Guest Blogging: Is It Worth It?

Guest Blogging: Is It Worth It?

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from I got a question about writing for different
companies. This is a blogging question. A lot of you have taken my free blogging course. If you haven’t already, you can check it out
here. It is a course to teach you how to create
a blog. I give you the best tips and tricks that I
have learned from blogging, even how to make money from your blog. You can check that out. it’s totally free. I get a few questions on that. This question is kind of old. He says, “Hi John, I hope you enjoyed Europe.” You can tell how old that was. I think that was like 2 years ago. Sometimes I leave questions on my board for
a while and I get around to them eventually, but I do get a lot of questions every day. “It seems like you left it just at the right
time, politicians and different political groups seem to be getting crazy over here.” Oh yeah? Well, guess what’s happened in the United
States in the last 2 years? It’s gotten a little crazy over here. Anyhow, “Half a year ago I was contacted by
someone from SitePoint if I want to write posts for them. Now half a year later, I have a great topic
and some time at my disposal and am going to write 2 posts, just to see how it goes. However, generally, do you think it makes
sense? After watching one of your videos earlier
this week I realized, writing for them is just like contracting. And if I can’t write the post fast enough
I shouldn’t do it in the first place and instead focus on my job and contracts. I wrote a post on Air Pare” and he gives the
post there. “Which brought me plenty of new visitors and
probably also a better Google ranking for my own blog, however, I’m not sure SitePoint
will have the same effect. I’m surprised to see that you had written
one post from them.” Essentially he wants to know, “Do you think,
writing for SitePoint is good for ones career, or is my time better on contracting/consulting
time and some side project? Regards, Peter.” Okay, so Peter, I’m going to boil this down
a little bit for everyone that’s watching. SitePoint is just a site that does—a software
development site that has a lot of different posts. I wrote a post for them on creating a Chrome
plugin in 15 minutes, 5 minutes, something like that, I think in 5 minutes. You can check it out here. In general, I don’t write posts for a lot
of other sites even if they pay me money, but—so the question really is should you
write posts for your own blog or should you write for another blog and then get paid to
do that? Isn’t that just like contracting? Would it be better to spend that time just
doing consulting work, just making money or just writing blog for your own blogpost? What makes sense here from the perspective
of getting the best success with your blog and your career? There’s a couple of ways to look at it. You don’t want to just be writing posts for
other people’s blogs because unless you’re going to be a professional writer which there’s
not much money in that, I’ll tell you that right now, because I hire professional writers
for really cheap a lot of times. People will write for free, honestly, and
it’s worth it for them to write for free. Now, I have people who write on my blog and
they get an advantage of writing on my blog is that they get a huge exposure to my entire
audience so there’s some value in that. The reason why I’m saying that is because
I wouldn’t write for someone else’s blog for the money because they’re not going to
pay you a lot of money or they’re not going to pay you anything and it’s not going to
be worth your time. You’re going to make way more money consulting
and doing contracting work, not worth it. But for the exposure it is totally worth it
and that’s why I wrote that article that you reference on SitePoint. I’ve written a few different articles for
different blogs. Now, it depends on where you’re at on how
effective that’s going to be. If you’re just starting out your blog, one
of the best things that you could possibly do to gain traction on your new blog is to
write for other blogs and have a bi-line that links back to your blog or have some reference
to your blog in that guest post that you write. A lot of people not guest post and they say
it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work for SEO, that’s bullshit. It does work because it gets your name out
there and it does help your search rankings. I guarantee you that it does. Spammy stuff where people are doing these
kind of fake sites and guest posting on those or like spammy kind of stuff, that’s not going
to work. But if you’re writing quality articles for
someone else’s site that’s valuable. People are going to click the link to go back
to your site. I know it because I look at the links on Simple
Programmer for my writers who write on my blog and I can tell you, they get a lot of
clicks. It depends on what they write and how good
of a writer they are, but a lot of them get really—quite a number of clicks especially
if their article is popular. I think it’s a good way to get exposure to
other audiences, to build up your name and reputation and to get some traffic and some
domain ranking on your—some Google juice on your own domain, but you should definitely
be writing on your own blog. Don’t just write on other people’s blogs. I would say that you want to do something
like—when you’re starting out and you don’t have a lot of traffic, you want to spend a
decent amount of time writing on other people’s blogs, maybe 50% of your time. That would be a good way to get a jumpstart
if you can do that, if you can line those up. As your blog becomes more established and
you start to get more traffic of your own and you’re already getting much more SEO it’s
not going to make sense because—or it’s not going to make as much sense. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever
do guest posts, but those guest posts are going to have lesser and lesser impact, if
that makes sense, over time. But don’t write for money, it doesn’t make
sense. That definitely doesn’t make sense because
you’re going to make more money in other places. Do it for the opportunity. Even things like, you know, if you wanted
to write an article MSDN Magazine, that’s a whole crap load of work. I went through the process and kind of vetted
out. They don’t pay you jack shit. I mean really, I think it was like 500 bucks
or something like that. It’s like not for all that work, it’s the
exposure. The money is nothing. That’s trivial. It’s the exposure for your 3 weeks’ worth
of work, it’s the exposure that you’re getting. That’s what you should keep in mind. All right, if you like this video, if you
want to get more videos about how to improve your career, how to blog, how to get fit,
get in shape, everything that we do here at Simple Programmer to help you to become a
better software developer and a better person, go ahead and click that Subscribe button if
you haven’t already and I will talk to you next time. Take care.

5 thoughts on “Guest Blogging: Is It Worth It?

  1. Great video, as always. Me and someone else are starting a programming blog and this video is really good. We both have youtube channels and we thought it would help the viewers expand their knowledge of the video in an article on our blog. What do you/ everyone think of that idea? Thanks in advance

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