How feminist blogger Anita Sarkeesian fights trolls

How feminist blogger Anita Sarkeesian fights trolls

-People often ask me to talk
about my experiences with online harassment. I’m something of an expert
in the field. But the truth is that I’m tired
of talking about it. I’m Anita Sarkeesian,
and I’m about to tell you a story
that I’ve never told before. Ah, [bleep] I play video games,
but that’s not why you know me. I founded a nonprofit
organization that amplifies the work of women and gender-nonconforming
people worldwide, but that’s also not
why you know me. I’ve produced nearly 150 videos,
written dozens of articles, and contributed to
a handful of anthologies. But that’s not why you know me,
either. If you know me, it’s because
I’ve been harassed. I’ve been on YouTube since 2009,
and I was a woman, and I was a feminist,
and I had opinions, so I was not immune
to being harassed. I got all of the “get back
in the kitchen and go make me
sandwiches” jokes. The harassment sort of ebbed
and flowed. It wasn’t severe enough
for me to be afraid. I launched a Kickstarter to fund
a series of videos looking at the representation
of women in video games. That’s when everything blew up. I think one of the early ones
that really got to me was they superimposed me and my family’s face
on, like, child porn. It was horrifying. That’s the kind of [bleep]
that you’re like, “Ugh!” The cost of online harassment is
that the most horrible [bleep] is completely normalized, and the work of recovering
from online harassment is to have a higher bar again
of what is horrible, and it just sucks. For years, I’ve been defined
in the press and the popular consciousness
by what has been done to me rather than by what I do. The net result of this
harassment is that women’s own voices
are drowned out, and the substance of our work is
diminished or erased altogether. Like, I’ll meet people
at parties or whatever, and they’ll be like,
“Oh, you were the one that was harassed. Right.
So, what are you doing now?” And I’m like — One of the big costs
of online harassment is that it takes away
our humanity. It forces us to put up
these shelves and these walls
just to exist online. My physical safety became
an issue, and so really hiding
where I lived, trying to get all of that
information off the Internet. I’m cautious about where I sit
in restaurants and coffee shops
so that, like, I’m not at a window
where I could be recognized, ’cause sometimes people
have taken photos of me and, like, posted them
on hostile message boards and been like,
“Hey, look. Anita’s right here,
right now with her friends.” It’s both a tragic and exciting
thought experiment, to think about what women
would be known for if we didn’t have
online harassment. What women could be known for
is everything because women
can do everything. I’m weary to my bones
with this discussion, but I’m gonna keep
participating in it because ultimately
the commitment to exposing online harassment is the first
and most important step we can take
in reclaiming our lives. So, I’m gonna continue
to talk about it for as long as it takes. I have to fight for a world
in which women are seen as the fully human people
that we are, where we’re free to be
recognized for what we do rather than what’s done to us.

100 thoughts on “How feminist blogger Anita Sarkeesian fights trolls

  1. liar.not a gamer.should not have lit the match,if you didn't want to get burned.WP is trash for letting her play her victum card

  2. She's the biggest troll there is, my god, I wish she would just crawl back into whatever hellmouth spat her out so we would never have to hear, or see her again. And as an ACTUAL rape victim, I don't feel bad for this women getting butt hurt over a dad joke and calling it sexual harassment. God, I hate her.

  3. she disables all comments and votes, and lives in a bubble, Which is why her channels are such failures. no-one cares about the opinions of someone unable and unwilling to communicate with anyone but people who agree with them. no discussion allowed, no opinions, what a wimp.

  4. i know you because you tend to make fake new as washitong poes does and sayfing everything is sexist to act as a victim then

  5. The reason she gets so many trolls is because she has stupid opinions. To her, EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD is against women. She's all about inequality, except when men experience hard times, then it's okay. LOL
    Yeah, you're going to get some hate when your so plagued by confirmation bias towards women that your cognition could easily be categorized as mostly delusional.

  6. Ye she definitly isn't afraid ar all, that's why her 2000 views videos on feminist frequency have likes and comments unabled

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  8. So us men get harrassed every day by feminism and get told because we are white men we are not worthy to live and you dont see us bitching and complaining us white men keep continuing to move civilization forward while you feminist play the victim

  9. Just look at the like to dislike ratio Anita. Most people catch your bullshit. And just don't kid yourself thinking "Oh the wise are few and the foolish many" to get over this fact. Funny when some people who think themselves to be smart(Lamao 😂🤣) talk about things they make up(knowing in their minds its a lie) or do no understand and think to themselves "Oh, I am so progressive!" when in reality, they are some of the most sorry examples of Homo Sapiens.

  10. Actually I don't know you because you are nobody to be "known". Ok, that is not entirely true. You ARE actually know to some people… for spewing bullshit in Youtube.

  11. This bicth needs to stop she is liar she harasses others we all get harassed online it's the internet hell you talk about other people you harass other people

  12. Just got back from her Ted Talk and that is the only TT video that has no comments allowed.

  13. “Something of an expert in the field” you have not yet heard of Ajit Pai? You are a cheat and a liar.

  14. Also online Harrassment, as she defines Is mostly people saying “hey, I don’t agree, here’s why.” So “Online Harrassment” being not a thing in her book, would basically mean everyone agrees with you and you agree with everyone. I get criticized all the time. But I don’t just call it online Harrassment and block those people, if anything, I respond and try to talk it out with them. Figure out how to make arguments better or even just listen to their point. The problem is, a lot of the people who disagree are leftists. And most of them don’t have any proof, so I just end up walking around in circles while they insult me and call me names. So honestly, online Harrassment comes mostly from the left in my experience. Through the right has several rough patches aswell.

  15. Woman are already seen as fully human people, what your saying is bullshit and straight up lies. And this us coming from a woman.

  16. I listen to the feminist frequency podcast, which I find entertaining and informative. By focusing on her harassment and not her work, we’re all losing out on something big.

  17. It's actually really cool to see Anita speaking on a platform where she doesn't have control over comment moderation. This is because, among the bile and ideological bunfights, we are actually allowed to see nuanced critiques of her work. The picture we get is unrelentingly one-sided and skirts over the fact that her work is awful.

  18. Why u try to make her look heroic by naming the title" How she fights TROLLS"? This woman is a giant con artist and a crazy cult leader ,a massive hypocrite and lair .Shes an big troll herself ~~

  19. Disingenuous narcissist full of her own [perceived] importance. Of course there is vile abuse on line – it's not right but it's inevitable – if you are putting yourself out there with politics and ideology , be prepared . However , her idea of a troll is anyone who disagrees with her. The really bad stuff is lumped in there and that's ridiculous and counterproductive to efforts aimed at mitigating abuse.

  20. Anita: Puts opinion out there about gaming and sexism
    People: Wowwee anita how dare you sends death threats, rape threats and over and over again claim she is evil
    Anita: wow your mean blocks people because humans have emotions that should be respected
    People: 0:

  21. First time I've stopped a video before 30 seconds and feel completely confident hitting the "dislike" button.

  22. I love how stupid right-wingers are. If they had simply done nothing, she wouldn't have amassed so much influence and power that she does now. I love u sarkeesian.

  23. She fought them into bankruptcy even with the washington post at her back. It just shows how useless the media is.

  24. I know you by been a professional victim, I don't think you ever provide evidence of who is harassing you. Unless you consider this post as a harassment.

  25. LOL even you dear "wah-men" say you're a fraud.. you're just dumb. You're points are invalid, and selfish/self-centered, as if your problem is all of other females problems.. no booboo, you're just a butthurt troll. Please stop.

  26. She disables comments and prevents people from having a disagreement with her by blocking them. Because she's always the victim and everyone else is racist, a rapist, and a nazi. You don't do anything. You makeup bullshit and think popularize victim culture and turn EVERYTHING into an attack against women. I could drop a box on my toe and you can somehow turn my pain and reaction to it as an act of rape and anti-women.

  27. "Online harassment." So if you trash talk and spread false rumors about people, and they criticize you, I guess you're the victim using her logic

  28. Pretty sure this woman said she didn't play video games. She was a hack "journalist" who begged online for money to the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars. To make a YouTube channel which made videos about how video games are sexist…..didn't fight for women in say..saudi Arabia. Not allowed to drive, forced to marry and are stoned to death if they disagree. …no made videos about how video games are sexist.

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