Green Lantern DESTROYED By Newspaper!

Green Lantern DESTROYED By Newspaper!

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series conclusion worlds colliding and I’m like but what if I just told you about one
of my favourite green lantern issues from 1984 that’s what the people want. That’s what’s hot with the kids. If you get to things when you get to them
hit that like button. Yes we’re seriously going to take a look
at a bronze age green lantern story which means Hal is still the green Hal and it’s
1984 so he’s recently been lightly rebooted into a more flawed character so he’s a bit
of a hot mess. He also still maintains one of my favourite
Hal traits from the silver age that I will never not go on about he was a klutz. You couldn’t take the man anywhere he was
knocking himself out on tree branches, on signs tripping over his own feet, slipping
on soap it was glorious I was into it. That sounds weird, but it was an odd trait
for a hero to have and it made him stand out to me which I liked it endeared him to me
cause Hal was not the green lantern when I started reading comics he wasn’t even a hero. We’ll deal with that another time. This comic wormed it’s way into my heart
purely because it has one of my favourite melodramatic narration box motifs of all time. Also this cover Hal just looks confused , also
guest starring the Flash Barry Allen a mere year before his death hooray. Also this comic makes an oddly good jumping
on point but first let’s get to this narration. The entirety of this comic is transitioned
through with a newspaper headline about the green lantern with what the paper means to
different individuals being the connective thread strap in. To most it is merely a newspaper a casual
conduit to the affairs of the world the current standings of a favourite team and adventures
of charlie brown and garfield…but to some it is a daily reminder of continual frustration To most it is merely a coffee cup a vessel
to house that sweet addictive beverage enjoyed by workers and students alike but to some
it is empty cause they haven’t filled it yet. Lol aahh I love it. Also this issue is called Shark Bait! You have to yell it cause there’s an exclamation
mark written by Len Wein with art by Dave Gibbons who draws great floppy hair on Hal. Anyway this is congressman Jason Bloch who
hates green lantern and is kind enough to not only say his own name but give his entire
backstory about why he hates the green lantern and wants to destroy ferris air. But it’s actually spread out and worked
into the narration he’s explaining it to another character and
it ends on the reveal that he knows Hal is the green lantern for maximum suspense. But he doesn’t matter this issue back to
what does the newspaper To most it is merely a newspaper but to some
it is a source of unexpected publicity. Now we hop to Hal enjoying breakfast with
Carol Ferris his on again off again love interest but the one that is most often treated like
endgame she’s his waifu for laifu. They’re currently good but they’re not
going to stay that way for long. They’re flirting when Hal notices that Barry
Allen aka the Flash is going on trial for murder. Yes at this time Barry Allen had killed the
reverse flash via the only dc way that matters…a neck snap but it was revealed that the reverse
flash had broken his own neck it was all part of his campaign to destroy Barry’s life he
had goaded this “killing” by attacking the flash’s fiance Fiona Webb after he had
already killed Iris. The reverse flash don’t play. Hal and Barry are friends actual ones that
make sense unlike the confusing antagonistic friendship between Hal and Oliver Queen aka
Green Arrow aka I spend years on an island and I can’t stop talking about it. Hal decides to go see him which means two
things one Carol oogles him during his transformation into the green lantern cause she hates to
see him leave but loves to watch him go. There are blogs dedicated to Hal’s butt
just the more you know. And he’s leaving which means it’s time
for To most it’s merely a newspaper but to some
it is comfort from the cold here we meet our issues villain the shark yeah keepin’ it
simple. Look he was created in 1963 cut him some slack. He’s been seen for a couple of issues but
is a real problem now he feeds off of people’s energy absorbing their essence into him like
some kind of marine vampire. Quick someone call the vampire of steel little
vampire Superman episode joke if you missed that I will put a card there for you. But we’re moving on To most it is merely
a newspaper but to some it is an all too fragile shield against adversity. It’s flash time he’s fighting the rainbow
raider who is more credible than his name would have you believe for example he can
use colours to influence the moods of people so he turns the spectators watching the fight
into an angry mob who attack the flash. Not too hard as they think he’s a murderer
and they’re mad about him killing the reverse flash cause…..I got nothin’ What’s not menacing at all is the fact that
Barry keeps calling him Rainbow just all villain cred gone. You better drop that loot Rainbow saying the
whole name doesn’t make it better though Hal stops him and him and flash reunite it’s
been awhile so they go up to the roof to catch up Hal blunders through feelings thoroughly
bumming Barry out by asking him if he meant to kill him which he can’t answer cause
he’s not sure. He also reveals his ring can prob people’s
subconscious’s to tell when they’re lying that’s horrifying how often do people do
this Hal doesn’t but now I’m concerned trust no one. Meanwhile To most it is merely a newspaper
but to one it is more like a menu. So Shark has been wandering around town draining
people then he sees this newspaper with green lantern this amazing plot driving, emotional
catalyst lighting newspaper and no nothing like that he just walks past it sees star
labs who created him and decides to go feed up there. So it’s green lantern to the rescue but
not before he very helpfully gives Shark’s whole backstory for the uninitiated Shark
was transformed via atomic radiation that caused him to undergo millions of years of
evolution in one moment that’s right the ultimate for of the shark is a humanoidesque
creature with a full shark head even though it evolved out of it briefly that needs energy
to live…I’ll take it. Hal treats Shark like a credible threat he
has taken on the whole justice league before, so they fight and Hal is not landing any blows
then he remembers oh right the shark is surrounded by an invisible yellow force field. This is there cause otherwise there’s no
reason Hal couldn’t beat him two seconds flat. Initially for the silver age lanterns and
beyond their rings wouldn’t work against the colour yellow. They would retcon this really convolutedly
years later for for this time if it’s yellow Hal Jordan isn’t your fellow…I’m so
sorry. Hal figures out he can just use his ring to
lift objects and then hit the shark with them it’s an extra step but meh but then this
issue goes from fun and decent to amazing. It is merely a newspaper blown by a random
gust of wind but to a startled green lantern it may as well be the end of the world. That’s right Hal Jordan is defeated by the
shark because a gust of wind blew a newspaper in his face. I’m placing this in a combo slot in between
klutzy Hal and unlucky Hal. The point is only Hal can you imagine this
happening to Batman. The shark drains him and leaves him in a coma
To most it is merely a newspaper but to one it is more like a shroud To most it is merely a random issue of green
lantern but to some it is a source of great fun and amusement that sparks joy. This comic is a solid jumping on point it
explains all the backstory you need but not in a klunky manner that stops the plot or
at least not as much as it could. You learn about the shark who is silly yes
but a credible threat at least they treat him that way which helps and for me I don’t
hate the design but of course mileage will vary this will be too silly for some people’s
blood. You learn about Hal and Carol about the flash
about congressman Jason bloch and actually others who I didn’t mention so much happens
in just 25 pages. And it’s full of suspense you end with your
hero in a coma cut down in his prime by a newspaper. Now of course we all have different taste
that may have been the worst thing to ever happen to you but for me this comic is fun
a good balance of angst, action and humour even if the latter wasn’t intentional. Hal has a bit of a rep for being boring and
well I dunno is he this issue is so interesting I couldn’t tell. What’s your favourite instance of melodramatic
narration please share down below. Thanks so much for watching casually comics
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23 thoughts on “Green Lantern DESTROYED By Newspaper!

  1. This is one of my favorite eras of DC Comics, back when they were still fun: nowadays, most of their books are far too dark and edgy for me.

  2. …this all sounds hilarious, I love it, and I actually really dig the Shark's design. Like an evil inverted merman….

  3. I enjoyed this, I just reorganized my Green Lantern comics the other day, had that book in my hand and laughed caused I remembered the story. Thank you

  4. How on earth did you make what looks like an otherwise unremarkable comic seem so entertaining? People were burned as witches for less in times gone by…

  5. "Hot mess Hal" needs to be an ao3 tag. Also, I love Len Wein's Blue Beetle run, so I will definitely have to check out this GL issue. And who can resist newspaper-narration? Not me!

  6. I just saw the Lego Batman: Family Matters movie, and it was gold, the only thing that could've make it better is if Tim Drake was there… at least a cameo…. come on. OK I'll stop. Great video, now I will take more into consideration both clutts and bad luck Hal Jordan. Pure gold, I tell ya.

  7. Come to think about it, I don't remember Batman every leaving Hal alone in the JLA spacestation. Batman knows and keeps a newspaper handy in his utility belt.

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