Hack any Windows PC in 2 minutes

Hack any Windows PC in 2 minutes

Linus, what are you doing? LINUS: Oh. Uh.. Yeah, I’m trying out this uh, thumb drive that claims to let you unlock any windows-based PC in just a couple minutes! [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] Zotac’s Geforce 10 series cards featuring NVIDIA’s Pascal Architecture as well as other features like their IceStorm Cooling and Spectra Lighting System. Check them out at the link in the video description. LINUS: How’s my hair? Whatever. Okay, so silliness aside, this little thing right here is the Password Reset Key 2. The follow-up to the original Password Reset Key that was kick-started by John T Lovell back in 2014 raising about 34,000 Great Britain pounds. Now they sent me the original one for consideration for one of my handy tech Under $100 episodes about 4 months ago, but I ended up rejecting it due it’s strange behavior in Windows 10, particularly around Windows Live Accounts Vs. Local Accounts. However, it turns out they were already in the process of working on a follow-up that’s the one they’ve sent me and that’s the one that will be checking out today. So with the Password Reset Key 2, they’ve dramatically improved the UI, They’ve added Windows 10 support, They’ve added windows live account detection though to be clear password reset key cannot break through the password of a windows live account and will simply redirect you to Microsoft’s account recovery page and they’ve added BitLocker encrypted volume detection though again it just prompts you to enter your password or backup key if you want to access any of those files they haven’t broken bit lockers encryption that would be pretty big news so then what does it do well on the time you’ve spent listening to me explain the limitations you’ve pretty much witnessed the basic functionality I stripped the password off of a computer that was just using a local windows account but there’s more so by inserting the password reset key into any Windows PC and changing the boot mode to legacy instead of UEFI that’s an important step please note you will also have to disable some security features like secure boot for example and then changing your boot device to the PRK you’ll get dropped into this menu which allows you to do a bunch of things really you can clone a local account which allows you to then strip the password off of that cloned account this is useful if you’re a tech trying to get into a PC and you don’t want the customer to have to reset their password after the fact you can open up a registry editor you can make changes to the PC using the command prompt you can recover files from it either directly through a file explorer and then you can just copy to or move to some other attached storage device or you can actually recover deleted files from it and finally and this one’s kind of scary if you didn’t know how easy it was to break into a Windows PC you can take the local administrator account which is on every Windows 10 computer and you can unlock and activate it which means as soon as you reboot pull out the PRK go back into UEFI mode if applicable you will be landed on the windows login screen you’ll be able to log into that account with no password required from there you’ll be able to do anything you want to the computer including deleting the existing windows live account keeping all of that person’s files and even setting up new accounts using it as though it had never belonged to anyone else so if you’re a well-intentioned technician out there you’re probably looking at this going well gee that looks great that could make my life a lot more useful thanks for that Linus but if you’re a general consumer who had no idea that you could break into a Windows computer in a couple of minutes with a twenty-dollar doodad that you can buy online I can see how this would be a little scary and what I’m about to say probably won’t make you feel much better this is not the only way to break into a Windows computer it’s actually quite easy this just makes it accessible enough that anyone can do it even with no dinking around in the registry or the command prompt so the next question people are bound to ask is how do I protect myself against this because even if you did put a password on that built an administrator account well I can strip it off in seconds and the answer is there are a few ways so full disk encryption using BitLocker within windows is one of those ways it can detect the volume but it can’t read any of the files off of it and you can also buy SSDs or hard drives that feature self encryption so you have to enter a password right when you turn on the computer in the first place in order to unlock the encryption on that drive if your computer doesn’t have a trusted platform module or you’re trying to keep your files safe without going and buying a new drive though there are other options there too so Luke has a video which you can check out over here on programs that you can stall within windows to create encrypted containers for your files that even if someone used a PRK rip that file off the computer they would need the key in order to open so thanks for watching guys if you dislike this video go ahead and hit that dislike button but if you liked it hit the like button get subscribed maybe even consider checking out the password reset key that’s the product me feature today at the link to amazon in the video description we will get a kickback if you buy one using our link also in the video description is our merch store where you can buy cool t-shirts just like this one as well as our community forum which you can join to discuss this video or really anything else tech I think that pretty much wraps it up don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check out our other channels like channel super fun super fun over there by the time you watch this video we could have this like super weird video of me like playing a Japanese mobile game it’s like bizarre but you might actually enjoy it just don’t admit to anyone you know that you enjoyed it see you next time

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  1. There is a program, that can be unpacked to a pendrive and it removes passwords from almosnt any windows (havent tried on win10 yet 🙂 )

  2. Scare people even more, I only need the PC it's self to bypass the local accounts. Gotta love that recovery mode and command prompt. Net user

  3. Thanks very help tutorial will use today or nother time sometimes if me want hack thanks for tutorial I be very sneaky and hacky with this tut thanks

  4. Or just use the old school unpatched exploit where you boot into a live USB Linux and you go to Windows system 32 change the magnify to cmd.exe and then use ease of access to open magnify and it opens a cmd as admin. From there you just use netuser commands to change passwords and do anything to the computer

  5. I remember my neighbour using this on windows 7 like 8 years ago to get past the child protection his dad had installed. His dad was quite mad.

  6. I used password reset since 2011. It's a handy tool to get into computers that can no longer connect to the domain. If there is any encryption it is useless. Encryption requires the same passwords to decrypt.

  7. It’s 2019 now and I get recommended and notice you reuse some of this footage in the why doesn’t Linus’s activate windows vid

  8. rename cmd.exe to the virtual keyboard.exe in system32, BOOM when you open virtual keyboard on the lockscreen it open a command prompt lol

  9. I don't spend £20 on a password reset thing. I format an old usb, put Linux live on it, the edit the SAM file using the terminal

  10. I did this with a software installed on an USB to unlock my friends business laptop that they forgot the password to lol 😀 No key needed really.

  11. Linus I love your channel but I'm a little bit disappointed you you got that awesome souped up PS4 just sitting on the shelf collecting dust you ain't going to use it you should ship it to my house and I'll play the s*** out of it

  12. Or in a laptop, activate bios password. People, if you not backup your files, do not encrypt the drive! Encryption – the easy way to lost all data.

  13. Don't ever do that thing with your hands on the keyboard at the start of the video! I could have done without the acid flashback it induced

  14. i just used a website that burns a file to a CD and i got into it for free so if you're using this to break in just do some google

  15. youtube: linus makes a video about "hacking" seems ligit
    also youtube: see's a robot fight another robot "nahhh thats to sensitive and needs to be taken down for safty"

  16. 0:02 this is a xxx movie Linus, why didn't you show us the rest of the screen, you don't want me to know what's going (d)on(g)

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  18. Hackers in movies
    Some high tech computer program that can tries hundreds of passwords in less than 3 seconds
    Hackers in real life
    Finds the user and beats the other person until he/she hands over the login credentials

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