Hashtags: #MyWeirdTeacher

Hashtags: #MyWeirdTeacher

-Now, I thought I’d share
some of my favorite #MyWeirdTeacher stories
from you guys. Here we go. The first one is
from @Steve-Shu. He says, “The day after
we turned in drafts of our term papers,
the professor wore all black to signify his
disappointment in our work.” [ Laughter and applause ] -He had to tell them, too. Wouldn’t figure that
one out for yourself. -I’m mourning the loss
of your grades, yeah. This one is from @JonBalun. He said, “My teacher moved
his left hand in circles as he erased the board
with his right hand so he would build
the muscles evenly.” [ Laughter and applause ] -Wax on, wax off. -Miyagi.
Miyagi, yeah. This one is from @tinagibala. She says, “My homeroom teacher
kept a list on the chalkboard of people who needed
prom dates.” -Aw.
[ Audience aws ] [ Applause ]
Oh. Tina? You and Gary.
-Derek’s been up here for — [ Light laughter ] For three weeks now.
So anyone wants — Anyone. You know anyone who wants
to go with Derek, or any — Do you have any pets at home
that could maybe go with Derek? Just so he doesn’t go alone. This one is from @leighlo-maria. She said, “My biology teacher
handed us back our graded homework.
Every paper was maroon. She apparently spilled
a bottle of red wine.” [ Laughter and applause ] -Yoinks! [ Pop ] -This one’s from @Corcorcoran2. He says, “If it was your
birthday, my teacher would draw a cake on the board and ask you
to blow out the candles. You just had to stand there
and blow on the chalkboard until he said
the candles went out.” [ Laughter and applause ] Not yet!
-Not yet! -Not yet, keep going.
[ Laughs ] -Not yet!
-[ Fake crying ] -Okay. Oh, they’re trick
candles, they’re back on again. What’s your problem, dude? -I’m in charge!
-[ Laughing ] Yeah. I’m the boss, get it? This one’s from @HBP-ALWAYS98. She says, “Whenever I ask my
teacher what we’re doing today, she says, ‘working hard
and suffering greatly, because life is pain.'” -Oh.
[ Applause ] Wow!
-[ Laughs ] This one’s from @mac-ken-cheese. -Oh, nice.
-I get it. Not bad.
Mac n’ cheese. -Mac n’ cheese.
-Mac Ken Cheese. -Nice one.
-That’s a nice one. -Yeah. -mac-ken-cheese. She says, “My chemistry teacher
had a taxidermied armadillo in the classroom.
For a while, it wore a party hat and it was called
The Partydillo.” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah! -Whoop whoop whoop! -Partydillo!
-Byeh, byeh, byeh, byeh! -Raise the roof, Derek! [ Laughter ] -The armadillo said that?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -This is from @RaskolnikovsAxe. -Ooh, deep. [ Light laughter ] A little crime and punishment. Derek. [ Light laughter ] -He says, “At the end
of a test period, our science teacher would
respond to our ‘one more sec, one more sec!’
with ‘no more secs!'” [ Laughter ] “No more secs
in this classroom!” [ Applause ] I’m talking to you, Derek. -Yeah. This last one’s
from @TheDonald-Stump. [ Light laughter ] He says, “My teacher would tell
us to work hard in math and science classes,
otherwise we’d end up as a gym teacher.
He was also the gym teacher.” -Oh!
-There you go. There are your
“Tonight Show” hashtags. To check out more
of our favorites, go to tonightshow.com/hashtags.

26 thoughts on “Hashtags: #MyWeirdTeacher

  1. Zoolander had it rough in school, poor guy. No wonder he’s preoccupied with being “really, really, really… good-looking.” First, no one asked him to prom, then the teacher said “no more secs”. That’s harsh.

  2. I had a science teacher that when we all were silent she looked at nothing with her mouth open. We all laughed and she just staid there like a psycho.

  3. My math teacher put on a basketball game in the middle of class during March madness and complained every time we interrupted him.

  4. When I was 17 in high school I did so bad on a math test my teacher put a sad face as the grade. No letter grade. Nothing. Just a sad face in a circle. 😅😂🤣 Memories.

  5. We had an old substitute teacher who no matter what subject he was supposed to be teaching he would just read sonnets and limericks the whole time. 😂

  6. 8th grade social studies teacher: if you said you didnt understand a question on a test he would just tell you the answer. He never looked at us so we just pulled out books out to find answers.

  7. 5th grade teacher: calling out spelling words, says “lawter” we are like what?? Again she says “LAW-TER!” Finally someone said, “do you mean laughter?” She did.

  8. 10th grade French teacher just wanted to be liked so wouldnt take off points for things like… getting the answer wrong or not doing homework. One day no one did the homework and she said: “come on guys. If yall dont start doing your homework I’m going to have to take points off.” I got straight As. One kid slept through every class. Never did classwork, homework or even took a test. He did nothing. Got Cs.

  9. Of all the names he chooses to use, he picks "Derek". Thanks Jimmy. Reminds me of my lack of prom date circa 2006, lol

  10. In high school my chorus class had a clock on the walk that could slide around on the screw and there was a weird hole behind it, it contained a bottle of soy sauce from god knows when and occasionally random other objects 😂 my teacher just leaves it there and fully supports the soy sauce

  11. one time my teacher randomly screamed at the blackboard, we all thought he had been shot or something, turns out he was just checking to see if we were awake

  12. 80's Social Studies teacher, always wore sandals. Took the pastel nail polish from a girl and proceeded to paint each one of his toenails in a different color while he talked.

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