Guarantee Your Success in 2020 | Bob Proctor

Guarantee Your Success in 2020 | Bob Proctor

Hello there and welcome. I’m Bob Proctor, I’m here at my desk and I’m preparing an
action planner for you. I’m going to give it to
you along with a seminar on December the 13th at 12 noon New York time, that’s eastern time. I’m going to broadcast this
seminar all over the world. It’s on mindset. You know the year 2020 is
the beginning of a new decade and we’re only days away. We’re into December, days
away from a brand new decade. This is a time that we
have been working towards and dreaming of this is the golden age. Are you really cashing in on it? You see I believe that if you
have the right information you can make something phenomenal
happen in the year 2020. I want to give you that information. I begin studying this
information 68 years ago and when I started to
study it I had nothing. I had no formal education. I had no business experience
but a man said to me, “Bob if you can follow direction you can have anything you want.” He says, “there’s people know how to win.” Well I’m telling you, I
learned to follow direction and I’ve been winning. I’ve earned millions of
dollars over my career. I sat down numbers of
years ago with a pen. I said I’m going to build
a company that operates all over the world. Today our company The
Proctor Gallagher Institute operates all over the world,
in over a hundred countries. We have just some absolutely
incredibly information. We’ve been teaching this for a long time. I began teaching it in 1968. I began studying it 1961. I joined Earl Lightingale
and Lloyd Connad in 1968 and that’s when I really
started to get into this. I’m going to share what
I’ve learned about mindset. See I had a young lady in
Europe that I work with Kathrin and she said to
me one time, she said “Bob, I think success is
5% strategy 95% mindset. And I thought about it and I
thought by golly she’s right. See would account for people
that are absolutely brilliant and they’re not making it. Intellectually they are giants. But they’re losing. It also accounts for people
like myself no formal education no business experience but go out and earn millions
and have a phenomenal life. I was given the right mindset. I never looked at it as
mindset I just thought it was great information. I’m going to share that
information with you and I’m putting it together
here in an action planner. And we’re going to start
sending that to ya. You register right now go
to and register leave your information and
we will start feeding you information. right up until the 13th
of Devember when we do this siminar. And then I’m going to
take you step by step through the action planner. The program will probably
last an hour maybe an hour fifteen twenty minutes. But you’re going to get an
enormous amount of information. You’ll have the remainder
of the year from the 13th to the end of the month
to prepare your mindeset. And I’m going to tell ya something you probably won’t work as hard
and earn many times as much. Sounds crazy but that’s the way it is. I remember doing a TV
show with Robin Leech a number of years ago you may have seen some of his shows, ‘The Lives of the Rich and Famous.’ And I remember him talking
to me he probably interviewed the wealthiest people in
the world and he said, It’s the strange thing he
said the wealthiest people he never saw them working. You don’t earn money from working you get satisfaction
from work you earn money by providing service. We’ll talk about it register right now. December the 13th. Get your friends together make
this a group learning session it’s going to be one of the best sessions you’ve ever been involved in. Get your family and your
friends together so as a group it’s like master minding
it’s going to be phenomenal. December the 13th, Friday
the 13th, we’re going to turn Friday the 13th into one
of the most phenomenal days of your life. Click register right now,
it’s Bob Proctor, thank you.

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  2. Thank you soooo much, may God continue to use you as a vehicle to share this wonderful life changing knowledge. I love you! Thanks again!! Looking forward to the planner and the 13th!

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