Hongdae with @whitneybaeIRL + Surprise Blogger Mail!

Hongdae with @whitneybaeIRL + Surprise Blogger Mail!

Well actually, it’s ten minutes before– or after morning so I’m sorry But that’s how I usually start my vlog. I’m here with Whitney! Whitney : Hello! This is my first time on YouTube. I’m so nervous. Oh my gosh. She has two channels.
Whitney : Hi everybody! She has a main channel. Super funny, all in Korean. Whitney: Oh thanks, oh thanks. They’re just so creative and her second channel is vlogging and we have the same camera now! Whitney : Yes, I love this camera. Yeah, I love watching her vlogs because she’s so wild. So I’ve been wanting to catch up with her and we’re gonna get lunch now and catch up. Whitney : Yep. Let’s go So cute. Oh my gosh. She’s never watched a Captain America movie, but she loves Chris Evans. Whitney: Um, okay. First off, you tryna put me on blast. It’s true! I’mma watch it this summer.
This summer. Look at this. Whitney : Ooh that’s kinda hot. Can you– are you good with spicy food? Check out this video right here, everyone.
Whitney : I tried. Try right here. I start all my vlogs “Good morning” cos I got the good morning. Whitney : You should get a good morning (in korean). I know, someone needs to make that. Is it delicious? Whitney : It’s delicious. It’s actually really, really good, honestly. We finished! We’re gonna go meet a jazz singer today. Whitney : Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, so… it should be fun. But we finished!
Whitney : Yes, we did. Look at this cafe, guys. Oh, this looks so good. Instagram-worthy! Do you want a photo? I’m quite good at taking photos. Whitney : But wait, how should I pose? No, you always do this. …Yeah. Oh wait, wait. She really she got it on point! One more time, one more time. One more time. Yes!! Let me explain myself. It’s because I’m shy when it comes to selfies and like taking photos. I am the worst when it comes to like outfit shots, and it’s just so awkward. Whitney : No. You look natural, you look good.
That’s why I have to look down. And just like, make it look like–
Whitney : No, it’s like this. 1, 2, 3… Like can we just get a candid one? But she got it. She nailed that one. This is so pretty. Woah~~ What shall we get? Whitney : Oh, I want coffee.
You want coffee? I want the pudding. Whitney : Oh they have pudding? The pudding ?? That looks bomb. That looks amazing. Friends.. Marble.
Whitney : What? I like marble.
Whitney : I thought like Marvel. I like both. There are always blankets when it’s cold. It has been so long since I saw Whitney but it’s always a wild time with this one. Whitney : Why? Okay, you act like I’m so … She was just like trying to explain my personality and she’s like you’re like loud and crazy. Like yeah, you’re right Whitney : Loud in a good way, okay? Like a good loud. Okay. We got the pudding and he said don’t touch the cup, but we just really wants to touch the cup. Whitney : You’re not the boss of me. It’s not hot?
Whitney : Ooh, okay. There’s a lot of that on her channel so, A lot of that. Whitney : Oh my gosh. That is so decadent. Is that a word?
You have to have it. Whitney : Oh my goodness! It’s like a um, like a mud pie? I don’t know. Really looks yummy. It like, melts in your mouth That was so cute! And now we’re gonna walk to the DIA TV studio.
Whitney : How do we get there? I’m not sure. She was just telling me that she went to a flower festival. Uhm, girl, I’m allergic to flowers. Whitney : Oh yeah. I couldn’t breathe very well but it was beautiful. Oh, I bet it was beautiful.
Whitney : I vlogged it. Oh wait, did you upload it? Whitney : Not yet, I’m going to this Thursday.
Oh okay, cos I have not seen a flower festival related Vlog on your channel.
Whitney : This Thursday. But on Thursday, it will be up, so..
Whitney : It was so fun. Yeah?
Whitney : Oh my gosh. Beautiful, but I was like, my nose’s like– Who did you go with? Whitney : Just a fun friend.
A friend? Whitney : Yup.
It was fun? Whitney : Yeah! It was a fun time. A fun friend.
Whitney : Hey, where’s my camera? Oh here it is. So we’re gonna look for DIA studio..
Whitney : Oh look, Chris Evans! Where? Oh my g– it says Club Evans.
Whitney : He owns ’em. And she’s like, Chris Evans.
Whitney : No, but Chris Evans is so hot. I just like… But she has never watched Captain America or any of The Avengers related like how?
Whitney : Okay, don’t judge me! How? We are at the studio now. I feel like it changes all that… What is that random door? Oh my gosh, this is so interesting. It’s so messy. Hi, Olivia!
Olivia : Hello! Oh you got a new camera? Yeah, I did. Olivia : Oh yes
I did. Olivia : Is this is new?
Yes. Olivia : Oh this is the one you were looking for!
Yeah. Whitney’s going to film something. Oops, too bright, hold on. Whitney : I listen to this song everyday. I’m still trying to get used to this new camera. What song? Oh this song! Yeah, I like this song, too.
Whitney : You like this song? [Yeah.] So…. Whitney is going to start filming.
Whitney : Yeah. But I’m just… What? I don’t know what I’m doing. Yes, with a Korean jazz singer. Her name is Kang Iche ?? And then, I’m gonna film with her sometime later this week. But yeah. Olivia’s here. I really like it. Your voice is so good and I like how you put it the violin and the sound– Guess what Whitney’s nickname is on YouTube. Whichoding. Whi is for Whitney and choding is short for elementary student. How do you feel about that?
Whitney : It is what it is. Whitney : Are they wrong? No, they’re not wrong.
You’re not wrong? Whitney : I’m a child on the inside Oh my gosh, if you– if you like what you’re seeing right now… Whitney : And nobody does. They’re like, ugh, fast forward. Subscribe! So funny. Look at how messy this area is. Dude, dude. Kid creators come in here and children. Whitney : I spy, with my little eye, an egg. This is what my brother’s gonna do. Just kidding. Imagine him like, playing with this and like putting Iron Man right here. Oh, right here, Whitney. Whitney : Yes, you found it! Very good. I spy.. With my eye… A baby bottle. Whitney : Ooh it’s hard. Baby bottle? Baby bottle pop~ Do you remember those? Whitney : Yes! I found it! Oh that’s not what I was looking at. Look harder. Whitney : A baby bottle?
Yes. You can’t find it.. Whitney : What? Okay? Are you playing games?
No, I’m serious. Whitney : Where’s the baby bottle? Close. Whitney : Oh! This one here?
Yeah! Baby, bottle!
Whitney : What the hck is this? Oh this is a slime! Oh that’s basically..
Whitney : Pop this in my pocket, okay. That’s on her channel! Bye guys!
Whitney : Are you leaving, Joan? Yeah. Bye!
Whitney : Bye, Joan! Thanks for stopping by! Bye! I’ll see you! Now, I’m on my way to Mullae for my skincare appointment. I’m so excited for my treatment because I have been peeling these days, so we’ll see what she has to say Troiareuke, Eddie and I we are going to have a meetup on Saturday. So if you’re in Seoul, check the description box to find out how you can come by and meet us And take pictures with us. I would love to meet you, so definitely check the description box for more information On our meet and greet! Here we are at Times Square for my treatment! The weather is so nice today. The skies are, well, it’s blue over there. But the weather is super nice. I’m back home now and I have two big packages waiting for me. Thank you Abe, for accepting them.
Abe : Great. Thanks. But basically this is a website. It’s from a website called mytheresa.com and they’re apparently doing an Exclusive collaboration with this brand called Off White. So they contacted me asking if I wanted to Try some of their clothes, as well as post it on Instagram, and I took a look at their collection and I liked what they Had so I accepted, and this is not a paid sponsorship. But because they were so thankful they decided to send me extra pieces so let’s see what’s inside. While my brother is playing with his Hawk Eye. What is that? Can you show me? What is this? Abe : Marvel Select Hawk Eye Marvel Select Hawk Eye. Oh my gosh, are you guys excited for his toy channel? I am! He is going to start uploading though. He has decided so.. Abe : Been brainstorming. He has been brainstorming and you’ve been writing some scripts!
Abe : Yep! Yeah, so stay tuned on his channel.
If you haven’t subscribed, I will link it up there and in the Description box as well. So first box! Oh my gosh, such a pretty box! Abe : What is that a wedding dress?
A wedding dress? Wow, the packaging! Abe, can you take this brown box?
Abe : Yeah, sure. I’ll help you. Thank you. Abe’s helping me out. So, take a look at this box. It’s– it’s beautiful. Let’s untie the bow. Oh my gosh. I wanna– This is so pretty!
Abe : That really is pretty. So pretty. Abe, do you want a ribbon? Abe : Uhhhh.. no? Okay. Um, so the box! All right. Oh my gosh, the packaging is so pretty! So it looks like this.
Oh by the way, my treatment went well. She mentioned that I’m starting to peel a lot so I think this is gonna be a process for the next week or so? But she did see an improvement, so I’m happy about that. So if you guys were curious, I feel like I jumped from in front of Times Square back home So I’m sorry about that. Such a bad transition. I don’t even want to rip the tissue paper because they’re so pretty. So first we have.. Abe : Wow, what is that? Abe : Can I wear it?
No, you may not, but it’s a blouse! I will post it on Instagram so stay tuned for that, but it’s a… Very… Silky blouse?
Abe : Who’s gonna be taking pics for you? Obviously, you are. Wow, it’s really pretty! And the quality is really good!
Feel it. Abe : Feel it?
Yeah. Abe : Woooooow.
You just like feel like that and you’re like, woooooow. But okay, here’s the blouse and we have… Pants! Woah, I don’t even know if I can… fit this. Wait. Oh no, I can. I think they’re high-waisted pants.
Abe : Those are sick! Woah, these are really pretty. I’m just checking if it’s the right size. I think so. But, Look at that, I think they’re high-waisted. Abe : Don’t ask me. I feel like these will fit you, Abe Abe : I– you will never see me wearing that in public, ever. Can you please?
Abe : No, no. Why not? With an Iron Man mask? Abe : That doesn’t– that doesn’t match! I really like these tags, as well. They’re very… Extra. But, well, I’m liking it so far. I’m liking the quality so stay tuned on my Instagram for a post that Abraham will be taking a picture of! Abe : HAHAHAHA.
Oh my gosh, I never call you Abraham! Abe : Oh no, nobody calls me that. I never call you Abraham. I don’t know what what just came out. I wish I could capture my brother’s face but,
Abe: No, no. He’s a bit shy.
Abe : I will bust you today. Yeah,.
Abe: Yeah, I’m very camera shy, too. You are not camera shy! Okay, can you help me? Another box and.. A folder. Can you move this brown box?
Abe : Yeah. Thank you, Abe. Alright, so in this folder.. Wow, this is really pretty! Fashion. But this is.. Abe : It has me all over it.
It does not have you all over it. But I think this is just, uhm.. Like a receipt? So.. This is the folder. Oh my gosh! It’s a Prada bag. Oh my gosh! The leather smells so strong. Abe: Really?
Do you want to smell it? It smells like a car Abe: No it doesn’t.
No, it does! Smell it. It smells like a car–
Abe : Oh shoot, it smells like a car. It smells like an—
Abe : Like a brand new car. Brand new car! Abe: Why’d they send you this? Because they wanted me to take a photo for them for their name. Abe: Yeah, you’re not that special Oh my gosh. Thank you so much! It’s so soft! Mom’s gonna want this. Abe: I want it!
No, you don’t! Wow, thank you so much, and then there are shoes in here as well. Kenzo Shoes. Abe: What? Those are fresh!
They’re so pretty! They’re espadrilles.
Abe: Those are dope. Abe: I don’t know what that is, but that’s dope. Let me get off the other pair, but oh my gosh I’m so excited! Abe: You wear one, and I’ll wear the other one.
No. Here they are!
Abe : Whoa. Thank you so much. Oh my goodness I’m so speechless right now because I never owned a Prada bag or Kenzo, uhm, Like pieces? So thank you so much mytheresa.com! I will link the info in the description box and That’s it for today’s vlog. I’m not doing anything special. I have no make-up on right now because I just went to my treatment, So I’m not gonna leave the house or anything. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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