Guess That Celebrity Mouth (GAME)

Guess That Celebrity Mouth (GAME)

– Today we use our mouths
to guess other mouths. – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – They say you should never
look a gift horse in the mouth and that’s because gift horses
are very self-conscious about their teeth, but I think
they’re beautiful just the way that they are. However, you should look
a celebrity in the mouth because it’s fun! – And that way you can identify
them in a game that we’re calling It’s Our Goal To Guess
These Celebrity Mouth Holes. – Okay, here’s how this is gonna work. We’re gonna see a picture of
a mouth and we’re gonna be given choices as to who
that mouth might belong to. But we have a chance right
before we see those choices to buzz in with our rubber chickens. (squeaking) First person to buzz in and
get it right gets three points. Of course if you get it wrong
then the other guy gets all the choices and has an
opportunity to get one point. – If neither one of us buzzes
in and the questions start to be presented we can still buzz
before they’re all presented for one point.
– One point. You’ll understand. – The winner gets a grill grill. It’s a custom made mouth
grill for the grilling season. – Yes. – And for your chicken. – [Stevie] Okay, guys, you ready? – Yes.
– Not really. – [Stevie] Okay, here’s your first one. Any guess? (squeaks) Link? – I think that’s me. (crew laughs) It kinda looks like me, right? – I think that’s me, man.
– That’s me. I mean, you’re joking, it’s me. – That is incorrect.
(buzzes) – How could you think that was yourself? – Well when I think of celebrities, the first person (laughs). Well, I look like a jerk now, don’t I? – [Stevie] Okay, Rhett,
here are your choices. Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise, or Dave Franco. – Dave Franco? I don’t know. I wanna say Tom Cruise. (squeaks) (crew laughs) – [Stevie] You are correct. – [Rhett] (laughing) Yeah. – [Link] I think I have
Tom Cruise’s mouth. – I’ve never thought that but yeah. – [Stevie] Okay, here we go. – You show more bottom teeth. He just shows just the top teeth. – [Stevie] Next. – [Rhett] Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh, oh.
– What in the world? – Seems like there’s too much
face for who I’m thinking it might be. – [Stevie] Okay, here are your choices. Is this young Bruce Willis, – [Rhett] What? – [Stevie] Young Michael Cera, (squeaks) (laughs) – Michael Cera. – Incorrect.
(buzzes) Or a young Kylie Jenner? (squeaks) – Kylie Jenner. (laughs) – I think that’s Bruce Willis. – One point. – It is Kylie Jenner.
– Yes. Alright. Could’ve been Bruce Willis on a good day. – Couldn’t have been Michael Cera. – Alright. – Don’t what I was thinking. – [Stevie] Okay and here’s who’s up next. (squeaks) Yes? – Angelina Jolie. – Incorrect.
(buzzes) – Oh, really? (laughs) – [Stevie] The multiple
choice options are. – That’s a lot of lip though, isn’t it? – [Stevie] Old Pam Anderson,
young Dolly Parton, or current Kylie Jenner. – Kylie Jenner. – [Stevie] Yeah. You are correct.
(laughs) – [Link] Yes. – [Rhett] Her lips got bigger. – [Link] That’s good. – Hair got greener.
– And here is what current Kylie Jenner’s lips
look like on you, Link. – [Link] That’s nice. That is an option. – Don’t ever do that, Link. – That is an option. – Don’t ever do that.
– Okay. – [Stevie] Okay, here’s who’s next. (squeaks) – What, you’re a premature buzzer, man. – Barack Obama. – Incorrect.
(buzzes) (laughs) – You thought I was right, didn’t you? – I did think you were right
last time and this time. – Dang.
– What’re my choices? – [Stevie] Well he actually
did you a favor, ’cause the choices are, Barack Obama, (laughs)
– Not him. – [Stevie] Dwayne The Rock
Johnson or OJ Simpson. – [Rhett] Oh, man. – That’s not a muscular
enough face for The Rock. OJ. – Incorrect.
(buzzes) – Yeah, that’s The Rock, man.
– It is The Rock. – [Rhett] I can see it now. – [Link] Oh, dang. – You don’t have a lot of
muscles in your face, man. – That is The Rock.
(laughs) Isn’t it? – What do you think is there?
– I can tell when I see the rest of his face. – Like, bulges there? – Dang it. – Okay.
– That was my opportunity. – I gave you that one. – [Stevie] Alright, next. – [Rhett] Ey. What’s happenin’ on the left side there? – I don’t know. – Okay.
– That’s some fake teeth, man. – [Stevie] Your options are Lil’ Kim, Snooki, or Nicki Minaj. (squeaks) Link. – Nicki Minaj for one point. – [Stevie] You are correct. – Really?
– Yeah. Look at that.
– Dang, Link, you’re good at guessing celebrity mouths.
– She’s so cute. – [Stevie] Okay, you
ready for the next one? – Yeah.
– Yeah. I’m on a roll. – [Stevie] Here you go. – Oh, that’s pixelated. (laughs) Is it pixelated for you or is that? – Yeah, that’s not just your glasses. – Dang, that’s tough, y’all. – [Stevie] Your options are Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, or Chace Crawford. – Who is Chace Crawford? (squeaks) – [Stevie] Link. – The double L, Lohan. – [Stevie] You are correct. – [Rhett] Dang it, how
are you so good at this game, man?
– It’s a mug shot. I remember that mug shot. (laughs) Got a little diastema in her mug shot.
– I don’t look at people’s mouths enough. – (laughs) I only look at mouths. I’m a mouth man. (crew laughs) – [Stevie] Okay, here we go. – [Link] Ooo, my word. Is that upside down and inside out? (laughs) Gracious. – It’s an old mouth.
– Alright. Your options are Elizabeth,
Queen of England, Mary Berry, Queen of the Great British
Bake Off, or Betty White, Queen of Television. (squeaks) Rhett. – I’m gonna go with… I don’t think the Queen of
England would have actually done this and I think that’s why
they snapped a picture of it when she did it. Queen of England. – Nope. – [Stevie] Incorrect. – B. – [Stevie] Correct. – [Link] I love my British Bake Off! Mary Berry.
– Dang. – [Link] Lickin’ that
lip for some cupcake. – But I know you were wondering
what would beardless Rhett look like with Mary Berry’s
– Yes. – Mouth. – Oh!
– Oh! (laughs) – [Link] (laughs) It’s realistic! That looks good! – [Rhett] I actually look better this way. – [Link] His cheeks are aged. – I think that’s just
because I’m 39, Link. (laughs) – Sorry. Oh, well that’s when you– Nevermind (laughs)
– Oh, man. – [Stevie] Okay, here we go. – [Rhett] Oh. – [Link] She ’bout to whistle? – I can’t guess at this point – Nothing.
– Unless I’m totally sure. – [Stevie] Okay, your options
are Lorde, Harry Styles, or Taylor Swift.
(squeaks) (laughs) – Really? – Lorde. – [Stevie] Incorrect. – Gosh! – Harry Styles or Taylor Swift?
– Taylor Swift. – That’s not a man’s mouth. – That is Harry Styles. – You are correct.
– Dang it! – [Link] You know, when
he fixes his hair his lips turn pinker.
– I give up, man. I gotta go straight out
the gate every time. – Oh really (laughs)? – That’s the only way I
can get back in it, man. – [Stevie] Okay, here we go next. (squeaks) – (laughs) Now you’re
gonna think about it? He’s got a time limit to think about it. – Angelina Jolie. (laughs) – [Stevie] Incorrect. – Dang it! – [Stevie] Your choices are
Monica Lewinsky, AT&T Girl, or Flo from Progressive. – I don’t know who the AT&T Girl is. But that’s who I’m guessing. – Incorrect.
(buzzes) – I think that’s Monica.
– Flo? Is it Flo? – [Stevie] It’s Flo. – [Rhett] It’s Flo, dang. – [Link] Oh, I thought Flo had a little different mouth shape. Alright.
(crew laughs) – [Stevie] Okay, ready? Next. (squeaks) Link. – I don’t know why did that. Mmm. – She doesn’t have a top lip. – This is a serial killer. – What happened to the… – What’s the serial killer
that kept people in the– Lizzie? That kept people in the
freezer and then ate ’em? – Dahmer? – Not Dahmer but the guy
who dressed up like a clown. – Gacy? – John Wayne Gacy.
– John Wayne Gacy. – Yeah this is John Wayne Gacy. – That is incorrect.
(buzzes) Rhett, your options are
Amy Schumer, Reba McEntire, – [Link] Oh, gosh. – [Stevie] Or Allison Janney. – I don’t even know who
that last person is. (crew chuckles) I’m out of touch, guys. All I do is make this show. That’s not Reba, that’s Reba’s mouth. That’s Reba’s mouth. That’s Reba’s mouth! – [Stevie] You are correct. – Yes!
– It is? – [Rhett] Yeah, I know doesn’t have a top lip.
– Good ole Reba. – [Rhett] She left her
top lip in Nashville. (laughs) – You don’t have one either. – Yeah. I got more than Reba. – [Stevie] You know who
also doesn’t have one? Me. – Oh!
– Oh, my goodness. Stevie.
– Wow. – [Link] Don’t ever. Take care of that upper lip.
(laughs) – [Rhett] Don’t ever
exchange mouths with Reba. (laughs) – Wow, alright. Alright, I’m not gonna buzz too early this time.
– Okay. And next. (squeaks) – Mm, that’s a smooth lookin’ mouth. I mean like smooth. – LL never had that much – No. – Much hair. That’s who I wanted to say. – There’s a soul patch there. – LL Cool J. – Incorrect.
(buzzes) Link, your choices are
Lebron James, Will Smith, or Steve Harvey. (laughs) – Steve Harvey. – Incorrect.
– What? – [Stevie] It is Lebron James. (laughs)
– Lebron James. – What is Lebron doing, man? He was Steve Harvey-ing it up. (laughs) Alright, that was your chance, man. – I know, I’m going early, man. I’m trying to make up some points. – [Stevie] Okay, here we go next. (squeaks) – That is… – A statue. – Is it the Statue of Liberty? I’m gonna say
– Yeah, definitely. – That is not the Statue of
Liberty but it’s somebody from Mount Rushmore.
– Mount Rushmore. – I’m gonna say it’s
the Statue of Liberty. (crew laughs) – Incorrect.
(buzzes) (crew laughs) – Statue of Liberty is green, man. She’s green. – I thought that maybe
they do it de-satched. – (laughs) De-statched. – [Stevie] Your choices are
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln. – Lincoln. – You are correct. – [Link] Yeah, yeah. – [Stevie] But, Rhett, for you
here is the Statue of Liberty with those lips. – Oh!
– Oh, really, yes. See, I knew I wanted that to be my thing. – [Link] That’s how wrong you were. – (laughing) Oh, gosh. Yeah, she has
– Alright. – A smaller mouth. – [Stevie] Okay and next. – [Rhett] No idea. – [Stevie] Okay and your
choices are Kanye West, J. Cole, or United States Surgeon
General Vivek Murthy. (squeaks) Rhett? – I forgot to buzz in. – That’s Vivek. (crew laughs) – Vivek Murthy? – [Stevie] You are correct. – [Link] Our new best friend. – Wow. I ended strong. (laughs) – That was good but… – Congratulations, Link. You should teach me your mouth skills. I mean, no. Actually don’t. Just… – So I win the grill for my grill. And you win a thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Nikita from the Netherlands. I just got my braces
and I almost don’t have a voice anymore. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – You can watch these two
mouths talk about all kinds of things on our podcast, Ear Biscuits. It’s back, over at – Video form, audio on
iTunes and SoundCloud. Click through to Good Mythical
More where we are going to paint with lipstick. It’s the lip painting challenge. – Collect All Five. We want you guys to collect all five chunky toenail clippings. Woo, you’ve got
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being your mythical best.

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