Heroin Holiday in the Czech Republic

Heroin Holiday in the Czech Republic

100 thoughts on “Heroin Holiday in the Czech Republic

  1. "Yea this guy was suppose to show me how to cook Heroin………. but he's out cause he took Heroin………… sooo now THIS Junkie is MAYBE going to show me how to cook…….Heroin?

    Vice People.

  2. So the US government has trouble finding and stopping the source but this guy just went to not only a source but has more detail…

  3. When I was in my Sophomore year in High School in English class Daryl Finny tried to hand me a syringe filled with smack. 1970 In English class? Just go to the legal drug dealers, here in America they are called Doctors, MD. Vice makes this loser shit sound like a Utopia.

  4. I got it. I take My Morphine I get from my legal drug dealer MD mix it with vinegar cook it down, mix it with a cigarette and get a real high? I am sorry I am afraid of needles. Why not just eat and then pop a pill? Sweet dreams all night long, with a full stomach.

  5. why is the codein in that stuff not giving these guys horrible reactions? u cant mainline it kids, thats the pine needles u are feeling lol your body screaming for help.

  6. Heroin is my favorite high. But the physical addiction is just not worth it. The sickness and withdrawal is hell on earth

  7. Sometimes I wonder how Vice gets away with it. Like, the host showed his face and committed a crime. Also, I now know how to cook heroin.

  8. Funny thing is the public education all the normies have received skipped the common sense part. No prohibition takes most of the evil people out of the illicit drug paradigm. Society ends up with less addicts lower suicide rates and fewer broken homes. The proof is in Portugal (the only Country with enough balls to decriminalize). Besides the 86,000 people dying of overdose per year in the USA are 86,000 people most Americans wouldn't wipe their feet on.

  9. Probably a little safer than the shit on the street. The codeine content is a bit concerning though. Good way to drown your lungs with fluid.

  10. Morphine? The Military carries it with them in combat at all times, every soldier. This is how Scientists created morphine for you to receive post operatively, or if you broke your femur, lol. This isn't Heroin. They didn't show you the nasty chemical cookdowns required en masse by cartels to actually get from Morphine to Heroin.
    It's pretty amazing when you think of it. Our bodies have natural, biological opioid receptors and an endocannabinoid system. Poppies and Marijuana grew freely in nature pre-modern society. Plants are meant to nurture & heal us. There are far more interesting plant medicines to study and explore than just the notorious ones. Live life in contribution with the Earth, in harmony with yourself, use only what you can, grow your own #plantmedicine

  11. 1:27 "most evil people on earth"

    How??? Most are simple farmers. It was the evil Taliban who banned it and suppressed the farmers. Those farmers are just trying to make a living, and hell most do it legally anyways.

  12. I get it that heroin is extremely dangerous (and especially what they are doing because this is nuts) – but for this kind of interview-job I find it interesting that the journalist seems very biased with a strong negative attitude, like calling them "junkies" and "addicts" all the time, with a lot of stereotypes in between.

  13. I love it how the use the word "pure" all the time. I mean 50% pure is still 50% other shit. This is why addicts get endocarditis by the way, with all the bacteria shooting into the bloodstream.

  14. We need to stop using the word "junkie" when referring to those who are battling addiction. I want it to be outlawed. To be a word one cannot use liberally in a public space. I want human beings to feel shame if they slip and use the "J" word. Because, simply put, its use is doing nothing to help the cause.
    I want it to be considered a slur, much like a homophobic, body-shaming, or racial slur, because by definition, that is what it is. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word "slur" as "an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation." "Alicia Cook"

  15. I like to chip and if that dude was staring at me when I was high I would freak out ! But I don't shoot up, I dont smoke cigs , I take showers , I have a job so not all people are the same thses people thoe need to clean up the needles every where are a no !no !

  16. It makes me happy in a weird way, he probably made their day by handing out cigarettes. They where all smiling and it made me smile, although it could have been the euphoria from the heroin

  17. Imagine giving a cigarette to one person than the muthafucker tells everyone to go to u for a cigarette 🤔👎🏽🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. I watch this Whit a fat Blunt of bubblegum weed 😁😁😁 never done hero is IT wurth IT ?? 💩😜 Did hey Just injected Whit a needle ore Just smoked ??

  19. Vice can I please have a fucking job…been a dope fiend for 10 plus years..I'm a home grown psychopharmacoligist!!

  20. everything drug related on this Chanel that i see is disgusting but so interesting to just know. I guess that what vice is doing is actually good because they show you the terrors behind the drug to let you finally decide if you still want to do it.

  21. The drug capital of Europe is the Czech Republic. And parents don't take your kids here so they won't do drugs. Czech people love Booze and Drugs. Very bad habits those people started.

  22. thomas : is the cigarette for me or for you ?

    Banana : it was for me but you can keep it….

    The next day.

    Thomas have cigarettes if u want some ask him.

  23. What a little prick >>>> surely he can use a better term than junkie >>>>> White privileged MOFO needs to catch a habit so some one can turn him out..
    See if he calls himself a Junkie .

  24. I wonder what these junkie guys do for a living back home: doctors, lawyers, bankers, politicians, writers, scientists, teachers, musicians…..

  25. While I can understand what cocaine can do for you, or a joint, or liquor, at least these substances give you relaxation, energy, or the courage to sing karaoke in public. But with heroin, all I've ever seen are filthy, diseased and sick junkies living in the streets, and when they consume the heroin, they vomit. Where's the fun in it?

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