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  1. Thanks Amy, I found that really helpful seeing your process, especially as you use pen and paper/journal. I like this style of behind the scenes planning process. Definitely more. Thank you

  2. OH my goodness I loved this video so much! You really helped me visualise the way need to plan and organise! Thanks so much, Amy !

  3. I LOVE my Google calendar, it is literally my brain on my computer. I really do like the idea of having a separate journal just for work tasks though. I'm getting ready to launch a membership site and this might be exactly what I need to start planning content in a separate area. I'm gonna try this out, thanks doll!

  4. I love bullet journals! I currently have two bullet journals and I found them super useful. It changed my life. Thank you for showing us your process for planning your month. Awesome channel!

  5. Thanks Amy. I too am a bullet journaler, always experimenting with new spread formats. Not completely related, but is there any particular reason you prefer Google Calender over say, iCloud Calendar? I have a Google Calender, but iCould is just so darned "native." Thanks again. Love your work.

  6. I would love to see how you use your Google Calendar and I love the sticky note idea, I plan on implimenting it this month with my content calendar as well!

  7. I've moved to a bullet journal since traditional calendars don't really work for me but I love how you use them. This year I had a giant wall calendar that I used to track all projects and deadlines and used the sticky note method but love your idea of using them right in the bullet journal and I think I'm going to steal it!

  8. I'd appreciate more organizational suggestions and bullet journal suggestions! Your channel realllllly helps me. Thank you!

  9. I plan my month with my Panda Planner which I love SO much! I have heard and seen friends who do Bullet Journal, and I think it's nice. Would like to try if it would work for me. Do you like follow the exact way to bullet journal or you do which suits you best?

  10. I've never used the bullet journal method, but it looks nice and straightforward. I have an Erin Condren that I like to decorate, though I don't do calligraphy. 😛 I read your book a couple weeks ago and have been working on my editorial calendar. I started a Google Sheet, but I think I like this approach with the sticky notes better. 🙂 Though maybe a combination of the two would be good for me? Hmm…Sheets for idea tracking and planner for scheduling? Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love that you don't get hung up on making it look all pretty. I have yet to start mine because I didn't have the time to sit down and do all the work to make it look all pretty and fancy. I love that yours works! Thanks for the video.

  12. @amyshmittauern Where are you speaking on Real Estate (noticed it on your calendar lol)? I ask because I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, will it be recorded possibly? Maybe I can find some real estate videos in your library of videos!

  13. I have been watching your videos for my vlogging progress and learning and i really have learned a lot from your each and every videos …Your videos are really good for the new vlogers ……thank you!!!!!

  14. You have just saved my life!!! I so needed this video in my life!!! I've been struggling with scheduling/planning my content for social media vs YT and business vs fun. I would have never thought of this technique but you've broaden my horizons and given me some serious inspiration!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! 💖💖💖

  15. This is the most obscure question but where did you find those sticky notes? I need some that size but can only find the small square ones which are slightly too long for my space. So I'm having to cut them! I've had that size in the past but can't find them anymore! I loved this video! 💗

  16. I used to have my daily tasks but as you said it just gets over filled with tasks that never get done so now I do is rough monthly one with all the videos I need to record and schedule then work weekly and find the urgent and important AND the important but not urgent stuff gets done in a timely manner 😊 great vid x

  17. Amy! Can you do a video about how to plan long term so you get started on projects right away and avoid waiting till the last minute?

  18. Love the organizational system for your video and podcasting episodes! Having to physically create a new calendar every month and move sticky notes manually would make me CRAZY though!  I put all of your great organizational ideas to use using Trello (free app for computer and phone).  I've used many other organizational apps — including the draw your own calendar with a ruler and sticky note method! Trello works for me for 3 main reasons:  It is visual like your journal, I can move lists and items on lists to other lists and copy and create new lists saving a ton of time and I can keep everything in one place visually accessible like Content Buckets, Resources, Tutorial Videos, High/Medium/Low priority lists, etc. There's a great video someone created about how to use Trello for your video editorial calendar that got me started using it for mine. In this video, you've added even more to my editorial calendar system. Thanks so much for your awesome and helpful videos. Love, love, love your conversational approach in your videos talking directly to your viewer!  And CONGRATS to you and Vincenzo on your wedding!  I remember watching you two fall in love on Blab!

  19. I loved this video because it is the first one where things are real and usefull, not fullof paints and distractive elements! Thanks a lot

  20. Planning for the month ahead is SUCH a good idea! I make daily goals, but monthly ones will definitely tie everything up/ put it all in perspective. Thank you  🙂

  21. While looking for some inspiration on creating vlogs I found your book, Vlog Like a Boss. Almost finished it on Audible and am loving it!! Decided to take a break to catch one of your vids. Awesome content. Thanks for giving me motivation to get some things done!

  22. I love your videos. Question, do you have a video on how you do your content calendar? If so, I would love to see it.

  23. While I love to watch the other BuJo videos, the method seemed unattainable because I don't draw or write in calligraphy, nor do I really want to. Even the minimalist BuJo videos are too fancy for me 😄 The moment you pulled out your pen and wrote October without doodads and scroll letters my brain was like… "You can do it that way?" Thank you for taking the time to share. Off to get started I go!

  24. Absolutely love your videos and pretty much everything about you!! Can I ask what you used to hold your iPhone above you while you record??!

  25. I know you have a video that talks about buckets and the book as well, but I have a question. Should I go ahead and draw the whole calendar [month] to plan weekly videos or should I just draw 4 columns for week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4?

  26. I like the way you talk and body language too.. confidence! Btw, your apple watch strap nice color .. what color is that 😉

  27. Would it be easier to make the month Oct, Nov, etc the post it note portion and not have to make new and rearrange? If your not writing in the cells their reusable right?

  28. This is so helpful. My inlaws got me my very desired bullet journal and I have refused to touch it bc I don't have the art supplies yet. I know that's dumb, and I am going to start making simple pages.

  29. I find it difficult to travel sometimes because of my dog. Any suggestions on finding dog sitters? Do you use apps like Wag or do you put your dog in a boarding place? Is this added to your budget?

  30. Amy before I’ve seen this video my life was a mess!! This was so easy and yet so effective!! Thank you for the video and tips B

  31. Awesome! I wonder why you have to draw the lines yourself. Don't the creators of the Bullet Journal provide this? It's such a good idea… Perhaps you can market your own if they won't. Off to watch some more of your planning videos. Purchased the 5 Second Rule at your recommendation, if memory serves, and am halfway through it via Audible.

  32. I have not started a bullet journal yet but I need to start I think… It looks like too much fun! 🙂

  33. Love this video, especially seeing that you’re not trying to be perfect! Ugh we all need to let ourselves be human right? Can you do a video on ways to stay organized and productive when you work 9-5 at a company?

  34. Just found your channel, loving it! Really love that you say "in regard to" and not "in regards to," such a pet peeve of mine!

  35. I love this! I wanna share how I doodled my ideas all over the notebook too… when my channel gets more subscribers. But yay! Your video gave me a new idea!! (My logo is actually a doodle in my notebook while planning for my youtube luanch in july 😊)

  36. Finally!! I'm so happy to find your video. I have been scouring the interwebs for weeks looking for a basic bullet journal user. That's not easy. You are the first , aside from Ryder Carroll, who I have seen using a basic pen. Thank you so much for this video.

  37. Your videos are always so great and clear!! Thank you!!! I already tried your calendar blocking method and I love it! I don't use BuJo yet but I'm considering it now. I have an happy Planner and I like the fact that I can add/move the pages and it works as a bullet… I just think is time saving. Even if I'd love to do my own bullet journal (my creative side) I think it's a bit on the time consuming side.
    I have a question : how many tasks per day/week do you schedule? I'm struggling with that and with consistency!!
    Thank you so much for all your help, I love your work!!! 👌

  38. I'm about 97% more productive since I started keeping a bullet journal… and way less stressed out.

  39. Thank you for the great videos! I own a business and also have a 3 and 5 year old. I felt buried under tasks. I’ve been calendar blocking for month’s and was really into it. Now I started bullet journaling (or trying it out). I love it too but now I am confused how to use both methods at the same time. I also can’t figure out if I should monthly journal or weekly journal. My task lists end up been way too long. Any suggestions?

  40. Amy i followed your lead and went over to look at a few videos on "how to Bullet Journal" for beginners. I'm now intimidated due to my complete lack of artistic ability and feel that most of the great ones are actually designers etc who haven't found the right project yet?!? eek! So much time spent on designing up pages look and feel rather than the content. Anyway I'm back here now to watch you do your thing – more soothing and useful;-) Go girl!

  41. I would like to see your weekly layout and habit tracker. This is my first year with a bujo and I find it amazing, the way it organizes everything. But in every tutorial I see there is too much doodling and too little organizing tips. I still haven't found a way to really track my moods for instance.

  42. Just found you and I've been binging for like two days straight. LOVE your videos, you're hilarious but SO insightful and helpful! Thanks for all you do! Keep on keepin ON! 🙂 <3

  43. Happy March! I wanna restart my monthly planning and polish it off. I'm relaxing for bed at 2:05 a.m. CT

  44. I hopped here from your 2019 video to see this one first! So glad I did! Gonna snag a bullet Journal and try this! Thankyou! 😎👍🏻

  45. I have literally been binge watching all your videos and after each one I genuinely learn something new. I admire your vast knowledge and how you have your life organised. But I was wondering if you could make a bullet journaling for students please xx Thanks Amy ❣Great video once again

  46. Hey Amy hv seen this video so many times this year . Love it . Love all Ur videos . Can you please make a new updated bullet journal video. would love to.see anything new you may have added .

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