Harry Potter Journal With Me: Platform 9 and 3/4! (Rereading HP Book 1, Chapter 6)

Hello and welcome back! I’m Lauren and
it’s been a minute since the last time I journaled about my reread of Harry
Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but I’m excited to jump back into it! Today I’m
going to be talking about my process of journaling about chapter 6, the journey
from platform 9 and 3/4. I’ll also be sharing a bunch of my
thoughts on the chapter as someone who has read this series many times. Keep in
mind that I may mention spoilers for later in the series because I
occasionally find clues I hadn’t noticed before and that’s one of the reasons why
I love the Harry Potter books so much. Now, when I was coming up with what to do
visually for this chapter’s spread I knew that I wanted to focus on two elements –
the train ride and the first-years’ boat ride up to Hogwarts castle. Thanks to
some wonderful viewers, I now have some Harry Potter stickers to use in this
journal and while I liked a few that were train themed, I decided to make a
paper cutout style Hogwarts castle for the bottom right corner of the spread. To
make this, I started with a sketch and then cut out the different shapes for
the water, the mountain, and the castle itself using three colors of cardstock I
had around. I adjusted things as I went along to make them fit and anytime the
cutting step got a little tricky, I switched from scissors to this Fiskars
fingertip craft knife. This is not the first time I’ve used this tool to cut
out Hogwarts castle and it probably won’t be the last. Once I was happy with
the shapes, I started attaching them to the pages, letting the paper overlap the
edges of the journal. Then I trimmed it off so it would line up exactly with the
edges of the pages and that’s what that ended up looking like. Now I know that it
needed some boats, but I wasn’t really happy with the more realistic sketches I
was doing so I ended up making them into tiny origami-like paper boats instead! I
traced the lines where the folds would be because when I actually folded them,
it made them too thick and heavy. I feel like this came out better than I
was expecting. Next I added two super old stickers from back before the movies
came out. One with the train and one that has a pile of old trunks, that way I have
the bigger elements where I want them to go and I can fill in my notes about the
chapter all around them. Then I added my title! Chapter 6, the journey from
platform 9 and three quarters. Now when this chapter
starts we’re yet again reminded that Harry had a whole month left with the
Dursleys. How?! How did he get through that? I don’t even understand how it’s
possible. I feel like I forgot about this because the movie goes over that part so
quickly, but yeah. It’s just, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe that that
Hagrid would just send him home with the Dursleys after taking him all over
Diagon Alley in the last chapter. I’m a little bit torn here because, before
Harry found out that he was a wizard, he was living in this awful situation but
he didn’t know that he had anything outside of it. He didn’t have anything to
look forward to and that’s got to be awful, but knowing that you could be
somewhere else, knowing that you have this money that you could be using,
knowing that a magical world is just waiting for you around the corner has to
be a little bit difficult. But maybe it helped in some ways! Maybe having that
hope made it easier to get through his last month at home. It says that they
ignored him, half terrified, half furious, and I wrote down a shortened version of
the quote, “although this was an improvement in many ways, it did become a
bit depressing after a while.” which is totally understandable. One of my
favorite things about rereading this series is all the tiny details that I
usually just forget about. One of them that I wrote down was that Harry named
Hedwig from the book A History of Magic. There was somebody named Hedwig in that
book! Who were they? Do we know? I’m gonna have to look it up. So when the time
finally comes, the Dursleys actually drive Harry to King’s Cross station,
surprisingly without much fuss, but they do just abandon him between platforms 9
and 3/4 (I meant 10) laughing. It seems that they believe that nothing’s going to happen
and there is no platform 9 and 3/4 but if that was the case, did they just leave
him there to be homeless forever? I don’t know, I’m not surprised.
Luckily the Weasleys show up! He meets them for the first time and Molly helps
him onto the platform and the twins help him lift his trunk onto the train, which is
really great. This is a scene that I remembered pretty clearly and I love it.
After he’s all settled on the train, the Weasleys actually figure out that he’s
Harry Potter and he overhears them freaking out about it which is kind of funny.
Ginny who’s too little to go to Hogwarts still wants to go onto the train to
see him. Very in character, I love it. Next I hand lettered this quote. “He
didn’t know what he was going to but it had to be better than what he was
leaving behind.” I used faux calligraphy to write this
out which basically means that I wrote it in just regular script and then I
added weight to all of the down strokes to make it look more like calligraphy.
This is a really good technique to use if you don’t have a brush pen or maybe
you’re not super good at more traditional brush lettering. I find that
I have a little bit more control over it when I do it this way and I end up
pretty much liking how it turns out. Once Harry is all settled in on the train,
he meets Ron and one thing that I really like about their initial interactions
with each other is that they both seem to know that they can trust one another.
They’re both very honest in this first conversation. They don’t feel like they
need to be someone they’re not, they are just excited to be going and maybe just
a little bit nervous and I think they sense that about one another.
Ron seems to be really happy with someone who isn’t his family and Harry
shares his doubts about his magical ability. Then of course, Harry buys a ton
of candy and he wants to share it with Ron. It says “he never had anything to
share before or indeed anyone to share it with.”
Here I made a note to myself that until we learned his name, Neville Longbottom
is referred to as “the toadless boy” because he’s lost his toad. Once Hermione
comes in and joins them, I actually noticed something interesting here. She
quickly mentions that she’s already memorized all of their text books and
that she just hopes it will be enough. She, like Harry, worries that she’ll be
behind because she was raised by muggles and I find that to be really interesting.
initially, I feel like Harry doesn’t relate to Hermione very much, but that
little detail shows that they actually do have a lot in common.
Hermione also takes the time to list off all of the books that Harry is mentioned
in, which is kind of funny. Moving on to the next page up here, Draco, Crabbe, and
Goyle come in and they almost get in a fight. This is the scene where Draco
insults Ron and tries to make friends with
Harry. He had actually found out which seat he was in and came by specifically
for this. Obviously, he recognizes him from Madam Malkin’s robe shop in the
previous chapter, so this is all quite different from the way that it went down
in the movies so I do like to take note of those changes as well when I’m
rereading the books. Eventually, they arrive and Hagrid calls the first-years
to the boats. This is something that they only get to do during their first year
so it’s very exciting. They turn a corner and that’s where they get their first
look at Hogwarts across the lake. The boats move on their own, which is very
cool, and then they arrive through a curtain of ivy and an underground harbor
before heading up to the castle. For my last little bit of notes since I don’t
have a whole lot of room left, I hand lettered another quote, kind of around
the castle: “Hagrid raised a gigantic fist and knocked three times on the castle
door”. These are the last words in this chapter and they reminded me of being
younger and reading this for the first time and how I never wanted to just stop
at the end of a chapter because they all pretty much end on cliffhangers. It’s
kind of brilliant, it’s maybe one of the reasons why so many young kids have no
problem getting through these super long books. They’re just page turners, they’re
exciting and they make you want to continue reading more. And to just fill
in a little bit of empty space that I ended up with at the end here, I cut out
three paper stars using the same color that I used for the boats earlier and
glued them kind of around the castle. And that is my journaling spread about my
reread of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone chapter six. I’m very
happy with the way this turned out. One of the reasons why I started this
project is to try new things with my journaling. I tend to do the same kinds
of things all the time in my personal journal and I feel like I’m learning so
much just from pushing myself to try new and creative ways to fill up these pages.
I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this chapter in the comments
below! Having intense book discussions with Harry Potter fans is one of my
favorite things ever. If you’d like to know more about the supplies I used in
this video, I’ll list them in the video description below. I
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when it’s all finished, so I have a long way to go. Thanks for watching and I’ll
see you soon.

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