How and why you should republish blog content

How and why you should republish blog content

Hey this is Ian Cleary from The Marketing
Tech Channel. What I want to cover off today is why you
should republish old blog content. Imagine if somebody’s come across your post
on Google, and they go straight into the post and the content is out of date. That’s not good for you and it’s not good
for them. This is their very first impression of you
is an old piece of content, which you do not want. I promise you, you do not want that. So, what you do is, for some of your older
content, you go back in and maybe change it a bit so it’s up to date. But what happens if there’s significant changes? What you can do then is republish that blog
post, so you make the changes and you republish it. You change the date of publication so it appears
like a brand new post. Nothing wrong with doing this at all, it’s
actually really, really good practice. What happens now is when you republish it,
you’ve got a brand new post. Why? Just it takes you only a few minutes to do,
but you’ve got a brand new post. What I’m going to show you is what you’ll
do on a WordPress site if you wanted to republish a site. Okay, so when I go to Google here, I’m going
to search for Twitter chat tools, okay? I’m trying to find a post of mine, okay. You see here just Twitter Chat Tools, it appears
near the top of Google. If I click on this, I bring it as a post,
this is an old post. It says it’s updated March 2016 but it’s not,
it was years ago. There’s not many shares on the post, and it’s
a quite a share a post, and I don’t even know if TwitterFall is a tool anymore. I have this post, right? People are going to it, so I’m getting traffic
on to it on a daily basis, but it’s out of date. What sort of impression is that going to create
on my potential customers? Very first blog post to come across my site,
it’s out of date. Not very good, I tell you, okay. What I would do is, I’m going to go in here
and I’m going to edit this post, and when I edit the post I’m going to make it a lot
longer. I’m going to add in some new Twitter chat
tools, I’m probably going to delete TwitterFall, I think that’s out of date. I don’t know if it’s even available. I’ll check to see. I’ll make a significant update. Yeah, it’s like a quite a short post. I like to have posts that are at least a thousand
words. So I’m going to go in and update it. I’m going to make all my updates here. I’m going to add some nice imagery here at
the top as well to get more sharing. Then what I’m going to do is I’ll go over
here and you can see this was published in 2012. So I’m going to edit that and I’m going to
change the publish date and I’m going to put it at like, you know, 2017 for example, and
I was going to schedule the post. Once you update it, then you schedule the
post. What’s happened here? Now you’ll get a brand new post. If you want in your article you could write
updated, so people will see it’s an updated post. But this was published so long ago, nobody’s
going to remember I published this before. It might take me maybe 15 or 20 minutes, maybe
a little longer to update this, but I’m already getting traffic on it from Google, so I’m
going to continue to get traffic and this is going to be really useful for me. Now actually one thing I want to show you
before you go, okay, just don’t go yet. When I scroll down here, I do not want to
mess with the meta title here, so I’m not going to really mess with that one and make
changes. Why am I not messing with that? Well one reason is I’m ranking for this on
Google, so I don’t want to mess up my ranking so I probably won’t change that meta title. Not yet anyway. I’ll republish the post first. Make sure you have a look at what posts are
on your site that are driving traffic from Google but are out of date, and update those
ones. Do a minor update, if it’s only a small change,
do a minor update and don’t republish. If it’s a major update, well then republish
the whole lot. I hope you enjoyed that video. If you’d like to get more videos like this,
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9 thoughts on “How and why you should republish blog content

  1. Great tip Ian! I gotta remember to update all my livestreaming blogs as they were written way before FB Live! lol Thanks for the useful tip 🙂

  2. I've been going through my old blog posts this year Ian and doing some cleaning as well as updating. Thanks for the tip on meta data and not changing titles. A coincidence that a 4 year old post is showing up on Page 1 of Google from a time when I didn't have hero images on my blog posts. Now I know what I have to do.

  3. Republishing an old blog post is a great tip! My blog is relatively new (2015), but I definitely have some posts that could use updating and refreshing. Love that you've added video into the mix! 🙂

  4. Hi Ian! I have a question please… I have dates in my URL so is that a problem when I republish old content? Will my URL change..? Thanks.

  5. thanks for the tips, but I have a question, I write on several sites… well I did, I phased myself out from one, but had a lot of good content there, do you think i should republish that content on athe site I post regularly to, now?

  6. hmm… Love it 🙂 I updated today one of my older posts which was about 1000 words count and I made it nearly 4000. It took me a bit longer than 20 minutes xD (5 hours)

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