Hollow Knight Wanderer’s Journal Book Analysis

Hollow Knight Wanderer’s Journal Book Analysis

Did you know that books are still a thing? Like people not only still read books but
actually make books too? Like people not only still read books but
actually make books too? (Well… sometimes) Shocking I know. I didn’t realize this until Fangamer announced
a whole new Hollow Knight Wanderer’s Journal that would be released alongside the new physical
Collector’s Edition of the game. This journal is written from the perspective
of a new character, a ladybug named Ellina. On their website, Team Cherry explained that
this new book would be an epic tome of exploration, investigation and lore. Team Cherry has also worked closely with the
authors, Kari Fry and Ryan Novak, to ensure that everything in the book would be totally
accurate. Well, Kari and Ryan were incredibly generous
and sent me an advanced copy of the new journal. They also sent me a packet of hot dogs for
some reason… Thanks? Kari Fry’s artwork really does justice to
Ari Gibson’s ingame sprites. I mean just look at this drawing of Flukemarm. That Hall of Gods description is starting
to make more sense now. And all of this artwork is accompanied by
Ryan’s descriptions of all of the various friends and foes found in Hollow Knight. And the amount of lore in this book is staggering. First of all, this book does a good job at
covering most of the lore in the game. There isn’t much on the endgame bosses,
but book does go through each area, discussing most of the bosses and enemies, as well as
theorizing about numerous miscellaneous background objects. If you’re new to Hollow Knight lore, this
is a great read. But even lore experts like myself can find
a few new tidbits of lore. So this book introduces a lot of small pieces
of information. For example, sleeping under Whispering Roots
can give bugs vivid dreams. This book also tell us that Leg Eater is confirmed
blind. But at the same time, this book also gives
us information on big events like the timeline of the infection’s spread through Hallownest. I will go through this new information chronically
from where it is in the book, for the most part. But I will jump around a bit too, where needed. I’m also going to skip that random chapter
on the manatees. Not sure why that was even in there. First up, we have an explanation for the hot
springs. According to Ellina, these springs are the
result of heat seeping up to the surface through underground vents. Of all the ways that the Knight can collect
soul in the game, the hot springs have always been the strangest to me. According to Ellina, the hot springs restore
the body and soul, but I always thought the Knight had to pull soul from somewhere else. Maybe there is soul in the water, sort of
like how there is soul in the air, according to the Deep Focus charm. So I guess by sitting in the water, the Knight
absorbs the soul through osmosis or something. The journal makes a note of these strange
plants, calling them Pale Ferns. Now any time something is called “pale”
we immediately have to think of the Pale Beings. In the Kingdom’s Edge, we can see something
similar to the pale ferns growing out of the ground. There are also these strange vines that expand
outwards. These seem to be sprouting out from where
the Wyrm’s corpse can be found. As for why anything like this would be growing
in Forgotten Crossroads, I have no idea. Is this from the White Lady? Ellina seems to think that it’s just natural,
so maybe that’s the case. The journal mentions that the Temple of the
Black Egg was fashioned from the shell of an ancient bug. Now if that’s the case, then this thing
was fucking massive. How does a creature that big even exist? Well, I guess the characters in the game are
bugs, and humans are canonically at least 5 times bigger than bugs. So I guess it’s not that big of a deal. What is a big deal is how exactly they got
the Black Egg through that door! Another ancient bug mentioned in the journal
is the one found at the top of Kingdom’s Edge. Some people have been saying this corpse is
the corpse of a Wyrm. But we don’t know exactly what kind of creature
this was. Maybe it was just a worm with an “O” instead
of a “Y”. Have you ever wondered why the Grubfather
has all of this random shit in his burrow? Like seriously, mask shards, pale ore, pokemon
dildos from Etsy.com. Well, apparently this is a common practice
among grubs. They like to collect shiny things and hide
them in their burrows. What I find more interesting is that Ellina
was apparently finding these grubs and choosing not to free them. What an asshole! Next up, apparently Alubas are said to be
attracted to the resting places of powerful beings. Now this kinda makes sense. We see one near the White Lady’s… cocoon
thing. And we also see one at the Lake of Unn. But we also see them in the background of
Marmu’s arena. So you’re telling me this oversized kickball
of a boss is supposed to be as powerful as the White Lady. I suppose it’s possible. Wait, does these mean benches are powerful
beings too? Now I think it’s time we get into a meatier
topic. The timeline for the infection that afflicted
Hallownest and the surrounding areas has always been incredibly vague. But in this book, we are actually given a
few hints about how things might have progressed. There are two sentences stating that the Fungal
Wastes have only recently become impacted by the infection. Ellina also claims that Deepnest has only
recently been hit by the infection and that the Weavers had only recently left the Kingdom. She also claims that the doors to the City
of Tears were closed in an attempt to keep the infection from spreading into the capital. The first outbreak of the infection ended
with the sealing with the Hollow Knight inside the Black Egg. According to the Dung Defender, despite this
effort, Hallownest was eventually brought low, implying that the infection was still
somehow influencing the kingdom. From the Hunter’s Journal entry for the
Lightseed, it appears as though the infection had been seeping down into the Ancient Basin
for quite some time, implying that there was infection coming from somewhere up above. There is a line from Midwife that hints at
Deepnest’s infection happening shortly before the events of the game. She says that few would seek her services
in recent times due to the infection. As for the Weavers having left Hallownest
recently, there is still one Weaver hanging around, but I don’t know if that really
proves anything. We can see that young Weavers did end up getting
infected, so maybe the Weavers left before the sickness could claim the adults. Now this is where things get weird. Ellina states that the Hive is unmarred by
the spread of the infection. This can’t be true. There are several reasons to believe that
the Hive was hit by the infection. First of all, all of the enemies explode with
that same orange particle effect that regular enemies do. And don’t say that shit is honey. Honey does not take on a gaseous form. If it did, I’d been smoking it right now. Characters like the mantises and Dung Defender
give off white particles when hit because they aren’t infected. The bees do not do this. Second, the Whispering Root in the Hive uses
the phrase “Light Familiar”. And light is usually connected to the Radiance. Third, the Hive Husk, which can only be found
inside of the Hive has the same orange tint in its eyes, which confirms that the infection
has at least reached some of the bugs in the Hive. And finally, we have Team Cherry confirming
that the Hive was infected in a Reddit AMA after the death of Queen Vespa. So why does this passage say that the Hive
was unmarred by the spread of the infection? Well, there are two possibilities. The first possibility is that I actually know
the lore better than Team Cherry. This is entirely possible, I am pretty smart. I watch Rick and Morty. The other possibility, which I think is more
likely, is that Team Cherry knowingly left this in the book. We have evidence that Team Cherry has altered
some of the wording on these very pages, so I don’t think they overlooked this. But why would Team Cherry do that, you ask? Well, this book is written by a character
in the world of Hallownest, which means that she is looking at the world through her own
limited perspective. Let’s be real. Of course, Team Cherry wouldn’t hand us
a whole smorgasbord of mouth watering new lore on a silver platter. At least not without making us work for it. I don’t think everything we find in this
book should be taken as canon, as some of these claims are just Ellina’s musing about
Hallownest. Maybe Team Cherry should have put an asterisk
next to that “totally accurate” remark. But that doesn’t mean we should throw this
whole book away. As far as I can tell, this is the only blatantly
wrong statement in the book, and it still offers interesting insight into the lore,
simple things that I had never even thought of. So while the book might have at least one
lore inaccuracy, I still think we can glean some information from it. Well, with that out of the way, let’s move
onto the Crystal Peak. Now this is an area of the game that I’ve
neglected in my videos, but honestly, there is a lot to talk about here. The biggest question regarding this area revolves
around the crystals. Basically there is a strong connection between
these Crystals and the Radiance. First, the journal entry for the Crystallised
Husks mentions that there is a hidden power within the crystals. They can be used to fire searing beams of
light and they also apparently sing. This is also mentioned my Myla who claims
that she can hear the crystals singing and that she can almost make it out. And we all know what happened to her after
that. The journal entry for the Crystal Guardian
also mentions that it can only see light inside of its crystal prison, and that it shoots
blazing beams of light. The word “blazing” is only used three
other times in the entire game, and each instance refers to the Radiance. And during the Enraged Guardian fight, we
can see that it has Dream Nail Dialogue that is written in all caps. This appears to be the Radiance’s voice,
since her Dream Nail dialogue is also in all caps. A lot of the dream nail dialogue for the enemies
in this area reference light. And the Whispering Root mentions something
about a refracted light. Now, we have Ellina saying that the this refracted
light is mesmerising. So I think we can safely say at this point
that the crystals in the Crystal Peak are somehow connected to the Radiance’s light. It’s not clear whether the energy found
inside these crystals are from the Radiance’s light or some other source. The Deep Focus charm implies that crystals
might be able to draw in soul somehow. I’d recommend you check out this lore doc
from Metal if you want to read more about this theory. But what does the Crystal Peak have to do
with the Radiance? Well, it all has to do with Hallownest’s
Crown. This is one of the more interesting pages
in the book. Ellina describes the glyphs in this area as
giving off a radiant light. She says the glyphs were likely from a civilization
that predates Hallownest. She mentions how some of the glyphs seem to
display winged creatures, which… uhh… sure. She also theorizes that these glyphs were
made because this civilization wanted to be remembered by future civilizations. Now there is a lot to break down here. These glyphs remind me of Seals of Bindings,
and we know that these seals can be used to preserve something of great importance. So I guess it makes sense that it could be
used to preserve the memory of a people. The Seer talks a lot about the importance
of being remembered. The Radiance also mentions that she will not
be forgotten. The moth race was known for tending graves
after all. And when the Pale King arrived, the Seer explains
that the moths sealed the Radiance away by forgetting about her. So, being remembered is a big part of the
moth tribe’s tradition. So this statue was possibly built by the moths
before the Pale King arrived. There’s also a developer’s note that says
this lingering statue is what lead to the outbreak of the infection. The fact that it is lingering implies it was
built before the Pale King’s arrival. However, the statue itself contains a Pale
Ore, and is resting atop a cliff that features a design common in Hallownest’s architecture. So maybe this monument was made after the
Radiance was sealed away, and those hushed whispers of faith that Seer talks about are
referring to the same people who built this monument in secret. Ellina claims that the Seer is helping the
Knight to strike back against the Radiance for causing the infection. But in the game, all that is ever stated is
that the Seer is looking for the “Wielder”, a figure her people have been dreaming about
for a long time. Not sure how Ellina would know more than us
on this matter. I guess she can actually talk unlike the Knight. So maybe she just straight up asked her. Now this next bit is something that makes
so much sense I can’t believe I never noticed it before. In the Cast-Off Shell where the King’s Brand
is found, there is this strange object. Ellina theorizes that it might be some sort
of egg. And looking at it now, I can’t believe I
missed this. This was probably what the Pale King hatched
out of after molting his Wyrm form. If this is true, then this puts to rest the
whole idea that the Pale King took on a third form after his death in the White Palace,
since there’s no broken egg anywhere near him. Ellina also mentions that Arcane Eggs are
jet black. Which I guess makes it even more likely that
they are made of void. I know I’ve said before that black doesn’t
equal Void. But shut up. Another small detail we got was an explanation
for what these things are. Ellina believes that they were used to extract
soul from bugs and inject them into other bugs. That could explain why the room is filled
with Follys and Mistakes, which were the results of experiments with souls gone wrong. The machine itself also contains the Spell
Twister charm, which reflects the desires of the Soul Sanctum for mastery over soul. The journal also says that the Blue Lake is
filled with blue-hued minerals, explaining why the lake is a perfect place for Quirrel
to drown himself. We also get confirmation that Bardoon is a
caterpillar. Not sure that was in question, but it’s
not confirmed anywhere else. We also learn that the Fog Canyon was once
a part of Greenpath. This isn’t stated anywhere in the game from
what I can tell, but it is alluded to with Greenpath music lightly playing in the Fog
Canyon region of the world map. Ellina also takes a stroll into the Abyss,
and somehow survives. She gives us a very interesting description
for these strange egg-looking objects, claiming that they are colorless. She also says that it seems like they were
broken from within by a powerful force. The comment that stands out most to me is
the claim that the eggs are colorless. I always thought these eggs were just completely
black. Ellina almost makes note of the Sea of Void,
saying it acts with a mind of its own. So if the sea acts with a singular mind, then
that means the Sea of Void isn’t full of a bunch of individual void tendrils, but instead
is the collective mind of the void itself. That kinda weakens my theory that the void
tendrils were created by the Ancient Civilization. But at the same time, Ellina also calls the
void murky water. What the fuck kind of water has she been drinking?! Ellina also claims that the Abyss Lighthouse
was built atop a natural spire. It certainly does look like they just stuck
the lighthouse part onto a pre-existing structure. But does that mean that this thing formed
naturally? This design is the same that we see in the
background of the main room in the Abyss where the Vessel shells are. Also, underneath that, we can see a pattern
very similar to the one where the Void Tendril entry can be found. If all of this is naturally occuring, it would
tie into Elderbug’s comment about the rocks down in the Ancient Basin possessing a will
of their own. There is one strange detail regarding how
Ellina interacts with the lore tablet right outside of the Abyss. Basically, Ellina says that she is unable
to decipher the tablet. Now these tablets are very unique in that
they say “Higher Beings, these words are for you alone.” From dev notes, AMAs, and the Kingsoul description,
it seems as though Higher Beings is a phrase reserved for characters like the Pale King,
the Radiance, and the White Lady. But it seems a bit odd to me that these tablets
would only exist for the benefit of like three people. There are a total of five lore tablets that
use the phrase Higher Beings. One in the Howling Cliffs, three in the King’s
Pass and one in the Ancient Basin. It isn’t really clear who these tablets
were made for, but there is a clue in the second lore tablet in the King’s Pass. The tablet says “Let all bask in your majesty,
for only this kingdom could produce ones such as you.” So according to this lore tablet, Hallownest
somehow produces Higher Beings. I don’t think the Pale King was making god-like
creatures, since he seemed to be interested in ruling Hallownest unopposed. This has lead me to believe that the phrase
“Higher Beings” is referring to bugs that the Pale King has granted higher thought to
through his beacon. So what does this mean for Ellina? Why can’t she read the tablets? I’m pretty sure she’s an intelligent bug. She probably even watches Rick and Morty. Maybe this tablet can only be read by bugs
that were specifically granted higher thought through the Pale King’s beacon. So bugs like Ellina, Tiso, Cloth, Zote and
Cornifer would be unable to read it, since their intelligence is not native to Hallownest. I’m pretty shakey on this though, so feel
free to tear my reasoning to shreds. And that’s about it for new content. There are quite a few things to think about
with this new book. It adds a little bit of information to the
world of Hallownest, giving us more thoughtful descriptions of background objects and environments. No one in game says shit about Hallownest’s
Crown, so it’s nice to hear at least one bug’s perspective on it. I do wish Ellina would have told us a little
bit more about her own past. She kinda lacks the backstory we see in other
travelers such as Zote, Cloth and Tiso. But I guess she’s just trying to be objective. I’m sure people wouldn’t be to happy if
I started talking about my first marriage in the middle of my analytical lore videos. Now like I mentioned before, it appears as
though there is a mistake in this book. And it’s entirely possible that Team Cherry
left the mistake in the book, since Ellina is an character from the world of Hallownest
who doesn’t have all of the information. This means we have to take her claims with
an air of caution. Despite this, most of the information in this
book seems pretty reasonable. For the most part, Ellina phrases a lot of
things as possibilities, with the claim about the Hive being the only objective claim I
think is downright false. Regardless, it’s great to be able to hold
a physical book about Hollow Knight in my hands. And it looks great on any bookshelf too! Of course, there is one final piece of lore
to discuss. Team Cherry has finally listened to our cries
and given us confirmation of one of the most heated debates in Hollow Knight lore discussion. That’s right, pickles are finally canon! Just like in Rick and Morty!

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  2. 3:11 you remind me of that time that uhm thing in green path said that the king is pretty much in the vines so I cut the vines since then while saying get rekt king

  3. I think the lore tablets for the "higher beings" are ciphered messages that only the Pale King, the White Lady, the creatures who share their same abilities to control Soul like the Pale King does (like the Vessels, maybe Hornet too but that's less sure) and the closest servants of the King could be able to read.

    Their aspect looks like it got something to do with Soul, so basically they're magically sealed tablets that are unreadable for most people, but people who are related to the King or were personally allowed by the King could be able to read them.

  4. maybe the white lady has an affect on the queens garden, like for example since the white lady is within the queens garden anything near it will have the higher being affect

  5. The Dung/White defender mentions a battle of "Black Wyrm" from memory. I assumed that the nights fought and defeated the black wyrm and the corpse is the location in crossroads which is used to store the hollow night.

  6. The book is not inaccurate about the beehive being unmarred by the infection.
    It does not mean the bees were not infected by the radiance, instead the beehive did not fall due to the infection.
    Radiance = hive mind and takes the mind away. Beehive is already a hive mind society. The infection made no change to the society, all though the queen does die 🙁
    From the book and the memory tree in the hive, they possibly are already attuned to radiant light and possibly have their own radiance (their Queen) separate from the Moth Radiance.

  7. yesssss…, but wath's up with that black egg where the knight can se his reflecsion, EE eeeee EEEEEEE

  8. Would be awesome if this ladybug appears in Elina, and she makes a lot of contradictory statements, so she comes off as a liar, or someone that knows more but doesn't just share it for reasons unknown. So she is misdirecting you with a bunch of things, only providing hints of truth for you to piece together.

    So… making this book not as straightforward as it seems. WOULD BE SICK =D

  9. It could be that she just came earlier, and the bees got infected later. They are a hive mind after all, so bedofore the queen died the bees wouldn't have minds to corrupt. As they would be following there queen not this radience thing

  10. So, my thought is that the 'unmarred' bit maybe refers to the hives function and overall look? Idk, that does seem odd.

  11. The "higher beings" tablets seem to be addressed at least in part to the vessels- being that the vessels are specifically creations of the pale king, within hallownest and not something you could find in any other kingdom
    The one in the entrance to the Abyss is likely just a warning to those possible higher beings (vessel or otherwise) strong enough to maybe break? the seal, given that the pale king's dirty laundry would likely be guarded from the lesser folk, at least until the point where it didn't matter anymore due to the infection and the disappearance of the white palace

  12. Maybe ellina took time writing the book? It seems weird since we're always used to the information simply appearing when we encounter something – such as the hunters journal entries, but really any game has "descriptions" that couldn't technically exist, but you know, suspension of disbelief. Like, who the fuck built the knights statue that apears after youve defeated the absolute radiance in the dream world? How did they know? Who is changing it depending on the difficulty? Those questions dont make sense because the answer cant in-universe, because an "inventory screen" doesnt exist in-universe.
    What im trying to say isnt that the book isnt canon, that would just be dismissing valuable information, but im arguing that ellina could have written about the hive before it was infected, she reported on the infection slowly (or not) taking over the kingdom.

  13. if i recall correctly, bugs breath passively through their skin, i think? maybe when the knight is in the pond, he's breathing in the soul?

  14. Maybe the buglady say about the hive because she is not a warrior but a scholar and didnt stab anyone or she came when the infection was still in the early stage?
    And about the moth statue maybe she was made of pale ore(because shiny like the moth?) and with time became stone?

    Sorry for my bad english and good video

  15. 13:51 but if the abyss can only be accessed with the kings brand, how the FUCK did she get in? Did she kick hornets ass and take the brand for herself, only to leave it back in the wyrm corpse? Is she secretly the final boss of silksong? Is she made of void? Is she the radiances fuckin cousin or something? Does she fuck?

  16. see this is what really pisses me off is that the larval states are considered separate species, will bardoon eventually become a butterfly? dont maggots turn into flys, if so, did sly used to be a slave sense maggots were put into forced labor?

  17. I always thought the "Higher Beings" tablets were meant for Vessels as well as the Pale Beings. At least, that's how I interpret "only this kingdom could produce ones such as you". Given that speculation, I wonder if Hornet would be able to read them, too? Or maybe she'd only be able to decipher some parts of it.

    My copy only just arrived today (and I read the entire thing in one sitting), I also noticed the "unmarred" sentence and thought it was a bit odd. I would have watched this video the instant it came out, but I wanted to wait until I was able to read the book myself. I wish I could have seen the look on my face when I saw the pages about the Grimm Troupe–I wasn't expecting to see anything about them in the book, I was delighted. Possibly the most amusing part, to me, is the passage about Lemm.

  18. Book is gorgeous and great collectible for fans of the game, but pages tearing after a few readings was a massive disappointment…

  19. Well that was the crystalized mound that was surrounded by crystals so that is going to take a loooonnnggg time

  20. Oh, I have a thought about the one 'error' you mentioned in the book about the Hive – is it possible that it is only just infected, or it was infected after the book's 'writer' had written it? Just a theory, but since it is written by someone in game, it is entirely possible that the writer just…didn't get around to editing that, or forgot to change it. Depending on what actually happened to that bug in the game world.

  21. I'm not an expert on the lore, but I suspect that the infection isn't something the Radiance created, but is perhaps its own thing, separate from the Radiance. However, because the infection weakens the minds of bugs, the Radiance takes advantage of the weakening affect of the infection to spread her influence.

    I have no evidence to support this, but something about the different color schemes of the goo and the Radiance, the way the characters talk about the light and the infection as separate things, and so forth, give me this impression for some reason.

  22. To be fair, Moss, there's been a very clear difference between say- the acid of Asplings, and infection. The orange effect isn't EXCLUSIVELY infection. It could just be some other form of bodily fluid.

  23. Another lore book from an awesome series that is from the perspective of an "unreliable narrator"…seems a lot of lore tends to come from this angle

  24. Queen Vespa, you mean queen Vespa from spaceballs one of the best films ever, wow what a reference. Also maybe the bees are like hornet being accused of void, dunno

  25. 7:15
    There could also be the possibility that she may gave visited the hive before it had been infected and is only recalling that time

  26. I thought the bees and the radiance were like homies or something. Like the bees had nothing to do with the radiance disappearing so she was like aight cool

  27. 16:52
    So – the first lore tablet. It's an instruction on how to focus. And you know what happens to normal bugs when they try to focus. I mean, they can, but in the end, I don't know why anybody would put there instruction for it.
    And it's strange, the placement of tablets in King's Pass… "Do not hide your true form"… If it's in King's Pass, it would mean it's for returning higher beings…

    God damn it, these things are the biggest mystery in whole game…

  28. Do we know when infection hited the Hive? It doesn't seem like they were too infected, so maybe Elena was there before they got infected?

  29. I think when the lore tablets say they're intended for "higher beings", it's exactly what you think: they can only be read by gods. This excludes the ladybug but includes the vessels, because in all likelihood they were conceived when the Pale King went down to the Abyss, lubed his dick up with void and started shooting off siblings left and right. So they are at least half-higher beings. And there's a good argument to be made also that the void itself is (at least the remnants of) an ancient darkness god– ancient bugs worshiped it, it seems to bestow consciousness and will to rocks/bugs to worship it, etc.

  30. Regarding the higher beings part, some bosses from Hallownest's civilisation are still around, like the dung defender. And according to his dream nail dialogue in Godhome he doesn't regognize the fact that he's summoned there, unlike half-higher being Hornet who only half knows what's happening and full-higher being Grimm who fully acknowledges it.
    With that said the lore tablets could just be intended for the vessels who are full-higher beings due to being the spawn of two other higher beings.

  31. Personaly i think that hirl went to the hive right before i got infected and a little bit after she left thats when the infection started to come in

  32. Tbh I've always assumed the colusseum is made in the corpse of a much larger, possibly adult size, version of what God Tamer rides

  33. My idea was that the tablets were for the vessels, classifying them as higher beings

    Edit: nevermind the vessels are stuck in the abyss

  34. The Bees in the hive don’t attack you after either after the fight with Hive knight or at least with the hive blood charm equipped (not sure which) almost like the mantis tribe doesn’t seem like something an infected bug would do the husks are the only exception I can think of that may stay hostile

  35. I think that the collosium of fools is built upon a wyrm corpse that reincarnated into the (now dead) champion of fools and then turned into the god game's pet. Its literally in the name, it tamed a god. Note the similar faces and body styles

  36. It's well-documented in the game that the Wrm husk atop Kingdom's Edge belonged to the Pale King prior to his transcendence

  37. I have…. questions….
    So, what is crystal exactly?
    I understand there are ancient forces at play in the world; void, radiance, lifeblood, soul, dreams, nightmares and flame. We know from quick focus and deep focus that crystal interacts with at least soul.
    I completelly disagree with the document in the description, it implies that crystals have energy of their own, this doesn't make sense. The whole area seem to imply that the radiance is also being focused by the crystal, as they are the only other source of infection in the game other than the black egg, and the lasers are referred to as radiant light, a very interesting adjective which is absent from iterations of crystal + soul, including the crystal dash. (Side note: the crystal heart is a black rock ball that is "consumed" by the ghost)
    Its also implied from the crystal heart golem's dream nail dialogue that the golem itself is being infected (as the dialogue changes from "obey, dig, crush, lift…" to "crush, crush, crush, crush…").
    Having crystal so close to the only physical manifestation of the radiance (The "remember light" statue) which is the only memory of the radiance that keeps it alive close to something that absorb, refracts and focus energy and is spreading its influence seems to suggest "crystal" is some sort of conduit, not a power source.
    It interacts with soul, it interacts with radiance, its possible that it interacts with void as well if you consider that the trapped prophet is a void being.

    I wonder if crystal peak is actually way more important to the lore than initially thought. I mean… Hallownest is a kingdom, and it's crown is crystal peak. That must be relevant somehow…

  38. We know the infection can change between the 3 common states of matter, but what if it can use the crystals to turn into energy? Encoding the Radiance's thoughts into subliminal light pulses, resonating with songs of the moths, causing the miners to dream of the Radiance first. The miners develop the disease and spread it back towards the capital. The capital only realises after the airborne phase of infection has built up strongly enough to break into the Black Egg and crack the Hollow Knight's mask.

  39. Aren't the vessels technically Higher Beings? If you believe the theory that they are the children of the Pale King and the White Lady(which probably has the most evidence),then they should be able to read the Lore Tablets. Maybe they were left by the Pale King? I don't really know…

  40. Something I noticed…
    Team Cherry, located in Australia. Bug named Ellina, author of a book containing bunch of lore for Hollow Knight.
    Ark: Survival Evolved, game contains a woman named Helena, author of a bunch of lore for the game, is also Australian.

    Coincidence? Most likely yes.

  41. Maybe Ellina visited the Hive before the infection spread there too. It’s just a speculation but I think it matches with the fact that she says that the Fungal Wastes and the Deepnest just RECENTLY became impacted by the infection and the City of Tears had RECENTLY been closed. From what I know it is not stated anywhere WHEN she actually visited Hollownest. Of course I could be totally wrong since I’m no lore expert. Another cool thing to do would be to search if there is any evidence of the dead body of Ellina anywhere in Hollownest, since making an art book surely took quite some time and had to be planned in advance, Team Cherry could have putted the body of Ellina in the game during the godmaster update to hint at it.

    Edit: I just read mossbag comment about the Hive. I’m totally wrong

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