How I BULLET JOURNAL for more Focus and Productivity

How I BULLET JOURNAL for more Focus and Productivity

Welcome, let’s cut right to the chase I’m guessing that if you clicked on this video You already know how important and how effective creating lists and journaling can be. I started regularly journaling this year And it’s had a huge impact on how I approach my days on my productivity, on everything basically. So, I just wanted to really quickly share my approach on how I do things. I have a really, really simple way of doing things, because I don’t like to think about it. it needs to be so simple that I’m not caught up on the Technicalities or the systems. It’s just something that I reference and go back to regularly to keep me in line. Okay, so I’m gonna break this up into three parts Basically what I do on a daily basis, what I do on a weekly basis and what I do on a monthly basis Beyond that, I feel like it’s just too long-term I’m gonna come back to that, but it’s just to stay really focused and really on what’s important right now so, at the top left I always start with the date, obviously and then from there, I start to list off the things that I need to tackle in My day, right? This is something that obviously depends on the person, depends on your approach I try not to go too crazy with my lists and add too many items, even on days where I have a lot to do, I just always try to be intentional about what is the most important stuff I’ve got to do. So I just wrote down a couple of examples really quickly, and then on the right side, Which is just as important as what I put on the left, I’ve put the word why Okay, it’s up, it’s at the same level of the date and it’s written in red. This is super super important for people like me Where I, kind of lose sight or lose track of what I’m doing because I get so involved in the tasks And so this is a really helpful reminder to always remember Why I’m doing any given thing, if I can’t fill in that item on the right-hand side in red then that item on my list Shouldn’t even be there. It doesn’t have a why for me to be doing it that day So a couple of examples would be like on the top Creating content for my brand, right? So I write content/brand Going on a run is great for me because it’s for my health and it’s for having balance in the day Right, because I spent a lot of time sitting so I try to just boil it down into like one or words of essence why I’m doing that thing And that provides an enormous amount of clarity It’s very visual, the redness of it kind of attracts my eyes and so I’m just always constantly being reminded Okay, that’s two thirds of it. The last third is just at the bottom I have a section for notes in review, where I just kind of reflect on the day I look back on the stuff that I was able to do on the stuff that I wasn’t able to do and why So the same sort of thing happens every day, right? So Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc And then on a weekly basis so week of in this example, November 19th Review, I’ll just look back. I’ll flip through the pages of what I’ve done in the last week and read over once again what I was able to do what I wasn’t able to do and this is super important for me because For whatever reason I will forget sometimes, all the stuff that I was able to do how productive actually was, on a given week, and When I forget that, I go to this place where I’m sometimes very critical of myself Or I think I wasn’t as effective or productive as I was, so this is a great way to have perspective And to see what you’re doing on a weekly basis I’ll just write down my thoughts write down my reflections and kind of sort of recap what I was able to do On a monthly basis, It’s the same sort of concept. Okay So in this case November review, I’ll write down exactly like what I do for on a weekly basis but just look back on the whole month and this actually goes in tandem with what I’m about to talk about in a second, but reflecting on my goals and what I was able to accomplish and at the bottom once again, I’ll write down my successes and Highlights and big wins essentially that I had in that given month. And on the next page, I will write down my goals for the coming month Right, so December goals and I’ll split that up into two parts on the left-hand side I have short term goals. And this is just it’s kind of a loosely defined category, obviously It’s going to depend on who you are and what works best for you. But for me, what I’ve done is short-term and medium-term like I mentioned before planning too far ahead Doesn’t work for me. It’s almost like I’ll set out goals for like I don’t know six months or a year in advance and things never pan out how I expect them to So I kind of let that one go and I’m just focused on what’s more in my control in this short and sort of medium term, right so I split it up into two sections and On the left, like I said short term, I’ll write down Three or four items, right? And again, I don’t like to write down too many things because I feel like it can sort of water it down So what are like the top three or four most important things? I want to accomplish in the short term which for me is kind of like I don’t know the next three weeks, next month, maybe that’s sort of the short term and then on the medium term side of things same sort of thing three or four items that are really important to me and that would be probably within the next Two or three months. It’s sort of a loose category But again, it’s it’s kind of just meant to guide me and give a little bit of direction into where I want to go So that’s basically it that’s what I do on a daily weekly and monthly basis It is working out really well for me. Obviously. It’s a system that has evolved over time And it’s probably going to continue evolving. I always appreciate suggestions so if there’s anything that you guys do that you think could really Complement this I would absolutely love to hear it down in the comments below and that would actually also be great for the community In general again. This is just something that is super super simple and works for me for my personality because it’s effortless I don’t have to think about it again I respect a lot of the other methods that are out there But this is what I do and this is actually just like I said my bullet journal So I have a separate journal that is more personal and reflective. So I keep those two separate. Okay? I hope you liked this breakdown of how I do things This is just a journal. I got on Amazon. I’ll throw a link to it down below If you want to check it out, I love it because it’s just super super simple I think that’s sort of a theme for me. Thank you for watching the video I didn’t introduce myself in the beginning, but my name is Nathaniel And if you like this sort of content Revolving around kind of like mental clarity and productivity definitely subscribe and hit the bell for notifications You could also sign up to my newsletter which is just something that I send out every once in a while whenever I release new content I also have a patreon, I sell prints. So basically there’s a ton of different ways you could potentially support me at the very least just stick around, see what I’m up to and yeah, it’s all deeply appreciated Alright, I will leave things at that, soon

100 thoughts on “How I BULLET JOURNAL for more Focus and Productivity

  1. Not using a bullet journal but taking on board a lot of this stuff using just a normal notebook, already been more productive today!

  2. Thank you so much for this. Really helps some one like myself who tends to complicate things. Most vids on YT are way too complicated or ornate. Simple is good. If you have anything to share on keeping a personal journal as well that would be much appreciated. 🙂

  3. Hello! The reflection part is what sold me on the idea, because is so easy to get lost in day-to-day hustle. Personally, I added at the bottom of each monthly review a small section for long term goals (1 < x years), and at max 2 objectives. Could be a trip, company's KPIs or steps to improve one's education (Z.B learning German!)

    Great video!! 🙂

  4. Hi Nathaniel, great video and love the simplicity of your bullet journaling method.

    You mentioned how you have a separate journal for reflection and more personal stuff. Would love if you could make a video on that and how you do it and how it helps you as an individual!

  5. Two things to add. One, I like to add the tasks for thee next day before, so I wake up with more of a purpose and do not need to decide on the day what to do. Sencond, I sometimes do weekly todos. Things that need to be done that week so I dont forget and are than devided troughout the week.

  6. That was really helpful .. thanks 😅I was thinking subscribing you would also go to invain but .. you turned out to be a gem.. nice content .keep good tips up on every video thanks again

  7. There is an app called Tide:Focus, Sleep…….Relax. I love having some daily inspiration( not motivation) to work….From Tide I Take The Daily Quote ( Not Those Common Lame Ones Check It Out) And Write It On My Journal Along With How Can I Apply It In Life…It Works Great Check It Out

  8. regarding the to do list, I used to simply list out all the items equally but my nature is lazy so I tend to pick those easy ones to finish first and cross them out so the list will looks better at the end of the day but actually these hard and important things will so be left and postponed. I'm just fooling myself. So now I draw a cross first and divide the space into four sections, the upper right section I list things that are both important and time-consuming, These I will deal with first using the golden time in the morning. upper left section I list important things that require less time. I deal with them secondly. Then lower left, fast and trifle things, usually take several minutes, I deal with them for example on subway, eating, lining up etc, whenever its convenient, the lower right part requires lots of time but are not that important, even I don't have time for them, it's ok.

  9. i realized that i was starting losing my spiritfullness to do hard work in my life. Then i watched your video, and now i want to try to make myself a better and consistent more than myself before. My head always easily disturbed with any thoughts that come from my environment but things gonna have changed. So , i thank you for this great great video. I'm writing my to-do list as i watch yours. Thank you

  10. Okay, this has been the simplest way to bullet journal and I absolutely love it! I’ve seen a billion videos on just how to get started and you’ve really made it easy! Thanks for explaining, it’s awesome 👏🏾

  11. I have a similar system but I leverage OKRs. They work for me because I also struggle with goals that are too long term. OKRs are goals that are time bound by a quarter (90days). So it’s just long long enough to get meaningful results but not too far in the future that they demotivate you. Let me know if it helps 🙂

  12. Something I typically add in my journal at the end of my day is "What did I learn today?" & "What am I grateful for" These are good areas to reflect on prior to sleep & transitioning into a new day.

  13. Thanks so much, sooo many have are so focused on the decoration or the rules or the endless weird lists like drinking water .

  14. Thank you Nathaniel! I've always found it difficult to keep track of my priorities…I think this method will help.

  15. I'm starting to use this in July. I like this approach and I'll come back with an update in a few months. thanks for the video Nathaniel.

  16. Hi, i just wanna say that I really love your personality!, you seem like a person who’s really down to earth.
    In your videos you seem like a simple guy but yet you are soo special.
    I also wanna say, I love the glasses 😍 they fit you so well!.

  17. So, I've legitimately started SO MANY of these kinds of processes in the last two years. I've even recorded myself starting them planning on making videos like this later on down the road to show my progress. Like, a hundred things. Painting, Mandarin, music, sketching, video editing, and a bunch of other stuff.

    And for the last two years I've gone in and out of dabbling with all of them, and been basically useless. The last few weeks I've finally started buckling down and actually getting somewhere in all of my goals but still not committing nearly the amount of attention I've needed to.

    I JUST came across this channel last night on the way to the bar I've worked at for 7 years and have gotten into such a rut that it's what caused this sudden drive to GTFO of this life I'm in. My goal has ALWAYS been exactly what you call being a "digital nomad".

    I can't even lie, all night during my shift I've been half jealous/half angry at myself for not committing and doing what you're doing years ago. But I'm halfway through this video and all I can think about is what a huge influence you've been in just the last 12 hours.

    Your videos are so real that they just hit me in all the places where I've needed the motivation to actually follow through on all these promises I made to myself years ago.

    You were just the right channel I needed in my life at this junction. Keep up the fantastic work. You inspire us all.

  18. So nobody’s going to mention the awesome light pattern that the lamp is creating on the wall in the background? Is that intentional or just dye to where the lamp is situated? Looks great 👍

  19. Hi Nathaniel, this video is so useful and well articulated. Thank you for the Accuracy, the Brevity, and the Clarity in your content. Keep up the good work buddy!

  20. Hi, i love how do you project things, actually I’m thinking about create my own videos inspired on your clean style. Love it

    On the other hand, I make my notes by dividing the page in four.

    On the first square I write down the things I have for the day.

    On the second one I write the plans for long term

    On the third one I write the things that does not depend on my side.

    And on the last one I write down my personal objectives like… start with the YouTube content.

    Remember to meditate before sleep . That kind of stuff

    Thanks for your awesome content

  21. This was the direction I need! I have been journaling for about 5 months now but it was so sporadic and unorganized. Thank you!

  22. i'm 19, a filipino. i discovered nathaniel few months ago (month of april to be exact) and ever since i try to really really control my life. i deleted my social media apps (not youtube), i unfollowed a lot of people and celebrities and also brands. i started doing 10 minutes meditation, i sucked but it's okay, i forgive myself. i started journaling, and really listening to my thoughts. (the most memorable one was when i just finished meditating then one of the roots of my fear pops out. a part of my childhood that really contributed up to this day to grow that fear of people's opinion) it was an eye opening for me. i read books before (fictions and romance novels to be exact) but i stopped because college happened but now i'm starting to read again. not fictions or novels but self development books (currently reading: ESSENTIALISM by Greg McKeown) and i LOVE it.

    Nathaniel gives me a piece of advice that no youtuber or a family member would had taught me. He taught me how to live. He taught me to embrace solitude, art, time, peace and freedom of living your life. i'm just 19, no title, no job, still in college, no girlfriend, not famous nor popular, have only few friends and i condsider them my second home (i knew them since 3rd grade, and even though we are in college we are still solid as hell) i havent really experience the deep meaning of life but i'm greatful. i'm happy. i'm at peace.

    and to you who is reading this, i hope you find that peace your soul is craving for. life is worth living.

  23. In my journal I've started to make 5 empty bars each day. Every bar stays for one of those: stress, fun, energie, calmly and connection. At the end of each day, I write in my journal in the Morning and in the afternoon, I will fill out each bar to a certain level. How much Stress did I have? Or How much fun? Etc. This helps me to get a quick overlook for each day and how overall felt.

  24. I've done to-do lists but what worked for me is time-blocking. Helped me keep from listing too many or too few things for my day. I also go the opposite direction, I go from general or long-term goals to specific daily tasks that contribute to achieving those goals.

    What I still can't do is self-reflection. I tend to just look forward all the time, what I need to do now and tomorrow and next year etc. But I never really look back on myself – my success and failures, what I could have done better, what I should have stopped doing… Gotta get into that habit! I saw a good spread on doing a quarterly review and preview. Quarterly is great because it's not too high-res that I feel like I'm micro-managing myself, nor is it too long a period for me to forget milestones and failures. Might work for me 🙂

    It always impresses me how different things work for different people.

  25. thanks, nathaniel. I struggled a long time with keeping track of my actions and their reasons, I tried everything from calendar to todo lists, I also have seen some videos of bullet journaling, but only your video got straight to the point while others were beating around the bush. Thanks a lot, that got me out of the phase of struggling and staying unproductive asf

  26. I like the idea of bullet journaling but I use Todoist and Toggl to track and measure the task I do, how much time it takes and how I can optimize that.
    Thanks for a good video! Always interesting to see other peoples approach of todo-lists and planning. 👍

  27. I love the "why" addition in one or two words! I tried adding purpose to my goals but it ends up being too long and daunting having to do that for all task so this is a perfect balance!

  28. Man I found your channel by coincidence (or Youtube's algorithm) and I love it. I've been procrastinating about journaling for such a long time and this video really helps, I'll just copy you if you don't mind.

    PS: as an Argentinian, I'm sorry that you had to go through an awful experience while living here.

  29. I put down 5 things/people I am grateful for in my life every day. Gratitude is an amazing felling and it also makes you realize the good things in your life.

  30. Somehow, I started journaling every day since the beginning of the year and it has been really effective. I haven’t done any weekly or monthly review. I’m kind of excited to add something new into my journaling journey. Thank you for the content!

  31. Thank you, I just used write whatever came to mind that I had to do. It went to over 10 goals, sometimes. I just lost motivation, as I wasn't able to do it at the end of the day.

  32. Guys there’s actually something called “REMINDERS” found in an iPhone or most smartphones. U should try AND USE THEM ISTEAD OF WRITING down CRAP IN YOUR NOTEBOOK OLD PEOPLE

  33. I put a white board on the wall behind my working desk. Here I place bulletpoints for each day (one day at a time).

  34. I have a side journal in which I write three principles I want to integrate/embody in my life, every morning (as soon as I wake up). Usually I do that using empowering phrases, simple and direct, speaking as if that principle was already in me (ex. "I'm full of energy and discipline" or "I'm getting closer to the life I want for me" – stuff like that.)
    It keeps me light and reminds me always of the bright side that can always come into play whatever challenge you face.

  35. Nathaniel I just finished watching this video and I really love your simple and straight to the point approach. Its funny, I've been doing this type of thing for year just minus the why and overview part. I think I will add those two in.

    Im enjoying your videos and you. Thank you!

  36. Yesterday I published a video and when I started watching yours today, I noticed immediately that we were wearing the same sweater in our videos! 😂 It definitely suits you better than me. But besides that, I LOVE your content and I'm creating my own bullet journal from now on to be more efficient with my own channel. So thank you very much for this informative video. I love all of your other videos as well, man. Good luck in Italy and if you pass by Belgium, let me know. Cheers!

  37. This is exactly what I needed to see. This bullet journaling is new to me and all the other ones I've seen are too jumbled with stickers and doodles. Too much shit and clutter.

    Your explanation of why this works for you is exactly what I recognize for myself.


  38. I use a combination of Google calendar, Trello (I can easily organize their priority order and catagory), bullet journal I use for tracking habits – > mindfulness, hydration, journal writing, moods and exercise. And i also use it to log amount of hours i spend on my studies and job. Aside from that i have a journal i use exclusively for reflecting on life.

  39. This is definitely a new way of looking at bullet Journaling, but i love how minimalistic, yet productive it is. I will definitely be trying this one out

  40. Thank you for inspiring me to keep working hard and remain consistent and motivated! I am very scatterbrained so mental clarity is exactly what I needed. New subscriber.

  41. Sounds like you're a Questioner! Check out Gretchen Rubin's book "The Four Tendencies" and/or her book on habits "Better Than Before". She's my favorite non-fiction author!

  42. I really like the "WHY" I think it's a cool tip, also" the success for the month" I 'll try it …thank u & keep creating, ur videos're awesome & very refreshing

  43. Hey, I think the Eisenhower Box would complement the daily bullet journal. Cheers! This seems to have helped me a lot lately. Simple but reliable.

  44. Looking to start journaling in the near future. Love your method. It's so simple and I feel it could really work for me. Cool video 👍🏼

  45. This kind of system speaks true to me, really like that you combined scheduling with journaling together. I’m trying to add more personal notes (thoughts, periodic review, daily gratitude etc) into my bullet journal, your simple idea definitely gives me some inspiration on how to achieve it! X

  46. I like the honesty and the practical applications of how you use your bullett journal. It needs to be useful and effective for your style and lifestyles. Your video was very informative. Super simple and to the point. It would be great to catch up with you on how bujo progresses.

  47. I read somewhere that the true test of management ability is the timeframe over which they can plan and execute. A mediocre manager might be able to plan and execute over a month or quarter. His/her boss might take care of the year. Real visionaries plan and execute over multiple years and even decades. I think that if you are only setting loose goals for a month then you could be selling yourself short. That being said, I feel like I am at the mercy of my clients on a week to week basis… maybe I should be planning a way to break out of that.

  48. Nathaniel, are you not afraid of losing the notebook – I am very undecided on doing it on the iPad but I really enjoy the Handwriting (real fountain pen and real paper). What are your thoughts?

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