51 thoughts on “how i bullet journal

  1. Your handwritting is so nice and I like the way you plan your bullet journal!I had subscribed you and liked your video! Keep it up!

  2. Love your one-color-a-month method, I did something similar in the past so I only needed to carry whatever I was currently using at a time🙂

  3. This is absolutely beautiful! You and I seem to have similar styles, so this is huuuuge inspiration for me! And it's a good reminder that I need to experiment more, even if I make something I don't like in the end. Thanks for the great vid! ^-^

  4. i like watch your video..i hope you will keep upload new video.Can I request a video that give me some tipa not to be lazy in study?

  5. If I ever used a journal it's all gonna be "I'm drawing, and it make some refreshed and happy." On every single page, something like that, or Mystic Messenger related stuff! (Lol idk how I pass each grade without studying and any smartness in my brain)

  6. Loved this! Don't suppose you could do an updated version as I've noticed in your recent videos that your style has changed a bit and I would really like to see in depth what you do:) thanksssss 😉

  7. Wow, super inspiring, even two years later… I kind of want to start a bujo just for anime/film stuff!! Hope it'll work out. Here's hoping your summer is going well; congrats on graduating! -jungcinema on Tumblr. 🙂 (ALSO: Ever played any dungeon crawl? It's awesome!)

  8. I envy your freedom

    Like it’s stress relief for me too but everything is always so structured and I lay out my week ahead of time in straight lines and high expectations…
    I’ve always wanted to make an almost messy but beautiful spread like yours that’s just filled with whatever I want to put down

    ps I just discovered your channel and proceeded to binge watch like all of your videos so great job and I love you and keep putting out amazing content

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