How I Made $500,000 From One Blog Post (*Not Clickbait*)

How I Made $500,000 From One Blog Post (*Not Clickbait*)

Today we’re switching it up. I know this week We kind of shared a little bit behind the scenes in my life, but today I want to give you access to a presentation that I gave just a few months ago at a mastermind field of Fitness entrepreneurs This presentation will show you how you could sell anything to anybody The best part it could work for phones selling it could work for Writing sales pages if you work for webinars selling it works for any type of sales So it’s a little bit longer of a presentation today I think it times it in like some like 40 somewhat minutes So I hope you have some time suicide to watch this. I know you’re gonna dig it so take a look right now today we’re going to talk about how to turn more people into customers and What’s interesting is? I’ll never forget the first time I realized that The way you say something and the way you present something to someone can have a drastically different impact And how they receive it then this one instance about ten years ago. I remember I was well I was working for a fortune 100 company, and I was like 23 years old I went into my boss’s office And I had this great idea every month. I had to create this dumb Sales report that was like a hundred pages long, and I really hated doing it, and I had a better way to To make this take less time and be more valuable to people Remember I walked into my boss’s office, and I was like hey. I really want to change the way we do this and My idea is this and she right there. She shut me down. She’s like no just continue doing it the way you’re doing it And I’m like you know I’m young I’m impatient and I really didn’t want to hear no So I went to my computer. I started getting all this research. I got the data. I got the analysis I got this research about eye tracking studies and all this stuff, and I went back into her office And I said alright well look at all this information. I have we really should change it, and she shot me down again She was all you’re so young and I remember she said this to me because it’s not always about the day to just keep doing What you’re doing now? I’m frustrated because I really want to change This this thing that I had to do and she wasn’t hearing it So I’m thinking like he’s she stupid You know am I? What doesn’t why doesn’t she understand the value? I’m trying to deliver here Man, I should just quit this job right now. This isn’t gonna be a big headache but at that point I decided to just do it anyway I Changed it, but here’s the difference I did it the way she wanted to do it And then I did the way I wanted to do it. I stayed late every day for about two weeks to change it up I Went into her office and about two weeks later I said hey, I’ve been where I’ve been staying late the last couple of weeks, and she’s like Yeah, what’s wrong? Or do you have too much work do we need to lighten your workloads like no I’ve been working on a side project And she’s like what kind of side project I? Said well remember that idea I had that you had shot down. I decided to do it anyway in my spare time and she’s like okay show me I Show her it I explained it in about 15 minutes She said you’re right. We’re gonna use this new way of doing this Now what was interesting was she told me no twice and Most people would stop at the first no or the second no, but I kept pushing forward because I had realized that The way you present something to someone can drastically change how they react to that one little thing that you’re presenting to them and at that moment I realized that I Got addicted to making people say yes to my ideas. I got addicted to selling things and at that moment I remember the high is like you know this felt really great to convince someone of something that I wanted them to believe and That’s kind of what kicked off my obsession with persuasion and learning how to do it better Fast forward these ten years. I’ve now basically made a job out of persuading people to do things mainly by things and What’s interesting is I mainly do this through email and sales pages and today. I want to walk you through Why that first that first example with my boss works, so well and what happened there? And I also want to show you how you can craft these different types of messages for the products that you’re selling I think Everyone here, so fitness products yes Nutrition fitness health is that is that mainly what’s going on here? What what? skincare great so What’s interesting is a? Lot of people in the fitness space tend to focus on these before and after pictures is the only way to sell their products, and I think today, I’m going to open your mind to Potentially a new way of persuading people to buy your stuff or your skincare stuff or whatever it could be So let’s kind of jump right in today I want to walk you through how to turn more people into customers every single time and what’s interesting is Is when I started my business things look really bad. I mean this was my awful handwriting This was my horrible video quality, and this is the worst haircut in the world So needless to say No, one was buying anything. I did because of my web design or the way anything looked I Didn’t raise money from venture capitalists I didn’t have a fancy team of people to help me in the big the biggest problem was I didn’t like talking to anyone So I couldn’t do phone calls I Couldn’t do any of this stuff and yet my business still grow very quickly and the reason why it was it wasn’t phone selling it Wasn’t back and forth emails it wasn’t any of that. I mean how many people here Hop on the phone to sell their stuff raise your hands. No one. That’s great Do you do back and forth emails? Yes? No, how are you guys currently selling your stuff shop some examples out? Just you send emails and you sent the sales pages, that’s it Interesting okay, so how do you current how? You said social media. How do you currently put together your your like sales page? What do you send people to? Yes Great So it’s a it Would you say it’s more high-touch selling or low touch selling are you talking to a lot of people individually? Or are they just purchasing without ever contacting you is that is that the norm here? No Raise your hand if you do high touch selling So very few people are doing low tell that’s great So I don’t have to sell you on that idea well most of my business was built off emails and sales pages and I can Cut out a whole part of this presentation. I’m making this this work Now the big question is is how do you actually create these sales messages most people will just say hey I’ve got this new thing you should buy it or maybe they’ll do some type of content But they don’t necessarily know what type of content to create they focus on before and afters they do testimonials They might talk about some problems or myths or whatever, but they don’t necessarily have a strict strategy behind how? to create this stuff and what to say how to say it went to say it and whatnot and This is what most people do most people know they have an ideal customer right they know they have it some Idea of what their ideal customer is who’s your ideal customer? Great how about someone else who’s who’s your ideal customer Great so if it’s mainly demographic style explanations here, I’m noticing does anyone else Focus on demographics when you’re thinking about your customers yes or no, so you know if it’s not you Know not so much. What are you focused on? So how so what would you say? So right there, you’re just asking right off the bat of do they have live yet We’re gonna use that example in a few minutes now when most people Are trying to sell their stuff what they usually do is they have this new program? They’ll say. I have this new thing you should buy it they’ll maybe give you some some bullets on benefits or whatnot it Like what? Why this is so beneficial and then if they don’t buy you know the second email is like hey I still have this this new thing and I have all these Bonuses you should have you should buy this still and then they just keep fighting for more conversions maybe they’ll change the button colors on their sales pages to hopefully increase their sales and Then they’ll send another email hey I still have this new thing you should buy it Like how many times have you seen someone email you where they’ll email you once and then they’ll re email you the same email with Like a reading the subject line saying hey, did you see this yet has anyone seen that happen? Yes, because they just keep emailing you the same message over and over again And what ends up happening is something interesting your ideal customer turns into an exhausted customer you start hitting the same people With the same message over and over again, and they’re going to tune you out and This is one of the main problems people have when they’re trying to sell their products and services is they keep hitting the same people With the same message over and over again they turn their ideal customer into an exhausted customer And then what do they do to when they want they when they relaunch their program again Let’s say they launched it once and it does well, and they launch it again five months later And the results aren’t what they expect they just keep doing it all over again Hey, I’ve got this new bonus added to it, and then I have a red button a green button I have a new headline how about that does that make you want to buy it, but this is not how you genuinely persuade people? to buy your stuff And yet they keep doing it They just keep doing it over again, and then the exhausted customer turns into your dead customer And these are the people who no longer open your emails. These are the people who? unsubscribe these are the people who were never gonna buy from you all because you hit them with the same message over and over and over again That’s why if you want to increase your conversions You’ve got to stop using the same message to the same people and I like to use the headphones example. Let’s say you’re selling headphones People who are selling headphones are like hey, do you need headphones? They’re using that type of question They’re saying Do you need IBS like do you have IBS, and they’re trying to hit those people and say yes, I have it And then you’re trying to reach these people but instead You need to realize that there’s no such thing as one single ideal customer There are ideal customers there are many different types of people who can buy what you’re selling If you’re selling headphones you’re not just selling headphones to people who need headphones. You’re selling headphones to people who play video games You’re selling headphones to people who go running. You’re selling headphones to people who listen to podcasts You’re selling headphones to I don’t even know what this example is anymore But I guess you’re selling headphones to people who need time. I don’t know but the point is you need to sell your product to different types of customers and Each customer often needs a different message if I’m selling headphones to a gamer I might be emphasizing the surround sound Capability of the headphone so you could hear people sneaking up on you in a video game or something like that If I’m selling to a runner I might be selling with the main message that these headphones are not going to fall out of your Ears while you’re working out these each of these messages persuades a different ideal customer to buy what you’re selling and You need to get clear on what these messages are to maximize your sales Eventually as you start to scale your business most people Focus on the easy customers, and we’re going to talk a little bit more about this and break this down But most people focus on the easy customers. They’re the people who are saying do you have IBS? Yes, sell them some stuff, but what about all those other people that have stomach problems. They don’t even realize they have IBS Do you have IBS will not attract that customer? You’re only going to get the people who are most likely to buy When you’re leading with something as simple as do you want to lose weight? Do you have IBS? Do you have this? yes, it’s going to attract the right people but it’s a very small segment of people and if you want to scale the business to a million or two million or ten million you need to attract the widest segment of people possible and I want to break down Exactly how I approach this Here’s a quick example Lead everyone here know what leadpages is yes, so if you go to their page? They have this this this thing called the number one landing page builder, and it’s an interesting thing to have on your home page because The number one in landing page software who’s gonna buy that Well the ideal customer are people who want landing pages right that makes sense, but this is a small segment Now let’s say sales are slowing down, and they want to continue to grow sales What should they do well let’s talk about Johnny legal fingers? Johnny Still types on this typewriter Does he know what a landing pages? I? Mean, this is a real person actually. I mean I changed his name because this is pathetic, but this is his website Do you think this guy? Knows, what a landing pages? Yet, he is someone that could benefit from that product if he stumbles on leadpages com he’s like landing pages He goes millenials. You know he doesn’t know what that means He might see something like this in like it, but he doesn’t necessarily know what our landing pages He needs it, but he doesn’t realize he needs it yet He barely knows how to upload videos to Facebook So to get his attention You need a different sales message You can’t say number one landing page software to someone like Johnny You need to say something else now What is that something else and how do you figure out what that thing is? How do you come up with these messages? Well there are three types of ideal customers, and you want to write this down the three types of ideal customers are the informed customer The afflicted customer and the oblivious customer most people when they think about their ideal customer They think about it in terms of demographics They think about it in terms of what you know do you have IBS or thirty five to? Fifty five year old women that want to lose weight. This is how most people think about customers however I’m gonna recommend you start thinking about your ideal customers in this way the informed customer the afflicted customer The oblivious customer let me break down each example you inform customer or people who are hyper aware They know about you And how you can help them they maybe you’re already on your email list They’re already accustomed to the type of problem that you can solve for them. They already know about you They also know about the problems. They’re facing and they also know about your competitors They’re at the point where they know everything about your market And they’re just trying to decide Who can help them is it going to be you is it going to be this person is gonna be that person? They’re hyper aware they’re informed To win them over You can’t say something like do you have IBS if five hundred other people are saying that same exact sentence? Instead you want to lead with something that is completely unique about you Let’s think about it from the term of razors right now. How our razors trying to win customers over can anyone take a guess anyone Yes right right regular shipping and anyone else have any examples Price point is another way more blades Maybe if you know here, I have a three blade razor how about a five blade razor? How about five blades and another blade on the side to hit this the hard-to-reach places? And they’re basically leading with his unique features that other razors don’t have as a way to win you over? I just spent $300 on a razor because I’m an idiot, but I’m also really I’m like a sucker for a good sales page but this razor Wasn’t six blades it wasn’t ten blades It was just one blade and what was interesting was they had this whole story about how? They tested all these different razors, and they discovered that That more blades actually increases the psyche it decreases the speed of rate It makes you shave faster, but it increases discomfort And they discovered that you don’t need five blades to shave you need one blade the perfect distance from your face And they show the angle of other razors, and they show how their angle is slightly different And then there I am spending $300 on a razor but to win over an in-form customer you need to Lead with this unique feature the different angle different blades different examples So if you want to win them over that’s how you do it now Think about the afflicted person the afflicted person is someone who has a problem They usually know that the problem that they have is solvable so they know they have a solvable problem But they just don’t know how to solve it yet these are the people who are searching for answers on Google How do I cure IBS how do I lose weight? How do I? Swim a mile in five minutes These are the people were asking specific questions, and they have a problem that they need to solve right now now some people appeal to the informed customer and They’re good at it, and I think you could build a nice sizable business by appealing to just informed customers but as you start to wanting to scale you’re gonna have to start appealing to afflicted customers as well and Afflicted customers opens your market up to more potential people and the way you do it is by leading with these problems Now oftentimes like I said, they’re actively trying to solve their problem or frustration And if you want to get their attention with the informed person you leave with the unique feature With the afflicted customer you lead with the unique problem And I’m gonna break this down with examples, but let’s first talk about the oblivious the oblivious customer are people Who have a problem, but they don’t realize it’s a problem that they can solve This is the person that wakes up with back pain their whole life and just says up can’t fix it They don’t even think to fix it because they just think that’s their life This is what is they have a problem that is 100% unsolvable, so they’re not looking for a solution They’re just dealing with it now as you might imagine the oblivious customer is The largest segment of customers on the market because most people don’t know about anything and I know that sounds cynical but you you can’t assume people know what you know and Most people are are oblivious to all these different things and to get their attention. These are the people like You ever run a Facebook ad and see like a $5 cost put Cost per click and the reason why that works is why that happens is because when you’re running Facebook ads and you’re running a very Specific promise of like you know do you suffer from IBS as an example? Facebook only shows your ad to the people who like certain pages right so you’re basically targeting advertising On a like based approach you’re not targeting them based on problems. You’re targeting what you think they like With hopes of reaching the right people and then when Facebook shows your ad to let’s say a hundred people and they see a half A percent click-through rate they start to say alright this ad is not that relevant So they end up they end up charging you more for your advertising because you’re not getting that many clicks However if you lead with a more a message that appeals to an oblivious customer you start to have higher cost Cost per click that doesn’t always mean you make more money but it just means you get a lower cost per click as an example I Have a you know when I’m trying to sell a product on sales pages Let’s say I might say hey my facebook ad might say hey. Do you want to create a sales page? Check out this this ebook or whatever and the cost per click on that is going to be very expensive And I’m like it leaves it a good price or whatever it doesn’t matter But the cost per click is gonna be low and it’s gonna cost a lot of money however We ended up finding that the best at of the best ad for our sales page product was The exact ads that ever gets offered five hundred dollars for a five thousand dollar job This is why people think they can under pay you You can see how do you create a you want to create a sales page doesn’t appeal to Johnny Legal fingers? But ever get offered five hundred dollars for a five thousand dollar job this is why people think they can under pay you that applies to basically every business owner that sells anything and When you increase this when you broaden the message to appeal to an oblivious customer. It’s better for advertising It’s better for lead acquisition. It’s also better for just getting more reach and more Understanding on what you’re selling As I said, they’re not looking for solutions They’re just living their life now if you want to create a sales message for your products You need to find the reason why people will buy from you you? Have to find the reason why people will buy from you let me give you an example I have a software product called zippy courses when I first launched it to my email list I use the headline Introducing zippy courses, that’s it To an informed customer that’s great because they already know me they like me they’re gonna go check it out because I’m launching something new now the reason why we launched with this headline and not a more broad headline was because I actually didn’t want that many people to buy it because there’s a new piece of software so I made a more specific message to lower sales conversions So I didn’t have more people buying it, which is why I did this, but as I started to scale it up? I? Started to focus on how easy it was to use which was a unique feature in the marketplace at the time But eventually I exhausted the inform customers. I needed to make more money selling zippy courses, so what do you do well? One example of an afflicted customer was how to create profitable online courses today? Now I’m not even talking about my product or my software. I’m leading with the idea of people who want to create Profitable online courses. This is someone who has a problem and want to solve it right now So I’m gonna walk them through how to do it And then I want to show them how my product solves that problem for them And I actually ran this exact landing page how to create profitable online courses from about 2014 to 2016 spent almost $200,000 on advertising for the same ad and we just drove traffic to that page now the problem with that page is is what if You don’t even have an idea for a course yet So we started changing up our marketing if we want to If you want to make more sales you can’t use the same sales message of the same people you got to use different sales messages To different people so we changed it up how to find a profitable online course idea in 15 minutes or less now We’re talking to people who still want to create a course But don’t have an idea yet first wanting to just make money creating a course Now if I’m talking to an oblivious customer if I go up to Joe on the corner over there and say hey you want to Sell profitable courses. It seems like I’m not teacher Right there They’re not It’s not going to connect with them unless they already want to do it so then I might lead with something how to make fifteen Hundred dollars a month do you see how you can broaden the sales message for a product to appeal to different segments of people? They’ll have any questions about this so far. It’s no one awesome So you keep broadening the message? Thank you You keep running the message to reach different people now most people in their launches will just keep using the same message over and over And over again, and that’s fine It works But if you want to start really closing more sales The more people you appeal to with different messages The more sales you’re going to make all the time so for example if you are launching you might launch with introducing new product then You might launch with something like how to create a profitable course Then you might say how to find a profitable idea, then you might say how to make fifteen hundred dollars per month And you might have a testimonial for each example and every time you do it you’re closing a different segment of your product of your customer base Yes Give me your example Which is great, so I think that a lot of people try to segment their audience based on demographics I don’t think you should do that you should segment your audience based on problems and You go after one single problem until you exhaust that problem Then you go after 100 more problems so for example With zippy courses as it’s an online course platform We started to create marketing funnels for personal trainers that want to create courses We started creating marketing funnels for private tutors that want to give their students to login to access the homework We started creating marketing funnels for people who want to create an employee intranet all appealing to different Problems now one of the things that you need to do when you’re creating your your product or service. It should always be a product that applies to the maximum number of people possible But in your marketing you can niche down you don’t niche your product You niche your marketing you want your product to be broad and applicable to the most amount of people possible And then your goal is to reach out to these people by talking about specific messages to that specific person Yes It depends on what stage of business you’re in if you’re at a point where Let’s talk about this one audience growth standpoint. Not just a sales standpoint when I started socialtriggers I I Focused on creating these conversion videos where I was showing people how to increase the conversion rates of their blog I did this I got about 15,000 subscribers. I hit a plateau. What do I do then? I started talking about the psychology of sales, then I started talking about blogging then I started talking about You know creating courses, and we just kept broadening our message then we even went super broad where I got this three hundred and ten dollar haircut made a video and the only reason why I Did this is so I can make a video about a $310 haircut? And then I started targeting hair stylists on Facebook to attract hair stylists to build email lists essentially But I go after these very specific Markets with specific pieces of content as a way to broaden my reach now You might want to know when is the right time? I usually say you want to find one problem solve it if you plateau on that problem You want to start asking yourself is it because you would? They all know that you exist and they just chose not to buy if that’s the case you want to broaden your market The other thing is is that sometimes you want to broaden your market as fast as possible because it means more sales Then you want to find the market that might be the most profitable for you. I Chose hairstylist as an example because when I was telling one of my products blog that converts I had like you know thousands of customers, and it was three people that were hair stylists I was like what wow that wasn’t hairstylist want to blog for so I got him on the phone. I was like hey Why did you sign up for this and they kind of just walked down the examples of why they did it? I was like alright great I’m going for more hair stylists now a lot of people start seeing like oh I’m getting 45 a lot of people they have a customer base. They look at the most popular Part of their customer customer base. Oh I have 45 plus women and that’s what I’m gonna reach now, but you should actually look at The weird people that are your customers why did this? Why did this 21 year old dude buy my product and talk to him and understand why he did it because if you’re already reaching This segment of people that’s great. You’re reaching them and you’re converting them Let’s figure out why that other guy, and how could you get more of him because if you already have? 5000 customers that are 45 plus women and you have five customers that are dudes Now you should go find out how to get the other guys because it’s a bigger portion of people that you haven’t reached yet So you you start to do it based on your existing customer base? And you start to see where there are opportunities for growth now if you’re going after market You’ve never reached before you could do that as well, but it’s a little bit more difficult I like to go for these they actually call it on Dan Heath, and chip Heath wrote a book called switch and The whole book was about how to change when change is hard and one of the examples they told you was if you want to really Find a change in the world you want to look for what they call bright spots And the bright spot is that that exception to the rule and you want to dig deeper to understand why that exception exists? and You want to do that in your customer base you want to do that in your your email list building you want to do that? Everywhere, and that’s kind of what we were doing to grow our sales base Now let’s yes Yes that doesn’t mean you do it all at once right a lot of people will say oh I need to make five sales pages, and they don’t do any of them But that’s you want to get one sales page working, then you want to get another sales page working Then you want to get another sale you want to do one at a time Don’t try to make them all for the same launch if you never did one before But the goal is is to eventually have the marketing targeted toward specific people So let’s keep going now the one thing that I want to stress Here is the less they know about what you do the more broad your message needs to be the less They know the more broad you go Did you see how we did that with introducing Tzipi courses how to find profitable course ideas how to make money? You see how that attracts a more broad audience now I know how to make money spammy or whatever, but you could see how it applies to more people Now at this point people always say like you saw the different landing pages of what if I solve different problems do I need to Make five different pages and You don’t but you could make different launches about different groups of people so maybe in January You’ll launch to the people who want to find an idea then maybe in March you launch the idea who want to make their idea Profitable you can tailor your launches around different problems that your product solves and if you do this this actually gives you the opportunity to sell your product or service more often because you’re not sending the same message of the same people you can actually create a Different sales launch for every group of people and launch it more often because you’re not saying the same things all the time Does that make sense? Yes Yes Yes I’m marketing to specific people that have problems I don’t market to a specific group of people based on demographics. I market to a specific group of people based on the problem They’re experiencing right now So the people are marketing to here are people who want to make profitable courses That’s not a person who doesn’t know what an online course is It’s different if I’m marketing to say Maybe if I want to market to service providers how would I market core online courses the service providers? I would say something along the lines of are you tired trading time for money and Now we can say all right well You need to start selling courses as the potential solution, and we actually have a sales funnel for one of our products We have a product on how to create profitable courses And we have a sales funnel for authors turning a book into a course We have a sales funnel for people who want to start their first online business We have a sales funnel for people who are service providers that want to start creating passive income streams We have different sales funnel funnels for different groups of people so where our product is for everyone But our marketing is usually targeted at a specific group of people does that make sense? Yes Yes Yep Yep, you want to focus on one and maybe there’s a lot of sideline problems Let’s say you’re focusing on your one group of people, but they have five different problems You might say for example that your group of people Let’s say you’re first launched your launch through that 35 to 45 year old woman And you know that she has You know this problem this problem this problem this problem if I were launching it for the first time I would focus on the big Idea, which is the main target that you’re trying to hit and then? Maybe each piece of content addresses each individual problem And what ends up happening is is every time you address each problem in that content you pick off another sale basically Does that make sense? Okay This is how you find you’re hitting customers on your email list This is how you find customers that you may not have realized that you’ve had before Let me give an example here. I think yoga people are weird and They’re real weird like I gotta say this gonna sound really ignorant so part of me, but I’m like you know yoga People are really strange. They’re always so happy. They must be lying like this is what I thought to myself So when I have a friend telling me to do yoga, I would laugh at them I’m never gonna do yoga, and if I stumbled on a headline like why forest yoga is better than vinyasa yoga for back pain I’m going to say I’m not doing any type of yoga for back pain This type of headline would appeal to someone who’s already doing let’s say vinyasa yoga And they’re thinking about switching an informed customer, but if you want to talk to someone like me someone who doesn’t like yoga What do you do well you might lead with something like how a morning stretch routine cured my back pain Now you’re taking yoga out of the headline to attract an ignorant person like me and What’s interesting is is that? Here’s an example of broadening the message again Right if you want to reach out to people who just do vinyasa yoga to make them do forest yoga That’s fine, but how how big is that market? How big is the morning stretch routine market now? What if there’s people out there that don’t even like stretching? What do you do well for years? I woke up with bad back pain And now I do this one thing before I take a shower, and it’s gone now. You don’t even talk about stretching Again, you’re still talking to the problem bad back pain, but you’re broadening the message To see if you can reach a group of people that might be turned off by your original message Turned out that I actually started doing yoga last year And it was because someone told me was to get rid of my back pain And then I show up and they roll out of yoga, mat. I was like I was tricked and But I was already there, so I did it anyway But that’s how you start to appeal to people who could be customers without actually scaring them off By broadening the message focusing on the problem you’re still talking to a specific group of people the bad back pain people But you’re not mentioning yo you’re not mentioning stretching You’re not doing anything that might scare them off as a way to broaden the message to the maximum amount of people Again the less they know the more broad you go Let me give you another example social triggers is an advice business right we sell business advice But I want to launch a fitness product, and we just did this like four months ago I’m not teaching it, but you’re gonna see something interesting now. What’s the problem with someone who teaches business advice launching a fitness product? I’m not an expert so How am I gonna sell something if I’m not an expert at it, so I had to keep this in mind I’m launching something I never launched before even though entrepreneurs need to get fit I Had to figure out how to message it to people who are not accustomed to seeing this type of message From me even though my email lists are informed They’re essentially oblivious to this message from me as a person So I had to come up with a way to kind of bridge that gap And this is something that a lot of people make a mistake with like sometimes fitness Entrepreneurs will build a list of people who want to lose weight, and then they’re launching a business product And they don’t they don’t message it appropriately and it actually hurts theirselves even though their product would apply to their customers If you don’t message it right, it scares people off for no reason, so here’s what I did Entrepreneurs are afflicted, and they they do need to be fit But they’re 107 oblivious to what I did so I wrote a blog post did anyone see this blog post I had a depressing Realisation that I got fat, so I fixed it and I want to read out part of it right now because it’s I’m gonna show you how I segwayed into a fitness product to a business list So I had a speaking engagement I had a big problem I went to button my blazer in the button popped off fuck so I settled for my second favorite blazer And then it got worse I was speaking at an event for personal trainers actually John Romo Nellas event as I walked in front of The crowd everything became crystal clear everyone was fit except me. I had gotten fat, and I looked like a meatball big fat meatball I Know I’m being harsh, but it was bad I gained more than 30 pounds my doctor told me that blood pressure was on the high end of normal And I had really had no excuse I had a heart condition that luckily he got cured and there I was playing with fire What happened am I lazy am I stupid do I just not care about living a long healthy life No, it was none of those things It’s because I focused on everything But health entrepreneurs and business owners caught get caught up in their own heads they let their health slide because work work work work Parents do the same thing they let their health slide because kids kids kids kids, and I told myself I just didn’t have the time the gym. It’s 20 minutes to get there It’s an hour to work out 20 minutes to get back then I have to shower I got a business to build we focus so much on our business. We forget about ourselves We focus so much on our kids we forget about ourselves We focus so much on everything else we forget about ourselves, but you can’t accomplish anything in life if you’re dead I Knew this logically, and I did nothing about it And no joke just a few months before this event I went to the doctor got a blood test I kept thinking something must be wrong with me and I was right when I got the test results I got horrible news something was Wrong with me not biologically wrong. It was worse. I had gained weight. In was my fault So I just tell this story But I’m talking specifically to entrepreneurs so when I emailed this No one got mad for me trying to pitch them something that they have never seen from me before because they felt like I was talking directly to them I Was I was speaking their language. I was focusing on the things that they did and I kept going and It began hurting my business I stopped doing video because I felt like I look fat on camera and all these things are one 100 percent true But to it’s all things that I know that other people are thinking about themselves one of the things that I’ve One of the things that makes selling easier is a lot of people like to say do you suffer from do you have this do? You have this But that makes people very defensive If you start pointing fingers at them their immediate reaction is to close up They don’t want to admit this to themselves so I always when I tell a personal story about myself I try to use the parts of the story that I know The customer I’m trying to reach is saying inside their head. I’m not trying to say the things that they’re telling me They’re thinking I’m trying to say the things that I think they’re thinking that they’re not willing to say Like no one’s gonna walk around calling themselves a big fat meatball But they might think it when they put on the wrong pair of pants So I want to say the things that they actually believe and I walk around how is hurting my business So I knew I had to make a change What could I do I had a lot of excuses and all the time this is my priority right now It’s not the right time and the list went on and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. That’s when I met Christopher Coulson Now this fitness product was a coaching product that Chris delivers on who is a personal trainer that helped me lose about 30 somewhat pounds in maybe six months or whatever And I introduced him after I told the story of the pain that I was having With fitness and it’s segwayed into this just what he did for me. He made a meal plan He gave me a workout plan He did this he did this he did this and now we’re launching this online coaching base program where you can fill out a survey and apply for it and That was it we sent one email, and I don’t know the exact numbers, but was like 17 people signed up to pay $399 per month with a minimum commitment of three months From just one email to a blog post to a business list that has never seen a fitness product before Now we didn’t do a big launch because we didn’t this is like a beta group We could have gotten more But we went for that that small group because we needed testimonials we needed all this stuff So he wanted a good group of people and we made it application only because we wanted them to To actually get the results so I could say we have a 95% success rate and everything like that But the point is is that it starts with a story about myself and I tell the pain that I’m feeling and I’m not sharing that to be vulnerable this whole share your The whole be vulnerable thing drives me crazy because every day I see someone being vulnerable on Facebook And I want to kill myself because it’s just like What does this have to do with what you’re doing and the answer is nothing you’re just whining right now I’m sharing a vulnerability that I think my customer has themselves and The only reason why I’m sharing it is because I’m looking to solve that problem for them Does this make sense yes? Let’s go a little bit further, so now I framed the problem as my own problem I didn’t want to say you get fat when you run your business cuz like hey I’m not fat as you like that’s their first thought you know and I’m said talking about myself to make them think like You know what he’s right Work work work. I did let myself. I did let myself slide because if you make them think it’s their idea They’re you’re not selling to them anymore they’re reaching out to you to buy from you versus you selling to them and That’s why I use this storytelling a real lot in all of my sales and marketing I’m gonna walk you through how to create the story, too But almost every sales pitch I do to my email list or on a sales page uses one of these types of stories They’re called therapeutic metaphors It’s a metaphor It’s usually a story about yourself about a specific problem that you’re having that you know your customer has as well And you’re you’re sharing it because you’re not trying to manipulate or anything like that But you’re trying to connect with them to make them say I have that problem, too Now you don’t want to say do you have that problem because again they get defensive But when they start thinking like oh I could kind of relate to this story. That’s why it’s therapeutic Now you want to know how to actually create these messages, and I’ve got a I’ve got a solution for that as well There’s something I called the báb technique the báb technique is before/after bridge Before/after bridge every sales message every email every sales page every sales video every webinar Can use the báb technique to create a persuasive sales message once you know who you’re talking to the inform the afflicted the oblivious Now we need to figure out how to get their attention and make them want to Buy how do you get their attention and make them interested in learning more? How do you do this? That’s where the Baab technique comes in before after bridge babb technique This is the first example. I had the depressing realization that I had got that so I fixed it Many people are here in health. This is a common thing that people have experienced all of a sudden. They’re like I Just got fat I got to fix it and but they put it off or whatever right and then eventually What I what I did myself And we actually put this in the follow-up emails for that fitness program Was you know you start off your hat you’re a happy healthy weight you’re happy with yourself. You don’t feel like you’re fat anymore Then all of a sudden you realize your weight start and you starting to gain some weight But then you put like this upper limit like well if I hit this weight Then I’m gonna do something about it, and then when you finally hit that weight. They usually never hit that way They usually hit ten pounds passed that way then I got shit. I got to do something right now Now most people are reaching those people that are at the ah shit moment That’s fine, but if you want to reach the people a little bit earlier. I kind of went a little bit Ridiculous like I had the depressing realization that I got fat So I fixed it, and I start off with the the real story of bye button popping off About how I felt bad about myself again I’m not trying to shame my reader But I’m basically shaming myself and making them feel shame as well by me saying how everyone was fit by me But it. Also is like as funny as it is is like The self deprecation makes it more approachable as well Because I’m not I’m not making fun of myself to eliminate my credibility I’m making fun of myself because I want the reader to make fun of themselves and when I go big fat meatball It’s like this is ridiculous At that point they’re like well. I’m not that bad, but you know I do gain some weight Because they’re not gonna not everyone is gonna say the most heinous thing about themselves if they came But I went I amplified it because I wanted them to think hey I did gain some weight But that’s the before the before essentially is this picture of a world that your customer is living in where it’s got problems pains issues all these different things that they’re Experiencing that’s preventing them from Living the dream life right the before world is Very similar to like a nightmare world This is the worst case scenario you want to paint this picture of the before world as a way to connect with your Customer and you usually want to paint this picture of the before world by telling your own story Then you want to contrast this with The after world the after world is the dream world if the before world is a nightmare? The after world is the dream? This is where you can fit into your pants that you used to wear ten years ago This is the part where you feel like you’re fit or now than you’ve ever been before And this is the part when you’re like I knew we I needed to make a change like you start segwaying from before to after So when you paint the picture of the before world and then you paint the picture of the after world? Now the next logical step is The bridge how do you go from before to after and that’s when I met Chris Coulson? Here’s before here’s my after and that’s when I met Chris now This is an important thing to focus on when you’re selling and the reason why is because a lot of people will start their sales message by saying Hey I’ve got this new thing you should buy it it solves these problems the problem is is when you lead with a message like that People start to think oh you’re trying to sell me something again Whereas if you paint this picture the before world and then you paint this picture of the after world? people start thinking to themselves I need this I need to make the change and they start asking themselves how do I make the change? This is when you’re turning that oblivious customer Into a more informed customer with a story or with your writing or with your sales messages Does anyone does everyone see how that works you do the before Contrast to after and then people’s natural first reaction is to want to make that jump question Yep You could do this anywhere you could do it on social media You could do it in advertising you could do it in emails you could do it on your sales page And it doesn’t necessarily mean if you’re doing it on a Facebook post It turns out these stories do really well on Facebook I don’t know does anyone does anyone follow me on Facebook On my personal page where I share these coffee shop stories. They haven’t seen the coffee shop stories Every coffee shop story. I put on Facebook is like so I’m at the coffee shop and some shit happens And here’s how I deal with it like one of one of the stories that I use actually in an ad is So I’m at the coffee shop, and this guy leans over to me and say what are you writing a screenplay? And I’m like no I’m writing. I’m working on my online business, and this is real. It’s like oh Five minutes goes by he didn’t like broadcast out does anyone around here Have a job and it’s like me him and the people who work there so like Like now you’re laughing. I was like you know I could tell him I run a multi-million dollar online business But is it worth it probably not I built a business that allows me to work from anywhere like the coffee shop And I have a webinar. I want to show you how to do it, but do you see how even that ad Engages people in a different way, and it actually helps get people’s attention by telling a funny story, so it does work on social media Yes yep Yep great So if I’m going after a specific audience I still make sure the contents applicable the the video I wrote or the video I did was so I got a 300 top $310 haircut here’s what I learned about premium pricing so the video was about charging premium prices and Even though I used a haircut as the example Any entrepreneur would get a benefit about premium pricing from the video? However since I use the haircut as an example I can now target hair stylists and this video went viral for hair stylists I got featured on like behind the chair this other thing called a beauty launch pad I was I was featured on all these different Facebook groups for hair styles I have people offering me haircuts for free all over the United States, and I got like 10 people telling me I’m an asshole for spending $300 on haircut, but like this is what happens and What’s interesting about that example is? I did that one video when I Reshard that video every like 3 or 4 months And it always goes viral every 3 or 4 months and I get this big burst of traffic for this one video that appeals to one specific type of people and No one feels like it’s random because it still applies to them So you go with a specific example to get a specific person’s attention But you need to make sure you set you bring it back to what you do for a living Yes Why would it not be relatable if you open it close Why does it matter so I’m asking I you have a concern I don’t know where the concern so if you open or close the sails, or you don’t it doesn’t matter I’m not selling anything in the video. I’m just building my email list and they’ll go into an email Maybe I’ll sell them something down the line, but whether it’s evergreen or not this is about just creating Persuasive sales messages it could be on an evergreen sales page in an evergreen email It could be on an email for a launch it could be whatever Yes, you’re always I’m always creating different tightly I don’t create a piece of content Unless that piece of content is going to talk to a specific type of person Most people just when most people create content like oh, what do I want to make today? and then I have a blog post and they published it and that’s it if I’m making a blog post it’s gonna appeal to a Specific problem specific person a specific type of issue or an author or whatever and I’m gonna Try to make it too applicable to as many people as possible But the goal is still every piece of content is going after a new audience. I’m making free content. I’m trying to get new readers Yes Of course you could use any story you want I? Like personal stories you could use clients stories sometimes client stories are fine But everyone has a story to tell you just you have to dig a little bit deeper to find it Now a client story is fine. You can use it because the goal again isn’t about sharing you It’s about sharing the story as a way to get people to say I can relate to that You don’t want to tell anyone. They’ve got problems you want to make them say oh, I do have problems It’s like a subtle difference it has to be their idea huh Yes, we’re in the misery business Every story is usually the same, I’m frustrated now. I’m not here’s how I got there before after bridge now Even though the stories are always the same they don’t have to feel the same If I read one more story about some guy on a couch becoming a millionaire. I want to lose my mind This is why I in my advertising as an example. I use the coffee shop example if some guy Telling me that I don’t have a job and me being humble enough to not brag what I’m actually bragging in the ad anyway But it’s like It’s a different message and it appeals and it stands out in that ad we were running to cold traffic so people who never heard of me before and It was having a relevant score of 10 getting a relevant score of 10 on an ad is really really hard But this was working because it was a different message to people who were bombarded by the couch story Now the fonts are messed up because we’re using PowerPoint not keynote and my computer is the new Apple computer that has no adaptors for anything So I couldn’t get it up live, but anyway. It’s never about you. It’s always about your customer It’s about their frustrations. It’s about their desired results Who asked questions about this so far anyone who wants it who has an example they don’t think they could apply to themselves or A client it’s actually about you’re telling your story, but it’s actually about them. Yes Yes, and you never want to share anything in the story that doesn’t directly apply to the customer if you’ve got two kids you Don’t put that you have two kids Unless you’re trying to attract people who also have two kids See a lot of people that getting this idea that they need to share their own Story with people they start to think I got to share everything But that just makes a boring story, that’s the person that’s like hey I went to I met to meet my friend Jen for lunch and on the way there I bumped into John you know John Right we haven’t seen John in three years, and you know John we were at that party other than saying well. What about Jen? Oh yeah, Jen, so I went to go meet Jen for lunch Cece was telling about our husband who works at this company Oh, you know that company didn’t you go to that kind of thing? this is how most people tell stories and that also makes me want to die and This is why you want to cut out all these extraneous details, and you only share the story the part of the story that Appeals directly to who you’re trying to talk to at that exact moment that Means you cut out everything else that doesn’t apply to that story or to your customer You don’t share your the fact that you have a dog unless you think your customer Also have dogs Or if you want to share the fact that you have a dog in kids you’re sharing that as a way to maybe Counter the objection that I don’t have any time you’re trying to say that you do have time I’ve got kids You might and even like with the example in my fitness story. I said I Didn’t focus on my health because work work work work And then the next sentence parents don’t focus on their health because of kids kids kids kids This was on purpose because I wanted to make it I wanted to a lot of people say hey Derick well You know you’re you’re young you don’t have kids. It’s easy for you to say and That’s why I would use that example parents Do this as a way to kind of like poke fun at them a little bit To make them feel like it can work for them as well Now this actually works even when you’re writing Testimonials so even though we’re talking about creating a sales message first sales page or an email every Testimonial you write should follow this I’d I call the perfect testimonial But it should follow a simple framework of here’s a problem Here’s the result here’s how I solve it and every testimonial should speak to a specific Objection you believe your customers have you got to stop having testimonials, let’s say oh, I totally love this person That’s not a good testimonial you Want every testimonial to answer a specific objection if you think people are saying? they’re not gonna buy because they don’t have the time you need a Testimonial that talk specifically about someone who thought they didn’t have the time if you want a testimony about someone who works 12-hour days And they feel like they don’t have the time to work you want a testimony about someone that says I work 12-hour days I thought I didn’t have time and now I do you want every testimonial to answer a specific objection You want to go a step further you want every testimony to answer specific objections for every type of person so you want to put A parent you want from a single person you want from an old person you want from a young person you want to have testimonials you want to build out this testimonial database of people and The only reason why you want to do it is again is to solve specific objections Now how do you find the frustrations? That’s the quest like how do you know what to talk about and what you’re trying to cover? Well you just eavesdrop on people I? know this sounds weird but uh Christine day was the CEO of Lululemon and They actually teach the people who work at Lululemon and fold the clothes by the changing room They do that on purpose and they do that because they’re supposed to eavesdrop on the conversations inside the changing room and They tell a story in The Wall Street Journal actually they told a story about how there were two girls trying on these tops in the change room and they overheard one of them complaining about the shirt, and how it didn’t fit her arms and Then they looked at the sales results of this shirt And just wasn’t selling Don’t call That’s weird So they fixed the arms part of this part of the shirt and that became one of their best-selling shirts by Eavesdropping on customers now. This is a little creepy, and maybe you’re not gonna change in their changing room anymore, but You could also just eavesdrop online You could go to places like Quora and type in questions you think your customer may have and you could see people asking These questions and the types of questions, they’re asked like maybe you want to sell Fitness product You know how do I get in shape with simple means how that what’s the best way to get in shape with swimming and you? Kind of see the types of things that people ask My favorite way is To go to very popular books in the topic and just read reviews. I like to read 5-star reviews I like to read one-star reviews the middle reviews are usually not that interesting and While I’m reading through these reviews. I’m looking for frustration. I’m look for problems. I’m looking for pains I’m looking for real pains that people have like this This is that was a relationship book. Here’s an example I just went through a pretty rough patch with a man who I thought cared about me where I was easily set aside When anything else interesting came up? I wish I would have read this with the X before laughs. I did everything wrong He must think I’m a total wimp and now he’s got an even bigger ego My relationship unexpectedly fell apart, and I found myself very distraught and alone by reading these reviews you can find the pains that you think your customers would identify with I Do this for all of my products when we were creating the sales copy for that Fitness Post as an example I was reading through reviews of fitness books and other Testimonials or whatever and I was trying to figure out, okay? This person said this how does it apply to me this person said this how does it apply to me? And I was looking for my own personal stories based on the pings I was seeing people already saying about themselves this makes sense how you find a real pain first Then you find a personal story or anecdote that matches the pain that you find and Then when you’re trying this is for the before world then when you’re trying to create the after world You don’t even need to see them saying or describing the after world all you need to do is to describe the dream scenario That’s the before and then here’s the example You know never be second choice how to make a man put you first stand up for yourself how to win respecting your relationship Why I’m happily single for now how to get past a broken relationship. You just basically say the exact opposite of the pain and Then you start saying to yourself what personal stories do I have that apply to this specific after world? What can I do that connects to this or what can I do to connect to this? You find a real pain, and this is important that you find a real pain, and then you just imagine a solution now It’s important to start with a real pain because sometimes you’ll create a product You’ll write some sales copy centered around a pain that you think your customers have that isn’t real and I have this one friend they launched the product about how to design your own website and It was like launch to entrepreneurs who wanted to have a nice website, and they sold this for fifteen hundred dollars And I’m like why would anyone buy that Why don’t they just paid designer to making the website didn’t want to be web designers for a living? And like oh no people want to learn how to design their own It’s like no they don’t they just want a nice web design And they launched the product And it didn’t do well because they created an imaginary pain that they thought the customers had so I always start with the real pain that you see people say whether it’s your own pain of customers pain a client’s pain or Even a pain that you’ll see on the internet somewhere You want to start with a real pain that you think applies to the most amount of people? and then you could imagine a solution that’s how you come up with this before and after and a lot of people who don’t think they don’t have a story to tell it’s easier to come up with this story when You have a prompt for that story And this is a great way to get prompts for yourself to come up with your own personal stories to tell And Then the bridge is simply where you introduce your product? That’s you do the before you do the after and that’s when I have this now with this case I didn’t introduce the product because I was introducing a person and The reason why I was introducing the person is because I was introducing this new person to my people and I wanted them to like Him, too I’ve done this for I do this for another thing called um I Don’t have screenshots of it right now, but there’s a blog post our site She bravely walked away from her six-figure job to have a kid and she built an online business That empowered her to let her husband quit her job like that was like the story and the whole stories about this one woman Laura Fuentes who started his online business that eventually became so big that her husband quit the job and then what ended up happening was how did she do it while she stumbled on this one product and This is what happened dislike one blog post using this before/after bridge Was an affiliate post that I used actually at the time. This is like four years ago from re4 Leo’s b-school She uses Testimonials to someone that bought through my link the year before and she ended up building this business and gave him a read the credit And this blog post I wrote about the story ended up doing like five hundred thousand dollars of sales Just one blog post about a before after bridge story just in that format Most people don’t write copy like this because they think they’re not copywriters They’re like. Oh I can never write write like this, but it’s actually very formulaic. It’s just before after bridge Payne dream here’s how I did it and It’s not that complicated to do if you practice it So that’s why one of the reasons why I wanted to share this with you today is the bridge Now of course there are different before/after in bridges for different customers There are the inform the afflicted the oblivious people and maybe you have a different story or a different blog post for each different type Of person you might want to do a haircut video you might want to do I had another one where a saying how to turn new customers and the repeat customers And I told a story about a massage therapy business That let me go in there. I got a massage. I left they never asked for my email They didn’t ask for anything. I was like what the hell like how are they making any money? They’re not even trying to sell me more stuff And I just told that story about how most small business owners know nothing about email marketing And I tell this story about a massage example Into this example about how small businesses are stupid when it comes to email and that applies to everyone? but it gets massage therapists involved and they get happy about and Then after you know the people you’re trying to reach you do the báb technique you can use an email you used on sales pages You can use on videos and that’s it. I have time for questions. I think 15 minutes, right yes Well by seeing people say it So you you confirm, it’s real by being real now. How do you do it? Like I I? I read the reviews I read the questions that people are saying something else that we do when we’re doing when we’re trying to create a launch of some Kind and I want to hit a specific group of people Will interview 20 people I won’t interview because I don’t like talking to people, but I’ll have someone on my team interview people and just start asking questions about What what are they experiencing? I don’t you know say. Hey, what’s your pain like? No
You want it like you want to talk them about their experience and try to figure out what the pain is? based on the stories They’re telling you something Else you can do and this is something that everyone here should implement tomorrow or today whenever you get a chance as Soon as someone buys from you the first email that goes out is usually oh, thank you for buying you I’m so happy you join me right there You should say would you mind filling out this quick questionnaire or whatever? And you ask a bunch of questions The main quest you need to ask people on the survey is Can you please tell me the number one reason why you bought this product? or service And what ends up happening is every new customer fills this out the number one reason why they bought and now you have a list of things or benefits or reasons why people are buying already and you can decide if this is a Reason why that you would want to put into your marketing? Yes Depends how long so my sales pages are 100 pages? So it just depends on what you’re writing. It’s not about how long that that that Fitness one I think I wrote that one in about 45 minutes and that’s also because I was you know I was I was kind of joking about it for you know for like a year before I Before I wrote it, but it could be 45 minutes. It could be 6 hours when you first start doing this It’s gonna take longer than then it would take if you’ve been doing it for a while I wrote one of my sales pages for It’s the seventh year of courses product or whatever. It’s like a it’s like 65 pages I wrote it in two days before it went live and You know it made a lot of money, and I wrote it fast But it’s like I also have this experience of doing this for 12 years So if you’re if this is the first time you’re doing and it’s gonna, it’s gonna take a long time But eventually you get good at it like those coffee shop stories. I do I write those things usually in about 15 seconds usually right after they happened Yes What do you mean? So I Mean that’s a little bit more of a complicated question the reason why is because I started my first online business in 2005 while I was in college it was a celebrity gossip blog and I had this persona where I was writing celebrity gossip And I did almost 100 million visitors in 2007 to this gossip blog And then I was like you know 22 when I was making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year so naturally I was a complete moron with it and I was like I need to get a job to not be so immature anymore And I got a job when to do that or whatever, but I still had that business making money I quit the job eventually then I was like a consultant for a software company, and I help them grow about three million dollars by being a consultant And I was kind of building social triggers for about a year before I launched my first product. That’s kind of like the full story But I guess to answer your question if you’re at the point where you’re just starting out and you’re looking for a way to Scale up to this type of business. It’s not passive Products are not passive. It’s just a different type of work It’s just not trading your time for money, but instead you’re spending your time elsewhere There’s no one that makes money doing nothing, but if you’re at that point I think the fastest way to make money would be to launch a service of some kind first and the service would be maybe group coaching or one-on-one services or whatever, but do that because you don’t need to create anything and when we launched we did a beta product for social skills trying to teach people how to be people people and what we did we Just wrote a blog post put a survey made people apply and then emailed them one off and got 20 people to buy the product Now and all that takes to start is a blog post a survey and then send people to the blog post So if you were getting started I would recommend selling a service first or a live type experience While you build out a product and even if you plan on building a passive product. I don’t recommend You create the passive prod, then launch it I actually recommend you do a beta test of that product first so when we’re trying to build a social skills product I wanted to teach people People skills conversation skills how to actually talk to people and make them listen? I just didn’t know how to create that I knew how to create the product I just didn’t know what people cared about did they want networking advice did they want Storytelling advice did they want you know? how to speak in front of people if I didn’t I didn’t know so what we did was we created that blog post I actually The blog post was how to make people like you in five seconds or less And it was just some examples about how to make people like you fast And then if you want to learn more about this apply what I ended up finding out was no one was really interested in in making people like them, but they were interested in telling their own personal stories and While I did this beta group like I had this outline of a course just in Google Docs And I delivered it live to about like 15 people and I kind of took their feedback and as I was listening to their feedback I was Refining the course Into something which now is eventually going to be a storytelling course So it’s not gonna be about people’s skills at all. It’s not about conversation skills It’s just teaching people how to talk about themselves so they’re not boring and I wouldn’t have known that as my product unless I tested it first and I started it’s like so we have this people skills course conversation skills and storytelling was just one part of it but out of everything we interviewed all the 15 people that bought in this live experience and Everyone said they remembered the storytelling part the most and one person said you know before? before taking this course I would tell people how I met my husband and they would kind of have their eyes glaze over and now she’s got this great Story that she shares and everyone’s paying rapt attention to something as simple as how she met her husband And it’s just because that’s why we decided to focus on storytelling so no matter what you’re doing I recommend you sell a service first even if you plan on creating a course Sell the service around the course you plan to create and then as you’re helping these people get through it You’re then refining your course curriculum Based on what you think they’re getting the most value from you for about and it actually helps You create a better course and you could launch it for the first time with testimonials So it’s even better does that make sense any more questions Yes Yeah Blog post survey if I was great Well this is something that’s a whole other presentation That that said the one thing that I would do if I was trying to Drive traffic it would start with one blog post targeting a specific group of people and Then I would try to get that blog post into the hands of those people So for example when I wrote that blog post about the massage therapy business that had bad Bad email marketing habits. I had reached out to the editor-in-chief of some massage magazine I reached out to some Facebook pages that were about helping people build massage therapy businesses and I just reached out to those people cold with an email and The email I actually actually said to the editor-in-chief of massage Magazine. I said hey I got this I got this thing I think you’re gonna like it. She said yes, they republished it with the haircut video I reached out to Beauty launch pad Which is this thing that has like 400,000 fans on Facebook of all people trying to create Beauty businesses? I said hey, I got this video. I mean everyone loves. It would you guys be interested in? licensing it and They’re like sure how’s that work so they we’re giving him the rights to the video and then all of a sudden? They’re uploading my video to their Facebook page so how do you get people’s attention is you have to reach out to the people who have the attention that you want and For some reason no one ever does that they just like you know they’ll publish a blog post they put it on their blog where? All the people gonna come from it’s like in their hope and search is gonna send It search is not gonna send you anything if you have a new website So you have to go out there and reach out to the people that you want to reach out to and send it to them sometimes it’s as simple as sending it to one individual person that you think could benefit from it and That’s good enough And if you’re doing that whole process of blog posts to survey to trying to sell them something You can actually start making money as soon as you get that blogpost on That’s actually probably the fastest way to make money online is to write a great blog post like the depressing realization type post Make them up make them fill out a survey don’t even build your email list just make him fill out a survey and then follow up One on one and then you could start selling with that survey. I think we had I Want to say I don’t know the exact numbers but it was like a hundred and seventy-five people filled out the survey and We had like 15 people buy it so the conversion rates like seven percent is great And you don’t need that many people and then at 399 a month I think that was like $8,000 a month or so I’m bad at math, but the point is it I only had less than 200 survey fill outs to created $8,000 a month revenue stream make sense Yes I don’t know You know It was it was pitched as an application, but the types of questions We were asking were were paying based questions Like have you ever done an online fitness blog? We did some stuff like have you ever done an online fitness program before would you be interested in doing something like this so we? did ask Product specific questions, but we also asked Kane specific questions dream like why do you want to lose weight? You know so we were asking those questions, too. I would recommend just going to the blog post and looking at it I don’t actually think I wrote that survey when I’m someone on my team did Yes Yeah, I like to pay for things it’s easier, I don’t have to worry about anything else You know I’m like notoriously horrible on Instagram, so I keep trying to figure that out And I don’t know how to buy things on Instagram, but Facebook is where I’m good so that’s why I focused my time It’s really hard I Always think about it like this. How do you walk up to Joe on the corner and make him interested? What do you tell them and? I I don’t know what you’re selling But you have to figure out What’s going to get their attention like you can’t go up to a random person say do you have IBS? It’s gonna be awkward right So you have to figure out What can you say that’s gonna get their attention and there’s different things that are gonna get their attention and for every market It’s different, but generally you want it to appeal to something. That’s health-related relationship related wealth related productivity related happiness related or something that what you would call a Universal desire which is something that everybody wants Everybody wants to not feel alone everybody wants to be healthy no one wants to die All these things that everybody wants is how you appeal to these people? Does that make sense? Any more questions yes? Yes Yep Yes, so what we do is every course we have we have core course content So let’s say, it’s four modules and four videos per module then below our course content We have bonus videos or bonus PDFs or bonus stuff each bonus Usually speaks to the type of person that would benefit So if I’m going after let’s say massage therapy people I’ll have I’ll have a bonus that talks directly to them that helps them Understand the whole course Does that make sense Kyle? Not on the sales page are inside the products, so I’ll help them See why this course matters, and I’m going to teach them the lingo They need to learn in the launch when they get the course there might be additional bonus material that speaks directly to them Like, but they’ve already purchased at that point yes Sure Wait say again, are we about is this fighting or is or? Yes Lot of lot of stuff to be said about that So if you’re trying it depends what oblivious person you’re trying to reach I don’t know if I could touch this wait topic but I Guess if you’re trying to appeal to someone that doesn’t realize they’re fat. You might want to talk to them in More general terms like feeling having more energy feeling less tired That sort of language because if you start saying you need to lose weight they get defensive. They close up right Yes, but some some people also don’t have like that’s one, but there’s also people who don’t even realize they have a problem and For that you have to figure out who that person is are you trying to reach the person like for example. Let’s say Let’s say someone gave birth to a kid five years ago And they have their pregnancy wait still and they just think that’s their life now Like they may not you can’t say hey You could have lost your pregnancy way because that makes them feel bad about themselves But you could say did your body change after you got pregnant Now you’re not saying you need to lose weight But you’re saying your body changed when one of the things I did to help change it back now You’re not talking about weight loss you’re talking about change Do you see how you could kind of make it more broad and maybe less less intrusive or making people less defensive? All right, I think that’s it right good So we hope you like that presentation there’s a lot of good nuggets, this is one of those types of presentations that I Could see watching once or twice just to kind of go through and take more notes But here’s a vent if you made it this far on a YouTube video I am impressed number one to me. It shows you’re committed to growing What you’re trying to grow this year? I mean you just set aside almost an hour to watch this video And that’s pretty impressive so congratulate yourself for watching it and on that note. I’ll see you in the next video

72 thoughts on “How I Made $500,000 From One Blog Post (*Not Clickbait*)

  1. Oh boy do I struggle with this! I am pretty confident and awfully stubborn, so I'm not really afraid of much and not bothered if people don't like me. Which when combined……are actually kinda of a detriment for actually making money, lol. This video is definitely getting a rewatch and copious notes will be taken!

  2. Derek this is great! I love seeing this high level strategy, where we get to be a fly on the wall on your presentation. HItting the "same people with the same message" is a problem that I think a lot of entrepreneurs suffer from. And lots of light bulbs went off about how to rearrange sales messages to reach multiple ideal customerS<– emphasis on the S. As entrepreneurs we hear a lot "The riches are in the niches" but you're right growing the size of the segment is what creates the opp to go to 7 figures, instead of exhausting the same audience. LOVE LOVE LOVE! When I saw you talk about the informed, afflicted, and the oblivious at Selena Soo's event, it hit me right in the gut of when I was not being clear when creating content of WHO it was for. Brilliant!

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing the gold nuggets! Just launched my new channel, check it out and let me know what you guys think! 😎💰

  4. This is gold! I’ve heard it said that people love to buy but hate being “sold to”. And this video really showcases that fact. If someone’s not in a good place to receive your pitch, they’re going to be resistant to your message. And the thing is – they aren’t the problem. The pitch is.

    The way you deliver your message has the power to make or break sales. And if your potential customers feel like you’re just trying to get their money, they’ll be repelled by you. But if they receive your message as one that genuinely offers to help them right where they are. They’ll line up to buy.

  5. YES. I've always disliked this idea of an "ideal customer", but I find it overemphasized EVERYWHERE in the damn marketing world. There's so many issues with it… ex. how do I know which customer is the most responsive, all-around pleasant customer to work with? How do I know ahead of time who they are? (it's often the case you discover who your ideal customer is after you analyze your existing customers, and it's often not the first crowd we targeted at first). I also don't want to be limited by the "ideal customer" – I want to be able to access customers that my competition failed to attract in the first place due to their less-than-optimal positioning.

    I've also found that there's usually one "trigger" that leads me to watch someone's videos, I get interested, watch more videos, and then I eventually subscribe, so as I'm trying to write content, I'm always asking what are the hot topics / ideas that will get the attention of a potential customer, but competitors are not addressing. So amen to the idea of selling your product to different types of customers.

  6. I’m only 25 minutes into this video and I’ve learned more about how to approach lead gen than I did from watching a 2 hour video from another influencer! I’ll finish the video, but so far, good work Derek. 👍🏼 I’ll keep watching everyday- love the daily video

  7. Perfect!  This is just what I needed this weekend.  I'm pre-selling a program, mostly because I wanted to take advantage the New Year's resolution thing.  I've been really resistant to sending out the last couple sales emails because I don't want to fatigue my small list.  This will really help me craft those last couple emails before the special offer ends Monday night.  

    Thank you!  This is really valuable!

    I love the idea of niche your marketing, not your product.  It makes so much sense.

  8. Sales is such a challenging area for me. Writing sales pages alone is already challenging. I didn’t want to be the person who pushed people into buying my stuff if I knew they had hesitations whatsoever.

    And as someone who hates selling and being sold to, this presentation really helped me reframe how persuading others – even after they’ve said no – is actually a good thing if I know it’s for their benefit.

    Knowing the different types of customers across all stages of problem-awareness (from The Oblivious to The Informed) really helps me see how I could address each client’s needs in the language that they speak.

    This was awesome, thanks for sharing Derek!

  9. You're kidding me… I know how much an hour of your time is worth. Super generous to give us an entire keynote! I've got this one bookmarked for a time when I can rewatch and take good notes! (I'm listening to it "podcast style" as I drive my kid to her activities this morning! Lol!). Thanks, Derek!

  10. We’re so often told to pin down our ‘ideal customer’ and try sell to that one avatar. This is quite a different approach. But it makes sense to target different groups in ways that make sense to them.

  11. Sat down with a mug of coffee and settled in for some Saturday morning wisdom. Little did I know how fast an hour would fly by! Thank You for the reminder to treat my clients as people and individual lives. Anchoring back to the basics of persuasion is exactly the reminder I needed to jumpstart my 2018.

  12. Life is basically selling… If you want to get a job, you need to sell yourself. Want to get a girlfriend – same thing. I went on a dating site and each time I changed my "sales copy", I was getting different types of girls. And they were just as untrusting as the people we are trying to sell to online … If you can sell, you survive. If you can't you are a looser. Awesome video, I loved every word of it. Can't wait to get the next one!

  13. Wow! So much valuable content. I loved the “don’t niche your product, niche your marketing” and the tips for going after different markets (both in sales pages and blog posts) while still making the content relevant to your whole audience. This is such transformational information not just for people looking to “sell” but also grow their audience. I literally have 3 pages of notes and plan on going back through again tonight to take more notes! This was great! Thanks!!!

    P.S. I hunted how to turn on notifications on my chrome (I generally have everything silenced, I love the semi-unplugged life) yesterday morning just so I would remember to watch your show everyday. Planet Derek has been a staple on my daily todo list for a week now! Love it!

  14. I really like your 3 types of customers. It’s similar to the buyer’s journey I learned from content marketing – Awareness, Consideration, Decision. However, this concept of broadening the message all the way out to the Oblivious Customer is genius. I really needed this right now. I am trying to figure out how to re-launch my course with a different perspective, because the first launch a few months ago didn’t go so well. So I will take into account that sales can come from “hidden” customers in my list as long as I change the message to be relevant to them. Love it!!

  15. Thanks Darek for such a valuable information! But even after watching this I'm still struggling with figuring out the story for my business. I have my own watch brand and that's the type of product people buy because of how ''good'' it looks. I've been asking my customers a lot and that's the response I've been getting the most. I'm getting sales but shit I feel it could be much more… Any suggestion?

  16. SO much great information shared in this video! I took tons of notes.

    I liked that some of the people in your audience asked questions that I also had.

    I have struggled to talk to my audience in a way that engages them enough to take action. I know I have good information that my customers need, but they either don't know they need it or I just haven't presented it in the right way.

    I had heard you talk about the three types of customers before, but this in-depth description of who they are and how to approach them is really going to help me as I create my own blogs, FB posts and as I'm working to create my first online course! I will be listening again as I organize the notes I took.

    I feel more equipped to communicate with my audience and potential customers now than ever before. Thank you!

  17. I’m going to be honest. When I saw that this video was an hour and a half…I almost didn’t watch, but I decided to give is a chance and boy am I glad I did.

    I’m 45mins in and I had to pause because holy shit this is good. I love your approach to looking at your audience at 3 stages of awareness rather than simply demographics.

    The way you used Zippy Courses as an example and how you would change the headline for each level of awareness made it much easier to understand.

    It’s also fascinating to see how you focus on solving a specific problem but marketing it to different types of people (hair dressers etc) to really exhaust it.

    Ok…back to watching. For anyone raising an eyebrow about the length…it’s worth it.

  18. Thanks again for your generosity in uploading this keynote. Hugely valuable content for anyone who is hoping to increase their sales in 2018!

    It makes total sense to me that as a marketer I'd want to not JUST concentrate on "the ideal customer" and just flog that angle hoping to grow leads/sales, but also identify different customer segments and use differentiated messaging for each segment. As a person who is right in the thick of starting a new venture I'm thrilled to have gotten this before I burned out a bunch of prospects. 🙂

    BTW, I can totally identify as the guy who has been fed the same. Exact. Marketing. Message. Over. And. Over. Again. Until I just tune that person (and their product or service) out completely. Or in most cases just unsubscribe from their marketing content completely because, let's be honest, who needs to be flogged with a marketing hammer over and over again! Here's to not being "that guy" (or gal) in 2018!

  19. Reminds me of Harvard prof Clayton Christiansens HBR article on how focusing only on ideal customers is crap and how marketers have to look at the "jobs" people need done that they want to hire someone to do (to fix their problem).

  20. great tips. 3 kinds of customers. Use different sales messages to reach others. I've been focused on just identifying my ideal customer… this broadens my possible customer base. It's not different products for different customers, it's different angles on the same product

  21. Hey Derek, Thank you for the very long and informative share. I almost gave up when I saw that it was over an hour!!! But after the first 15 minutes, I was inspired to keep going because I was already learning and inspired. The first thing that struck me was learning about the 3 types of customers/clients. I realized that I have so much useful information to share that could reach a much larger audience if I used the right lingo (i.e. didn't use the words I am used to within my community already such as yoga or meditation).

    And your B.A.B technique is just a perfect simple formula I can use to uncomplicate the process of finding the right story to really connect with my audience! I am sure I will need lots of practice but I am looking forward to seeing the results.

    Also, I liked this new take on not niching my product but rather to niche my problems. Do you elaborate on that anywhere else? or if not can you? Typically, finding my niche market is one of the first things I hear from every entrepreneurial expert but here you really turned the table and that turned on my mind to a whole new world of possibilities.

    Can't wait for the next vlog. Hopefully a shorter one I can more easily fit into my daily schedule. Because as it turns out, I really like getting a daily dose of inspiration to keep my motivation high.

  22. 15 moments that I’m sharing with my list. There are sooo many more, but I want them to watch it. Here’s my favorite at 26:50 – You don’t niche your product. You niche your marketing.
    I’ve been trying to find a clear way to explain this to my students.
    Thank you for this long and well worth it video.

  23. This was my second time seeing it! Damn good Derek, thanks. I've to figure out some way of taking notes AND organizing them such that I can find what I want when I want .. your black box thing from earlier video was absolutely wow and goal material for me.

  24. This was epic, it gave me so many actionable tips to implement! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in this way it was certainly interesting and gave me a few laughs throughout!

  25. Derek- thank you thank you THANK YOU. my how I have totally fallen off the beam and your talk here has put me back into the he straight and narrow. Mucho appreciated. And yes I watched the whole damn thing. On a Saturday night. Not cause I am a loser. But because when I started watching I couldn’t NOT watch. It was that good. Id chalk this up as your best free content ever.

  26. i agree with broadening the audience point you made since whenever you first launch your business your email clickthrough rate will just lower if you're doing the same thing over and over and seem as spam. You have to remember that old customers are cheaper than new customers so don't turn them to dead customers as Derek said. Great video. keeping the streak of commenting every day.

  27. Thank you Derek for this video.

    When I watch this video, I feel like this video is specific to a B2C type of business. How does this apply when you are working with a B2B businesses?

    My brother is an civil engineer. How can he use this content to help grow his business?

    A friend is a concrete pumper. How can he use this to help grow his business?

    It also applies to me because I want to help them both by advertising for them. I am speaking to them but, I am speaking to deaf ears. I realize that I am doing something wrong in my messaging.

    Thank you for any feedback that you can provide.


  28. Derek, this was really generous of you to share this much of this presentation! Incredible! I’m in the fitness niche and you’ve sincerely opened my eyes as to how I should be segmenting my audience. 😃👍

  29. Watched the whole thing beginning to end. Took lots of notes. This video answered a lot of questions I didn't realize I had. Now, I am going to go back over Yes Engines and Sales Page That Converts for the umpteenth time.

  30. Hey Derek. Great video and I like the three types of customers. Thinking about the oblivious group the possibilities for creating content seem endless!

  31. Initially, I thought this vid would be too long to watch but after starting, it felt like a webinar I’d wanted to sign up for, packed with value around persuasion, knowing your ideal customers, changing your message and creating the ideal sales pages for your different types of customers. Great look into the benefits of lead pages. Thanks Derek! Super useful!

  32. This video is super valuable and good examples. Good content I really like your straightforward style and your illustrations made sense

  33. I’ve watched a section of this talk before and your method of explaining states of awareness of customers is by far my favorite. Thanks. I always have trouble getting through breakthrough advertising. I can’t get enough of this from you because it’s something I always have to go back to for a refresher.

  34. I watched the whole video,
    great stuff,
    …thanks for sharing those insights. YES, I am committed to growing my business this year.
    The most enlightening moment was to realize that YES, you need to target one specific audience with a specific pain-point, BUT I thought like that's IT!
    Now I know I can sell the same thing to other audiences, but addressing other pain-points.
    I've had that "Target a specific audience or you end up reaching no one" totally wrong, the whole time!
    Thanks again, wish you all the best in 2018!

  35. Holy Crap! Do you realize that that top of my funnel just doubled in size? This video gave me a TON of ideas for creating multiple funnels for one product.

  36. Hey Derek,

    that's a kind of video everybody should take notes at. I found it an eyeopener as you talked about the three types of clients. I already thought about that subconciously when I wrote sales material but it's great to also have it heard from you. Now I can apply it much more conciously!

    Btw the questions where really hard to hear on the treadmill. I made them much louder in my editing software and sent you my edited version via email. This should be much easier to understand. You can use it if you like.

    Vlog on!

  37. I LOVED this video!! So much Value! Please keep posting this long format videos for the commute or just for listening to them!

  38. Great educational content, it really gives me actionable advise I can actually implement and test (Blog post, share it with influencer, make a survey, find out real pain points, imagine a good solution, sell the solution to a small group of educated or afflicted people, scale up to more general oblivious public) I can´t afford yet to pay for your courses but this gives me a chance to start making a little money that will eventually lead to be able to buy your courses for sure. I am going to listen three more times. Thank you soooo much Derek!!!!

  39. Dereck, you're the man. A lot of awesome information your sharing. I been taking my notes. Every time I receive an email from you, I know it will be great and helpful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  40. Love the B.A.B. technique. Thomas Aquinas used to say, "To convert somebody, go to where they're at, take them by the hand and guide them" (loosely translated). Great value in this lecture. Will re-watch it a couple of more times to get the info to sink deeper.

  41. Derek, this was awesome, thank you so much for sharing it. Would love to see more like this in the future. My only comment is to get better audio on the audience questions as it was hard to hear a lot of them – but obviously there are still tons of nuggets in there… thank you!

  42. I have to say, it took me a couple of days to finish this video, but I'm glad I did.

    Now if only I could get my husband to listen to what you have to say. Haha. Either that or become a writer myself…

    Brittany @ Raptagon Studios

  43. Everything was great in this video as all the others but the one take away that was enlightening for me is having a specific customer/client in mind when I'm writing. I usually don't think about this when I write most times. Totally makes sense!

  44. You know what the interesting thing is….you gave away unreal info, and then some.
    I was paying that much attention, and not sure if it was intentional, I noticed the gorilla with ladder walk right through the presentation. Like the gorilla walking through the basketball game video thing.

    Dude, so many nuggets of info, of which weren't included in your flagship courses that I purchased. I think I got more insight just from watching this video.
    The other interesting thing is, how many times you say "you know what the interesting thing is".

    Absolute "GOLD" in this video. I watched it all the way through. You're a great presenter aswell

  45. Great staff Derek. I already knew that there are 3 types of writing a sales copy: content, story and promotion but with your video I've taken away much more insights!

  46. Wow. I do marketing strategy for a living (as well as running a personal development biz), and I feel like I was in marketing preschool before watching this excellent presentation. I almost didn't watch it because, it being free, I thought, "How good can it be? And besides, I'm already an expert!"

    I'm so glad I watched it anyway. SO MANY TAKEAWAYS. Seven pages of notes. Tons of ideas for how to create effective marketing messages for both my own offers and those of my clients. Had to seriously kick myself in the ass for some crappy messaging I've created recently — but I love it, because now I can fix what's broken and actually sell it to the people who need it.

    I could have spent weeks re-reading Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, Gene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, and other greats — but I got exactly what I needed in 1.5 hours right here instead. Thank you so much for your genius and generosity, Derek! Really well done.

    #FirstTimeCommentingOnYouTube #ItWasThatGood

  47. Killer content! Just whoa.

    By chance be would you have the slides? I learn by reading more than hearing.

    Either way thanks for letting us in your world.

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