Hello and welcome to the Lady Boss
Blogger channel my name is Elaine Rau I’m the founder of LadyBossBlogger and
on this channel you’re gonna learn exactly how to start an online business
how to blog and make money how to become a full time influencer how to make money
online in general I’m gonna teach you all these tricks and tips and tricks
that I’ve learned over the past two years now why am I qualified to teach
you how to do this because I’ve done it for myself I was first and foremost my
very first student so back two years ago I was actually originally in the wedding
industry and had worked up the ranks and climbed up corporate America to become
the national wedding sales manager for a global company however one phone call
basically changed the course of my life and my career my fiance called from
overseas, actually he was my boyfriend at the time, but he called from overseas and
he told me that his brother had just been murdered and so I immediately
called my boss and I asked him if I could go to see him and bury his brother and
be with his family and his response shocked me because he said no and his
reasoning behind that was that it would affect sales and so I quit I moved
overseas and I basically had to reinvent myself and restart my life from zero
again so I started the blog lady boss blogger because I wanted to learn how to
become a lady boss and how to become a blogger I learned everything I know from
the blog and since then I’ve compiled it into courses which you can access at In order to learn everything about how to
make a full time living online and how to just travel the world and just become
a full-time blogger I want that for you join me on this journey of becoming lady
boss bloggers together because the experience is incredible and I seriously
want that for you too so subscribe like comment with your thoughts share this
and let’s do this together!!!

9 thoughts on “HOW I BECAME A FULL TIME BLOGGER + How You Can Too!

  1. Hi I really need help with all this. I have a blog that started a while ago but I haven’t done anything with because it’s not set up right.

  2. Hi Elaine! I just subscribed to your channel, your social media pages and your website! I absolutely love all of your valuable videos and content! I am so happy to say that I am a full time stay at home mom now to a beautiful 1 year old baby boy! Since the pregnancy of my son, I have always wanted to become a blogger but I did not know how to even begin the entire process or even who to speak with to start. I have done so much research and yet I find myself still not knowing what to do. Do you have any advice that could truly help me with the process of becoming a successful blogger? I would be so grateful if you could give me any great advice!

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