Hashtags: #WorstGiftEver

-Now I thought I’d share
some of my favorite worst-gift-ever stories
from you guys. Here we go.
This first one’s from @iPopEditor. He said, “One year,
I unwrapped…” [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh. -Your gift was the truth.
-Yeah. [ Light laughter ] -This one’s
from @GrizzBongoLady. -Oh, yeah. -She says,
“One year for Christmas.. [ Laughter ] That’s great.
-Yeah. -That sounds like
something I would do. That’s fantastic.
-It’s the lack of thought that counts. -This one is from @Kejade. She says, “I gave my mom… To the man I love. Ooh. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] -Mom. -This one is
from @HeidiHoNayber. Oh, Heidi —
-Hidey-ho, neighbor. -Hidey-ho, yeah.
Hidey-ho, neighbor. I got it. She says, “In 1985… [ Laughter ] What?
-Ooh, what? -You had to gag the bear?
-Ugh! -Bingo Bear. -Hidey-ho, neighbor.
-I never heard of Bingo Bear. This one’s from @darciecf. She says, “One year
for Christmas… They sent a photo.
Look at this thing. Holy moley!
[ Laughter ] That is weird.
-Wow. -That is absolutely weird. -It’s like that’s a gift
of nightmares. -Oh, my God. This one is
from @RebeccaAkbas. She says, “My ex gave me…” [ Laughter ] Yeah, it’s like, sweet, but — [ Cheers and applause ] Could’ve just dawn them
on a card or something. I don’t need those gloves. This one’s from @ashar0. He says, “This year I opened.. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -At least it’s not
a scratch n’ sniff. I mean, that’s — This is from @emmaviverios.
Viverios? She says, “One year, my mom…” [ Laughter ] Aah! [ Cheers and applause ] All — All the toys had no eyes. This ones from @danaelecrae. She says, “My coworker… Look at the photo.
Hey, boy! Hey, now.
-Hey, now. Squirrels like buns.
-Hey, now. This last one is
from Nestle Toll House. -Oh, the cookie makers.
-They make the chocolate chips. -Yeah.
-They sent one in, and they said
the worst gift is… There you go.
Not bad! Not bad, Nestle!
I like that! Toll House!
There you have it. Those were our
“Tonight Show Hashtags.” To check out more of our
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