How Do YouTubers Make Money?

How Do YouTubers Make Money?

– Hey friends, long time no see. When people ask me what it
is that I do for a living, it’s kind of hard to explain because I do a lot of different things. I’m an actress/comedianne,
I’m a graphic designer, I do a little bit of consulting, but the bulk of my paycheck
comes from blogging, and more specifically, YouTube. What?! What?! I can’t believe that this
is still news to people, but, yes, I make money making videos. Most of the people here on YouTube that put out videos a few times a week and have been doing it for
years, are making money. A lot of them are doing this full-time. So I’m finally gonna answer
the question for you, “How in the world do
YouTubers make money?” It all started with the
YouTube Partnership Program, which when it began, it
was an exclusive program that you were either invited to join, or you applied and you were approved. Once you joined this program
you got ads on your videos, and that’s how you made money. Now the partnership program
is open to everyone. All that YouTube asks is that
you upload original content, that means no movies,
no TV shows, basically, don’t upload anything on
YouTube that you don’t own, and then expect to get paid for it, because that is stealing. When you’re watching YouTube videos, you probably noticed that
there’s an ad that either plays right before the video that you can skip, or you have to watch
before the video plays, or one that comes up onscreen during the middle of the video. This is how content creators make money. Every person on YouTube has a unique CPM, which stands for cost per million, a milli, a milli, a milli, a milli. Meaning, cost per thousand
because that is how we get paid. We get paid per thousand of views, not per click, not per subscriber, not per view, per thousand views. So every thousand times someone
sees the ad on your video, you get a little drop
in your little bucket. If you’ve got Ad Blocker
on, your views don’t count, I mean they count, but
they don’t money count. Everyone’s CPM here on
YouTube is different, it’s based on a whole range of factors, like how many subscribers you have, how often do you post, they
type of content you post, if you’re part of a network, time of year, it changes
throughout the course of your career and you could even actually negotiate a specific CPM
with advertisers directly, if you so choose. It can range anywhere from a few dollars, all the way up to $20,
depending on the project, or how big your channel is. There you have it, that
is how we make money here on the YouTube internet’s site. I really only scratched the surface, honestly, there’s way more involved, but, do not worry, if you are still interested in hearing more about this stuff, I’m actually doing a webinar
on January 26th called, Your Powerful Online Brand, Social Media Strategies
for You and Your Business. I did this last year, it was
really fun and very successful so I decided to do it again,
at the request of you all. I’m gonna be answering tons
of questions that I get on a regular basis, in
addition to answering questions from people actually viewing the webinar. Things like content
creation, content strategies, monetization, of course,
cuz everybody wants to know how to make that money, press outreach, strategies
for different platforms. It’s gonna be really, really fun. It’s on January 26th, it’s $60 a person. I’m keeping it really
small to about 30 people, and if you can’t actually show up for the livestream of the webinar, it will be available
afterwards for you to enjoy. I hope that you will sign
up, it’s gonna be really fun. All the information’s in
the video description box, and before I go, let me
know in the comments below, if there’s some specific
questions that you have about social media
branding, and advertising, and promotion on the internet because I really do wanna make more
content about this stuff because I get a lot of questions, but I need to know what things you’re specifically interested in. So tell me in the comments,
RSVP for my webinar. Don’t forget that I
post videos every week, so make sure to subscribe. And, yeah, I’ll see you next week. Bye.

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  1. @chescaleigh I set up my channel correctly for monetization, I'm registered as United States for my country, but there's a message regarding monetization that says 'this feature is currently not available in your country'. I've spent weeks of countless hours going in circles. Any ideas? Liked your video, it was very informative 🙂

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  4. But where does the money go for example does it go to your bank account? How do you receive it?
    Please reply & explain 🙂

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  8. Do you still receive income for the ad's placed before your video, if your viewers decide not to watch the entire advertisement?

  9. if you leave a like and/or add to your favorites do you support the youtuber? ive been doing that latley to support my favorite channels. Please let me know. Thanks!

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  18. Hello, I'm planning to start vlogging and I'm preparing my YouTube channel this year. Is there any websites or whatever where I needed to talked with the heads or people of youtube, to be able to work/join with the club also- like making it my job?

  19. Thank you for the video it help me a lot I don't have any subscribers but I subscribe to you but can you subscribe to me please and thank you for the video that help me a lot

  20. funny all the haters that take time to comment whether positive or negative you're helping her make money. so she's laughing in your face.

  21. Surely some people simply share skills on YouTube without making any money off it, perhaps just offering one or two videos. That is an option, right?

  22. well I make money because my friends pay me to do videos on roblox with them
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  26. They DON'T, as Google now owns it and are stopping channels from earning money , go check it out if you want proof

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