Guess That Hairstyle (GAME)

Guess That Hairstyle (GAME)

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Let’s talk about that. (theme music) Good Mythical Morning! Welcome to season 9. It is a brand new
start. Everything is fresh and new, Mythical Beasts.
Thanks for joining us. We got a fresh new intro that you just saw
-Yeah! -That’s pretty much it.
-And you might notice something else a little bit different. Uh yes, I trimmed my beard a little bit from last
season. -Thanks for noticing.
-I did notice. It looks good. -Oh and Link has a new hairdo!
That’s right. Now listen, we understand that this may be
difficult for some of you to deal with, And we’ve thought about this. We’ve
prepared you for this, and we have designed something that will
help you process Link’s new hairstyle in your own
time, okay? -And it is called: Link’s Old Hair Kit. There’s a link in the description to a pdf
where you can print out Link’s old haircut like this. All different styles, and you
just hold it in front of Link’s face, if you’re watching it on a phone,
if you’re watching on an iPad, if you’re watching on a movie theater screen — I don’t think we have movie
theater size, but we have TV size -And if you get close enough to your
face, it’ll work. And listen — when you are
ready, -release the new haircut, okay?
-Right. -But until then, you keep the old one on
there (laughs). -And I have been doing this for days.
-You’re yanking it. -I still haven’t dealt with this. I can’t
look at Link without doing this. -Look at me. See?
-Yeah. Yeah -Still the old Link to me.
-Oh there’s something on your nose -actually. I got it.
-Really? Got it? -Is there something on my forehead cause–
-Boom! New hair! -there’s a lot of space up there.
-Okay. Hopefully that will help you guys -deal with that
-Yeah, I am pleased to introduce you to my -forehead and ears for the first time.
-Hmm -Welcome. Welcome to them. Here they are.
-Hey. Welcome to the show. -Welcome to 2016, Link’s ears.
-Here they are. Lot of ad space up here. -We’ll be making use of that throughout
the season, uh but right now, in the spirit of hairstyles, we’re going to play
a game called: Whose Head Does That Hair Belong To? -Okay this game is pretty simple. We’re
going to matching heads with hair. -Let’s get started with the first one.
-Okay! Oh look at this! So, there’s a, this dude is not actually
bald because A, B, or C goes on his head. First of all, he’s not happy. So whatever
style it is, he’s not happy with it. -And his neck is itchy.
-I don’t, it’s not a real person. -That’s a real person.
-It’s a robot. -It’s kinda stock photo-ish, but nah,
that’s a real model kind of ‘do. -I think I know which what the
answer is though. -You do?
-Yeah! Do you? -Yes. Alright. Ready?
-(Stevie) Okay? 3, 2, 1… -A
-B. And hold up, make your symbol. -But you just made an A, and you said B
-No, I made an A for you cause that was -your answer, but I said B.
-A. -It should be this way.
-[Stevie] Okay and let’s reveal the answer. -Yeah! That’s right I’m a hair, hair-xpert
-Oh you were right! -Wow, that dude got a lot younger when his
hair went on his head. -Those are — he’s got contacts in. He’s
scary. Get that guy off the screen. But do you know what else? I think we
actually have what this hairstyle would look like on you.
(ding) (laughs) -Because you know what, Link? I mean 2016
-Is that kinda what I look like? -Uh nope.
-Right now? Okay good. -But that is an option. Listen.
-Right, I could do that. I can throw it up -It’s a free country, man.
You can do your hair however you want to. A right there is a choice. I don’t advise
you to make it though. -Okay, I’m not going to.
-Okay. -Next round.
-Let’s play on. -Oh okay we got a woman. In profile.
-Profile. -Look at that little–
-3 women, 1 hairstyle. This is tough. -Look at that little Henna tattoo that
she’s got on her eye. -That’s not Henna. That’s Wite-Out. She
had, she was like correcting some like -homework.
-And she fell asleep on it. -Yeah, she fell asleep on it. Um, well,
the wig, cause that is a wig, does match, uh, the eyeliner B. I think I
have my answer. -That’s a good observation. -This is tough, but I have my answer.
-Alright. -(Stevie) Okay here we go. In 3, 2, 1… -(Rhett) B
-(Link) C -Oh! We don’t agree?
-(Stevie) Okay let’s reveal the answer. -Please be C! -Oh! A!
-Oh! We both got it wrong! -It’s the girl who’s gazing downward.
-I meant with your, I took your hint. -Right. I went with the Wite-Out.
-And of course, Link, you can also have this great hairstyle.
(ding) (both laugh) -Now there is something to this. Nah yeah.
-Now hold on now, -you might need to seriously consider this
one. -The ears are hidden again.
-Wow. It’s like a pumpkin on your head. -A purple pumpkin.
-It looks safe! -It looks really safe, like —
-It looks very safe like you could go lots of places. Bang your head around on
different things. -There’s definitely, is, does my guzle,
is it always? -Yeah, well it’s actually, I think we
trimmed it for this photo. -Oh.
-Yeah yeah it’s actually bigger than that. -Let’s play on. -(Rhett) Oh!
-(Link) There he is! -(Rhett) That’s not a haircut!
-(Link) It’s his eyebrows, okay. -(Rhett) Oh okay. Match the eyebrows to the face.
-(Link) Yeah but first, is the mustache -Photoshopped on?
-(Stevie) No. -(Link) The soul patch and the goatee are
actually attached to that dude’s face. -(Rhett) This guy has an amazingly symmetrical
face. I almost am willing to bet that he just has half a face, and
it’s been doubled. -I’m willing to bet that he’s going to be
better looking whenever we slap some -eyebrows on him. Not that he’s ugly,
-I have my guess. I have my guess. he’s just weird looking. Um these are
artist renderings on eyebrows, so we’re picking the shape.
-(Stevie) Correct. -I got my guess.
-This is tough. -(Stevie) Okay, you ready?
-(mmhm) -(Stevie) 3, 2, 1… -(Rhett) A
-(Link) A. Oh we agree! -(Stevie) Alright, let’s reveal the answer. -(Link) B. Ooo he made a choice!
-(Rhett) Oh, wow. Man! -That’s not natural.
-That’s still cartoon rendering, but he -did it himself.
-And again, Link, these eyebrows could also be yours. Oh wow!
-(Link) Oh. Oh wow, thanks for shaving my head. -(Rhett) Oh wow.
-(Link) Oh goodness. I look like a, like an alien lord traveller of universes. (Rhett) You know what, if you ever go with this
look, I think I’m out. -I think I’m out, I’m going solo.
-Wow. That’s what going to cause me to go solo
is if you ever achieve that look. (Link) This is like my older brother that I
didn’t know existed, and when I meet him, – I’m like, let’s not be Facebook friends.
– Yeah yeah yeah. Right. Exactly. -Let’s not be, let’s not be acquaintances.
-We’ll text from time to time. -Yeah, like I’ll text you at a holiday.
-Okay. Next one. (Link) Oh! Look at that! It’s mustache… and
vertical soul patch, but I can’t see the – bottom of the face.
– (Rhett) You have to interpret what the bottom of the face might be calling for based
on the top of the face. (Link) I feel like I immediately know who this
facial hair goes on, but I’m not going to – tell you because I have the right answer.
– (Rhett) I feel like the guy on the far right, C, is, like, in the front of a costume. Like
a Halloween costume. Wait. Yeah, he’s like– for Doctor Who.
You know? He’s the Doctor. Um, which Doctor that would be, I can’t
remember. – Okay I’ve got my guess.
– (Stevie) Okay? 3, 2, 1… – (Link) A. Definitely A.
– (Rhett) C – (Stevie) Okay, let’s reveal the answer.
– (Rhett) Haha! I told you, man! – (Rhett) Look at him! He was just asking for it!
– (Link) Looks like Nice Peter’s brother. – (Rhett) It is Nice Peter. Yeah.
– (Link) Oh really? Wow. -He sent that in for us. Thanks, Peter.
-They’ve all got great looks, except -for C
-And, Link, of course, facial hair of this -type is an option for you.
– (Link) Why am I still bald? Why do I gotta– I don’t have to be bald when I have–
It’s not like it has to move. I can have -both.
– (Rhett) It’s the only way to interpret what it -would really feel like that.
– (Link) It’s such an unflattering photo of me anyway. -No no, you look great. You look great.
Now if you do this, I’m still here. -I’ll stay. I’ll stick around.
-Oh okay. Okay. -Yeah I like this.
Okay, next one. – (Link) Woo! Here she is!
– (Rhett) Wow. – (Link) She’s looking at a 45.
– (Rhett) This is what my prom date looked like… – (Link) She’s showing up her good side.
– (Rhett) in ’95. (Rhett) Stephanie, she did a lot of purple
eyeshadow. – (Link) No she didn’t.
– (Rhett) Yes she did. – (Link) Okay, well again, we’ve got 2 with some
purple to match the eyeshadow. – (Rhett) There’s a lot of purple going on! Which
is really asking for B. -I think I got it.
– (Stevie) Okay. 3, 2, 1… – (Rhett) C
– (Link) C -Okay we agree.
-Ahh. Ahh. -Are we right or are we wrong? -(Stevie) Let’s reveal the answer.
-(Rhett) Yeah! -(Rhett) Hey wavelength, wavelength!
-(Link) We got that one right! (high five) (Link) Yeah look at that. What do you call that?
I call that: Topped Crevice. Well let’s just see what it looks like on
you, -then you can make a decision.
-(Link) She’s topped with a crevice. Oh now that, -there’s potential there.
-(Rhett) I like how your glasses go into it. – That’s my favorite part about this.
– (Link) See the slight confusion in my eyes? – (Rhett) I’m questioning this decision.
– (Link) Yeah yeah yeah. I don’t know about this. Maybe I should
have done a different color. -Can we move off of that?
-Yeah please. – (Link) Ooo! Oh we got– it could be–
– (Rhett) Oh! Man or a woman! (Link) Yeah we don’t– we’re not– we’re not
gender specific. – (Rhett) No we’re not.
– (Link) Wow. This… (Link) The guy on the right and the left, there’s
like a toss up. (Rhett) This is the most like your current
hairstyle, though. – (Link) Well, is it? Okay.
– (Rhett) Well, it’s got some similar notes. So I’m going to pick the guy who looks
the most like you. -Alright. Ready.
– (Stevie) Alright. 3, 2, 1… – (Rhett) B
– (Link) B (both laugh)
-You tried to throw me. I knew — you guys were trying to throw
us too, right? -(Stevie) And let’s reveal the answer.
-(both) Oh. -(Rhett) Hmm. Okay.
-(Link) Boring! Alright, but, Link, let’s see cause
this will be just a dye job for you. -(Link) Oh yeah, that’s…
-(Rhett) It’s a little — I think you should’ve made it a little bit bigger. I think the
scale is a little bit off on this. -(Link) Thanks for adding freckles to my forehead
like skin damage. – I don’t know what that is but–.
-(Rhett) Well because this is in the future. I’m going to get skin damage now that
that’s exposed. That’s right. That forehead, it don’t
know what to do. That forehead’s going -to age so fast now.
-If you scale that up by like 1.35, -Yeah, it’ll be right.
-Then it — I would — it’s Link material. Okay we got another one. -(Rhett) Oh. Oh eyebrows. Ooo the Nike brows.
-(Link) I barely knew you took off her eyebrows, I was so enchanted by her stare…
and that zit on her chin. Okay. -(Rhett) It can’t be the Nike eyebrows,
-(Link) I certainly hope it’s B. – but if it was, I’d be excited.
-(Link) I mean, not a sponsor, but for her, maybe a sponsor.
Huh. Okay, I’m ready for this. -(Stevie) Okay. 3, 2, 1… -(Rhett) C!
-(Link) C -What is up with us, man?
-We’re in agreement again. -We’re on the same eyebrow length
-(Stevie) And let’s reveal the answer. -(Link) Oh! Who could’ve guessed that?
-(Rhett) Hold on. Those are real? -(Rhett) Golly.
-(Link) No, that’s not real. It’s really there. (Rhett) And, uh, Link. (ding) Oh man.
That is unpleasant. That is, it looks like a couple of
tadpoles trying to dig into your eyeballs. (Link) It’s like an invasive species over my
eyes. -(Rhett) It’s like a leech.
-(Link) The thing I love about what you’ve done here is that I feel so much better about
the choice that I have made cause it -doesn’t look that bad.
-Right, the choice you made with your -eyebrows?
-Do we have another one? -(Stevie) Yup.
-(Link) Play on. Okay. -(Rhett) Okay. Facial hair.
-(Link) Ooo this is… hmm. This is tough. -(Link) This is anybody’s facial hair right here.
-(Rhett) The guy of the left looks too smart for -(Rhett) that mustache.
-(Link) Like a Jeff Goldblum type of a guy. -I got it.
-(Stevie) Okay. 3, 2, 1… -(Rhett) B
-(Link) C I knew you were going with B, so I have
to go out on a limb to try and surge. -I did think it was B though.
-(Stevie) Let’s reveal the answer. -(Rhett) Hey!
-(Link) See I did think that. -(Rhett) You thought it, but you didn’t say it.
-(Link) Jeff Goldblum got a twirly-q mustache. (Rhett) I like how happy the guy on the far right
is though. -Alright.
-And Link, fu manchu– oh gosh. (Link) That’s good. Again, you’re keeping me
bald. But, you know, if I had some — – (Rhett) You actually did this one before. Yeah.
– (Link) I’ve done that before. -(Rhett) In high school, I believe.
-(Link) In college I did that. So that’s it, Link. I dominated this
game. I mean you may have the new hair, -but I’ve got the hair knowledge.
-Congratulations, Rhett. You win the ultimate hair accessory salon. You get to
play with this in Good Mythical More. Congratulations to you for watching and
playing along. Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing, and sharing
this show with your friends. You know what time it is. -Hi, I’m Dani.
-And I’m Rul. We’re from Mexico. -But we’re currently at the Bean in
Chicago, Illinois. -And it’s time (both) to spin the Wheel of
Mythicality! If you’re on Tumblr, well, we are too! In
fact, that’s where you can download your Link’s old hair pdf to deal with Link’s
hair in a slower fashion, but we do lots -of other things over there on our Tumblr.
-Yeah, like retumble, which isn’t a thing. -We reblog.
-Click through to Good Mythical More where we’re going to discuss my hairstyle by
restyling it using your kit. -Ad nauseam.
-Ad nauseam. “Rhett is addicted to breathing.”
(deliberate inhale) What? Why you breathing so deeply?
(breathing loudly) -It’s so good! I can’t get enough of it.
-What’s? What’s so good? -Air. (quick inhales and exhales)
-Air is so good? (breathing erratically)
No matter how I do it, I love it! -You should try it sometime.
-I do it constantly. -Oh I’m getting my fix.
-I think you’re going to hyperventilate. Oh yes. Yes. (outro music)
-They could come back. -They’re going to know what happened.
-I’m not locked in forever. -Oh I still have them.
-But they’re just folded. -Well no, they’re not on my head, they’re
in like a drawer. -Oh! I just thought they were folded down.

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  2. as soon as this season began gmm became a new identity, season 1 to 8 was incredible, and NOT because of links hair, because it doesn't feel chill anymore, it now has this modern and seems run by a million dollar company more than two cool dudes and a small crew.

    R.I.P classic gmm 2012 – 2015

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