How I Index My Bullet Journal

How I Index My Bullet Journal

Hey, everyone! Its Kara here from Boho Berry and I have a short but sweet little video for you today, and that is all about my Index within my Bullet Journal. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my Index, what I choose to index, what I don’t, and a lot of people struggling with trying to fit their entire journal into their Index, so today I’m going to show you the way that I index my pages and hopefully that will help you as well. So I’m going to flip open to my index, which is my very first few pages right here, and you’ll see that I have a few things to index. I am currently on page 54 of my journal and I’ve only index through page 12, so I’m going to index some things here and kind of show you how I do that. So for me, I like to index my monthly pages, so I’ll index April 2017 from page 12 through whatever page it ends up being and then I like to index my collections, so any lists, projects, plans, anything like that that I need to refer back to, I’ll list those separately within the content. What I do not index is any of my daily planning pages or my weekly spreads, I find that since those always fall in chronological order as long as I have the month index, I don’t need to worry about indexing the rest. I know that I can flip to page 12 at the beginning of April and flip through and find things pretty easily if I’m looking for something on a specific date. Alright, so I have page 10 and 11 is the last thing that I indexed and page 12 was the start of April, so I have my April monthly spread here. And then one thing you’ll notice is that I have not indexed, and don’t plan on indexing, any of my monthly spreads. So my Gratitude Log, my Tracker, my Sleep Log, my Self-Care Tracker or my Mood Mandala, those are not going to get indexed and that’s because I know that they happen every month in my journal if I just flip to that month, April page 12, I know that I can flip through and find those collections so I’m not going to index those. I am going to index my fitness pages, so my Fitness Progress Log, this is a collection. Alright, so i’m going to make note this is page 22 to 23, let’s say “Fitness Progress.” Okay, next page after that I have my Fitness Assessments, that’s also something i want to keep track of, so page 24 and 25. And then after that I have my Workout Logs and that’s something I definitely want to index, so it’s got page 26 where they start through through page 37, so 26, 37, it’s my Workout Logs. Alright, after that got a weekly spread again, not going to index that, for my daily pages here i have a new collection — this is me doing the PTL Doodles Challenge on Instagram. For those of you curious, it’s hosted by Kacheri over at Passion Themed Life and she hosts this doodle challenge every month and this month it was all about camping and I love camping, so I decided to take the plunge. You can see I’m a little behind. Alright, so let’s see, pages 46 to 47. Okay, moving on we’ve got another weekly spread, more daily pages, more daily pages, and then we land on today. So out of all of those pages from page 12 through page 54 that I’m currently on, you’ll see I only indexed 4 things, and this is how I keep my index short and sweet. I’ll show you in my past journal really quickly that this notebook got entirely full, I think i had a total of about five pages left here at the end but otherwise it was a completely full notebook, and as far as my index goes — yeah, it only took up one, not even one and a half, pages of my index. That’s because I’m simply indexing my month as a whole and then any collections that I add in. So I hope this was helpful to everyone as far as indexing goes, obviously you do not have to do it my way, by all means do it the way that is comfortable for you, I just thought that I would throw my two cents in and show you how I do it and how I keep my Index organized and…yeah! If you have any questions, comments, anything along those lines, always drop them in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to join in down there. And I will look forward to seeing you all on Monday! Bye!

35 thoughts on “How I Index My Bullet Journal

  1. thank for this video! I was struggling because my index is filling up to quickly. this seems like a process that will work great for me from now on and in the future!

  2. Is your Twsbi a speical edition 580? just wondering cause its gold and black and on goulet pens i just see clear ones

  3. so helpful! I use a disc system so I keep second seperate like calendar, collections, and trackers. no index needed for the calendar.

  4. Really helpful, Kara! Thanks a lot 🙂 Do you think it is important to index your Bullet Journal? I didn't plan to do so, but I am considering to add it in the future.

  5. Can you do a video where you compare all your bojus, do's and don'ts, what worked well, what you recommend doing, tips and tricks, etc

  6. Hey, i was digging through the inter-webs and found something and immediately thought of you.

    I know you have an ipad pro and i think you would find this SUPER helpful

  7. thanks for this.. been having major challenges when designing my index and it was already demoralizing me on the bujo-ing front but I think am good to go now🌞

  8. I love your videos! Whenever I see a new video in my subscription box I watch it and I feel like I need to get a bullet journal right away!

  9. I agree, index once you get to the start of a month. It also helps me align my meeting notes with calendar events on my phone.

  10. Does that mean that the "last page" for April will be the real "last page" for April? 12-75, for example (including all those collections you logged separately?

  11. dude where can I buy your journal but blank for me to do without having to draw up my own. I want it desperately but am far too busy to do so. please help.

  12. I hope everything is okay. I was surprised to see that there was no plan with me for May. I hope everything is well with you and your loved ones. 🙂

  13. This is how I am doing it for some months now as well and it works really good for me. I like the idea of writing the months in a different color 🙂 I think I will use that from now on as well!

  14. This is a problem for me also, every time I want to find a page I have to flip through several pages to find it, even though I have n index. Eventually, all of this flipping through causes my pages to become dirty or take on a worn look. I wish it had a tabbed dividers.

  15. The index is the primary reason I started using a bullet journal – it was like the clouds parted and heavens opened and I was standing in a day of illumination and clarity. I have found I need to write my page topic first and page numbers after, since some of my collections can span up to 8 pages (so far). In my next notebook I may start "saving" pages for these longer collections but to this point I've strictly operated on "next blank page" practice. I do threading but sometimes it's been easier to just check the index.

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