How I Made $500,000 From One Blog Post (*Not Clickbait*)

How I Made $500,000 From One Blog Post (*Not Clickbait*)

72 thoughts on “How I Made $500,000 From One Blog Post (*Not Clickbait*)

  1. Oh boy do I struggle with this! I am pretty confident and awfully stubborn, so I'm not really afraid of much and not bothered if people don't like me. Which when combined……are actually kinda of a detriment for actually making money, lol. This video is definitely getting a rewatch and copious notes will be taken!

  2. Derek this is great! I love seeing this high level strategy, where we get to be a fly on the wall on your presentation. HItting the "same people with the same message" is a problem that I think a lot of entrepreneurs suffer from. And lots of light bulbs went off about how to rearrange sales messages to reach multiple ideal customerS<– emphasis on the S. As entrepreneurs we hear a lot "The riches are in the niches" but you're right growing the size of the segment is what creates the opp to go to 7 figures, instead of exhausting the same audience. LOVE LOVE LOVE! When I saw you talk about the informed, afflicted, and the oblivious at Selena Soo's event, it hit me right in the gut of when I was not being clear when creating content of WHO it was for. Brilliant!

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing the gold nuggets! Just launched my new channel, check it out and let me know what you guys think! 😎💰

  4. This is gold! I’ve heard it said that people love to buy but hate being “sold to”. And this video really showcases that fact. If someone’s not in a good place to receive your pitch, they’re going to be resistant to your message. And the thing is – they aren’t the problem. The pitch is.

    The way you deliver your message has the power to make or break sales. And if your potential customers feel like you’re just trying to get their money, they’ll be repelled by you. But if they receive your message as one that genuinely offers to help them right where they are. They’ll line up to buy.

  5. YES. I've always disliked this idea of an "ideal customer", but I find it overemphasized EVERYWHERE in the damn marketing world. There's so many issues with it… ex. how do I know which customer is the most responsive, all-around pleasant customer to work with? How do I know ahead of time who they are? (it's often the case you discover who your ideal customer is after you analyze your existing customers, and it's often not the first crowd we targeted at first). I also don't want to be limited by the "ideal customer" – I want to be able to access customers that my competition failed to attract in the first place due to their less-than-optimal positioning.

    I've also found that there's usually one "trigger" that leads me to watch someone's videos, I get interested, watch more videos, and then I eventually subscribe, so as I'm trying to write content, I'm always asking what are the hot topics / ideas that will get the attention of a potential customer, but competitors are not addressing. So amen to the idea of selling your product to different types of customers.

  6. I’m only 25 minutes into this video and I’ve learned more about how to approach lead gen than I did from watching a 2 hour video from another influencer! I’ll finish the video, but so far, good work Derek. 👍🏼 I’ll keep watching everyday- love the daily video

  7. Perfect!  This is just what I needed this weekend.  I'm pre-selling a program, mostly because I wanted to take advantage the New Year's resolution thing.  I've been really resistant to sending out the last couple sales emails because I don't want to fatigue my small list.  This will really help me craft those last couple emails before the special offer ends Monday night.  

    Thank you!  This is really valuable!

    I love the idea of niche your marketing, not your product.  It makes so much sense.

  8. Sales is such a challenging area for me. Writing sales pages alone is already challenging. I didn’t want to be the person who pushed people into buying my stuff if I knew they had hesitations whatsoever.

    And as someone who hates selling and being sold to, this presentation really helped me reframe how persuading others – even after they’ve said no – is actually a good thing if I know it’s for their benefit.

    Knowing the different types of customers across all stages of problem-awareness (from The Oblivious to The Informed) really helps me see how I could address each client’s needs in the language that they speak.

    This was awesome, thanks for sharing Derek!

  9. You're kidding me… I know how much an hour of your time is worth. Super generous to give us an entire keynote! I've got this one bookmarked for a time when I can rewatch and take good notes! (I'm listening to it "podcast style" as I drive my kid to her activities this morning! Lol!). Thanks, Derek!

  10. We’re so often told to pin down our ‘ideal customer’ and try sell to that one avatar. This is quite a different approach. But it makes sense to target different groups in ways that make sense to them.

  11. Sat down with a mug of coffee and settled in for some Saturday morning wisdom. Little did I know how fast an hour would fly by! Thank You for the reminder to treat my clients as people and individual lives. Anchoring back to the basics of persuasion is exactly the reminder I needed to jumpstart my 2018.

  12. Life is basically selling… If you want to get a job, you need to sell yourself. Want to get a girlfriend – same thing. I went on a dating site and each time I changed my "sales copy", I was getting different types of girls. And they were just as untrusting as the people we are trying to sell to online … If you can sell, you survive. If you can't you are a looser. Awesome video, I loved every word of it. Can't wait to get the next one!

  13. Wow! So much valuable content. I loved the “don’t niche your product, niche your marketing” and the tips for going after different markets (both in sales pages and blog posts) while still making the content relevant to your whole audience. This is such transformational information not just for people looking to “sell” but also grow their audience. I literally have 3 pages of notes and plan on going back through again tonight to take more notes! This was great! Thanks!!!

    P.S. I hunted how to turn on notifications on my chrome (I generally have everything silenced, I love the semi-unplugged life) yesterday morning just so I would remember to watch your show everyday. Planet Derek has been a staple on my daily todo list for a week now! Love it!

  14. I really like your 3 types of customers. It’s similar to the buyer’s journey I learned from content marketing – Awareness, Consideration, Decision. However, this concept of broadening the message all the way out to the Oblivious Customer is genius. I really needed this right now. I am trying to figure out how to re-launch my course with a different perspective, because the first launch a few months ago didn’t go so well. So I will take into account that sales can come from “hidden” customers in my list as long as I change the message to be relevant to them. Love it!!

  15. Thanks Darek for such a valuable information! But even after watching this I'm still struggling with figuring out the story for my business. I have my own watch brand and that's the type of product people buy because of how ''good'' it looks. I've been asking my customers a lot and that's the response I've been getting the most. I'm getting sales but shit I feel it could be much more… Any suggestion?

  16. SO much great information shared in this video! I took tons of notes.

    I liked that some of the people in your audience asked questions that I also had.

    I have struggled to talk to my audience in a way that engages them enough to take action. I know I have good information that my customers need, but they either don't know they need it or I just haven't presented it in the right way.

    I had heard you talk about the three types of customers before, but this in-depth description of who they are and how to approach them is really going to help me as I create my own blogs, FB posts and as I'm working to create my first online course! I will be listening again as I organize the notes I took.

    I feel more equipped to communicate with my audience and potential customers now than ever before. Thank you!

  17. I’m going to be honest. When I saw that this video was an hour and a half…I almost didn’t watch, but I decided to give is a chance and boy am I glad I did.

    I’m 45mins in and I had to pause because holy shit this is good. I love your approach to looking at your audience at 3 stages of awareness rather than simply demographics.

    The way you used Zippy Courses as an example and how you would change the headline for each level of awareness made it much easier to understand.

    It’s also fascinating to see how you focus on solving a specific problem but marketing it to different types of people (hair dressers etc) to really exhaust it.

    Ok…back to watching. For anyone raising an eyebrow about the length…it’s worth it.

  18. Thanks again for your generosity in uploading this keynote. Hugely valuable content for anyone who is hoping to increase their sales in 2018!

    It makes total sense to me that as a marketer I'd want to not JUST concentrate on "the ideal customer" and just flog that angle hoping to grow leads/sales, but also identify different customer segments and use differentiated messaging for each segment. As a person who is right in the thick of starting a new venture I'm thrilled to have gotten this before I burned out a bunch of prospects. 🙂

    BTW, I can totally identify as the guy who has been fed the same. Exact. Marketing. Message. Over. And. Over. Again. Until I just tune that person (and their product or service) out completely. Or in most cases just unsubscribe from their marketing content completely because, let's be honest, who needs to be flogged with a marketing hammer over and over again! Here's to not being "that guy" (or gal) in 2018!

  19. Reminds me of Harvard prof Clayton Christiansens HBR article on how focusing only on ideal customers is crap and how marketers have to look at the "jobs" people need done that they want to hire someone to do (to fix their problem).

  20. great tips. 3 kinds of customers. Use different sales messages to reach others. I've been focused on just identifying my ideal customer… this broadens my possible customer base. It's not different products for different customers, it's different angles on the same product

  21. Hey Derek, Thank you for the very long and informative share. I almost gave up when I saw that it was over an hour!!! But after the first 15 minutes, I was inspired to keep going because I was already learning and inspired. The first thing that struck me was learning about the 3 types of customers/clients. I realized that I have so much useful information to share that could reach a much larger audience if I used the right lingo (i.e. didn't use the words I am used to within my community already such as yoga or meditation).

    And your B.A.B technique is just a perfect simple formula I can use to uncomplicate the process of finding the right story to really connect with my audience! I am sure I will need lots of practice but I am looking forward to seeing the results.

    Also, I liked this new take on not niching my product but rather to niche my problems. Do you elaborate on that anywhere else? or if not can you? Typically, finding my niche market is one of the first things I hear from every entrepreneurial expert but here you really turned the table and that turned on my mind to a whole new world of possibilities.

    Can't wait for the next vlog. Hopefully a shorter one I can more easily fit into my daily schedule. Because as it turns out, I really like getting a daily dose of inspiration to keep my motivation high.

  22. 15 moments that I’m sharing with my list. There are sooo many more, but I want them to watch it. Here’s my favorite at 26:50 – You don’t niche your product. You niche your marketing.
    I’ve been trying to find a clear way to explain this to my students.
    Thank you for this long and well worth it video.

  23. This was my second time seeing it! Damn good Derek, thanks. I've to figure out some way of taking notes AND organizing them such that I can find what I want when I want .. your black box thing from earlier video was absolutely wow and goal material for me.

  24. This was epic, it gave me so many actionable tips to implement! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in this way it was certainly interesting and gave me a few laughs throughout!

  25. Derek- thank you thank you THANK YOU. my how I have totally fallen off the beam and your talk here has put me back into the he straight and narrow. Mucho appreciated. And yes I watched the whole damn thing. On a Saturday night. Not cause I am a loser. But because when I started watching I couldn’t NOT watch. It was that good. Id chalk this up as your best free content ever.

  26. i agree with broadening the audience point you made since whenever you first launch your business your email clickthrough rate will just lower if you're doing the same thing over and over and seem as spam. You have to remember that old customers are cheaper than new customers so don't turn them to dead customers as Derek said. Great video. keeping the streak of commenting every day.

  27. Thank you Derek for this video.

    When I watch this video, I feel like this video is specific to a B2C type of business. How does this apply when you are working with a B2B businesses?

    My brother is an civil engineer. How can he use this content to help grow his business?

    A friend is a concrete pumper. How can he use this to help grow his business?

    It also applies to me because I want to help them both by advertising for them. I am speaking to them but, I am speaking to deaf ears. I realize that I am doing something wrong in my messaging.

    Thank you for any feedback that you can provide.


  28. Derek, this was really generous of you to share this much of this presentation! Incredible! I’m in the fitness niche and you’ve sincerely opened my eyes as to how I should be segmenting my audience. 😃👍

  29. Watched the whole thing beginning to end. Took lots of notes. This video answered a lot of questions I didn't realize I had. Now, I am going to go back over Yes Engines and Sales Page That Converts for the umpteenth time.

  30. Hey Derek. Great video and I like the three types of customers. Thinking about the oblivious group the possibilities for creating content seem endless!

  31. Initially, I thought this vid would be too long to watch but after starting, it felt like a webinar I’d wanted to sign up for, packed with value around persuasion, knowing your ideal customers, changing your message and creating the ideal sales pages for your different types of customers. Great look into the benefits of lead pages. Thanks Derek! Super useful!

  32. This video is super valuable and good examples. Good content I really like your straightforward style and your illustrations made sense

  33. I’ve watched a section of this talk before and your method of explaining states of awareness of customers is by far my favorite. Thanks. I always have trouble getting through breakthrough advertising. I can’t get enough of this from you because it’s something I always have to go back to for a refresher.

  34. I watched the whole video,
    great stuff,
    …thanks for sharing those insights. YES, I am committed to growing my business this year.
    The most enlightening moment was to realize that YES, you need to target one specific audience with a specific pain-point, BUT I thought like that's IT!
    Now I know I can sell the same thing to other audiences, but addressing other pain-points.
    I've had that "Target a specific audience or you end up reaching no one" totally wrong, the whole time!
    Thanks again, wish you all the best in 2018!

  35. Holy Crap! Do you realize that that top of my funnel just doubled in size? This video gave me a TON of ideas for creating multiple funnels for one product.

  36. Hey Derek,

    that's a kind of video everybody should take notes at. I found it an eyeopener as you talked about the three types of clients. I already thought about that subconciously when I wrote sales material but it's great to also have it heard from you. Now I can apply it much more conciously!

    Btw the questions where really hard to hear on the treadmill. I made them much louder in my editing software and sent you my edited version via email. This should be much easier to understand. You can use it if you like.

    Vlog on!

  37. I LOVED this video!! So much Value! Please keep posting this long format videos for the commute or just for listening to them!

  38. Great educational content, it really gives me actionable advise I can actually implement and test (Blog post, share it with influencer, make a survey, find out real pain points, imagine a good solution, sell the solution to a small group of educated or afflicted people, scale up to more general oblivious public) I can´t afford yet to pay for your courses but this gives me a chance to start making a little money that will eventually lead to be able to buy your courses for sure. I am going to listen three more times. Thank you soooo much Derek!!!!

  39. Dereck, you're the man. A lot of awesome information your sharing. I been taking my notes. Every time I receive an email from you, I know it will be great and helpful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  40. Love the B.A.B. technique. Thomas Aquinas used to say, "To convert somebody, go to where they're at, take them by the hand and guide them" (loosely translated). Great value in this lecture. Will re-watch it a couple of more times to get the info to sink deeper.

  41. Derek, this was awesome, thank you so much for sharing it. Would love to see more like this in the future. My only comment is to get better audio on the audience questions as it was hard to hear a lot of them – but obviously there are still tons of nuggets in there… thank you!

  42. I have to say, it took me a couple of days to finish this video, but I'm glad I did.

    Now if only I could get my husband to listen to what you have to say. Haha. Either that or become a writer myself…

    Brittany @ Raptagon Studios

  43. Everything was great in this video as all the others but the one take away that was enlightening for me is having a specific customer/client in mind when I'm writing. I usually don't think about this when I write most times. Totally makes sense!

  44. You know what the interesting thing is….you gave away unreal info, and then some.
    I was paying that much attention, and not sure if it was intentional, I noticed the gorilla with ladder walk right through the presentation. Like the gorilla walking through the basketball game video thing.

    Dude, so many nuggets of info, of which weren't included in your flagship courses that I purchased. I think I got more insight just from watching this video.
    The other interesting thing is, how many times you say "you know what the interesting thing is".

    Absolute "GOLD" in this video. I watched it all the way through. You're a great presenter aswell

  45. Great staff Derek. I already knew that there are 3 types of writing a sales copy: content, story and promotion but with your video I've taken away much more insights!

  46. Wow. I do marketing strategy for a living (as well as running a personal development biz), and I feel like I was in marketing preschool before watching this excellent presentation. I almost didn't watch it because, it being free, I thought, "How good can it be? And besides, I'm already an expert!"

    I'm so glad I watched it anyway. SO MANY TAKEAWAYS. Seven pages of notes. Tons of ideas for how to create effective marketing messages for both my own offers and those of my clients. Had to seriously kick myself in the ass for some crappy messaging I've created recently — but I love it, because now I can fix what's broken and actually sell it to the people who need it.

    I could have spent weeks re-reading Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, Gene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, and other greats — but I got exactly what I needed in 1.5 hours right here instead. Thank you so much for your genius and generosity, Derek! Really well done.

    #FirstTimeCommentingOnYouTube #ItWasThatGood

  47. Killer content! Just whoa.

    By chance be would you have the slides? I learn by reading more than hearing.

    Either way thanks for letting us in your world.

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