder on your phone or on your
calendar. It’s the kind of thing that can seem so simple that you forget to do it,
but trust me, it’s a simple exercise that can pay off big, and you don’t have to
come up with a million different things you’re thankful for. Just three — that’s
all I’m asking. Three things that you are thankful for, and I hope that it helps.

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