100 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2020 in World of Tanks: The Holidays are Coming!

  1. With the holiday hustle and bustle right around the corner, Holiday Ops 2020 is about to start! What are you looking forward to the most?

  2. Great video,love Christmas,especially in WoT,but there's one thing…I'm in hospital probably this whole period and won't be able to play😭😭😭😭

  3. I think 3d skins will be on objekt 140 t 110 e4 and amx 13 105 you can see it in garage, And tank gift in left down corner 🤓

  4. Brought to you courtesy of a company that have let it's fans invest years into a certain class only to reward them by nerfing the class into pointlessness. "Wargaming, pandering to Russian crybabys for almost a decade."

  5. Dear Santa, my only wish is to get the 4 lovely Ladies in the video. I need no tank, camo or anything else. Just the 4 ladies, thank you very much.

  6. Wargaming, also those prices seem quite boring with low tier shitters and if you have completed all marathons like I have, you already have 2 best tanks of them. It takes much of coolness away. Why to put marathon tanks there, they have been in sell so many times and also many has already got them from the marathon. Almost everyone already has them if they want.

  7. My heart made a little happy jump when this showed up last night on YT list… I know, it's bad, but this for me is legit the nicest experience and atmosphere in the game every year. I think a lot of ppl, like me, got worried a bit with the first vid about the upcoming season. Don't ever take the Holiday Ops out of the game guys n gals at WG. Oh and btw. I think its time to introduce new vehicle skins with them women riding the front of my tanks. Want. It. 😏

  8. Btw, this guy at the start of the vid must be a 50% crewmember. Lesson no.1 when painting tanks; always make sure you have enough paint with you. Almost everything is painted and he still has to fetch more paint? What a noob 😏

  9. le obj 279(e) a un espace au milieu des chenille. Un changement qui rajouterais enfin un bas de caisse a ce char trop op ?

  10. Only reason why I play Christmas event is free female crew and the different tank discounts rewards they give away

  11. i wish they put type 59 again this year !!!

    i bought 211 loot boxes !! i never got it , and last year holiday i was upset bcz there was no type 59 aswell !!!

    i hope they add it or at least put it in the calander

  12. Yes, can't wait! Awesome video, it immediately took me back to the Christmas garage as I remember it from last year. That decorider thing, the tree, that feast in the tent, snow tanks. Yay!
    And – oh my, those legs! 🙂

  13. This is what we (eu) missing right now. Ture aboute Calender we have but its not same thing, also no winter fx in garage, its stil late summer and no chrismas feeling at all.. happy ……yhea….. I dont know, thanks for its playable game and sad eu2 crashd….. have a nice weekend.

  14. this video is actually pretty nostalgic and beautiful.. it really make you feel that Christmas is coming. No matter how much i hate Wargaming, this video deserve a like.

  15. WG is the greediest gaming company ever and they used to get overwhelming dislikes on Youtube videos. Clearly they bought or assembled a bot farm to buy likes for their videos. WoT is the most shameless pay-to-win game out there.

  16. I think this game is already dead but WG must definitely enter the movie industry. The videos are more beautiful than World of Tanks ::))

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