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  1. Happy Sunday everyone! Today I'll be sharing with you my top 5 tips to stay organized. Let me know any productivity tips in the comments below. (:

  2. This video is life-changing! I crossed off items been on my to-do list for 6 months in a week!! Thank you for sharing!! <3

  3. I'm also a virgo so i can relate to pretty much everything you talked about!
    you're such an inspiration and i love tweaking my life through your videos and tips <3

  4. jenn: procrastination is the devil
    * pile of laundry in corner *
    * class notes to read *
    * sewing project to finish *
    me: uhhhh

  5. Hmmm… Now to put into practise… Thanks Jenn… You're teaching an old dog new tricks! Blessings! 😉😍😏

  6. Hi Jenn, what if I am sick and I need do complete a task but I am too weak to do so. What should I do? Love you Jenn!💋

  7. Jenn you should start your own productivity/life podcasts! I would download and listen to them in a heartbeat. <3

  8. As a Leo-Virgo as well, i definitely am in love with structure so i can relate! I recently hit rock bottom and im exhausted emotionally but this video definitely helps in getting my life back on track ❤️ this is so timely for me. You're forever my fave, you're just a wonderful woman overall and i really look up to you. Keep being you, jen! ❤️

  9. Hi Jenn! I know you would not see this but whenever I'm down, I always watch your videos for inspiration about everything may it be fashion, food, lifestyle, books, career, anything! You make me strive harder for life and just work and keep going to achieve my goals. You are such an inspiration and I hope you know that. I also hope you keep doing what you're doing now and don't feel unmotivated and tired (like me) because there are people who look up to you! Thank you for your energy and wisdom Jenn! Keep shining!

  10. I often feel intimidated by big tasks, so knowing how to break it down into achievable chunks and spread them throughout the week/month helps a lot! So instead of writing a whole report in a day, I'd do an outline in the first day, draft the first two sections the second day, proofread on the fifth day, and so on. It helps a lot! Oh, and being healthy also helps you be more productive so don't get drowned in work and forget about nutrition!

  11. I am a super procrastinator and I tend to start things and never finish them. Watching your videos really inspire me to get my life together and do something. Even seeing how Ben started from scratch on videography and now became super amazing was so inspiring! I'm the same age as you and I feel like I've wasted a bit of my life away. Hopefully, I can take your tips and start changing!

  12. Literally needed to hear all this, because I’ve been in a zone where I don’t know what I’m doing anymore thank you!! Will use these tips

  13. i'm sooo happy with this kind of content, especially your explanations are easy to understand. Thank you so much Jen, love you from Indonesia

  14. Hi Jenn! im ur big fan from since long times ago! But this is the first i comment! I always wanted to ask you "WHY DO YOU THINK SO MANY KOREANS VISIT AND SUBSCRIBE YOUR CHANNEL?" For example I'm here cuz through many videos i truely feel your deep effort and passion about work and even in ur daily life. And because you are positive person when i watch your videos, my days are full of good energy and I just feel more happy! so wanted to ask you "WHAT IS DIFFERENCIATION FROM THE KOREAN BEAUTY YOUTUBERS?" I really hope you understand my broken English!★

  15. I, personally, like to make tasks 'smaller' by listing all the little things to tick under the big task.

    For example: cleaning out the closet
    You can put underneath that the taking out the clothes, segregating them into piles (keep, donate or sell), folding and arranging them back into the closet

    I think it's rewarding to tick off boxes so when I spread out the task it makes me feel like I'm doing well.

  16. This is something that I've been looking for. Thank you so much! Your discipline is so spot on. So gonna try out these tips.

  17. 저는 목표가 있는데도 계속 미루게 되는데 이 영상보고 정신이 딱 드네요!! 오래전부터 지켜왔지만 언제나 열정적이시고 열심히 사시고 밝은 모습 너무 보기 좋고 본받으려고 해요~ 좋은 말씀 너무 감사합니당 젠언니 화이팅😊😊

  18. Hi Jenn, thanks for the advice! It’s really helpful for me to organize my life. I wanna thank you for giving excellent advices every time 🙂 cuz I can always get help every time I watch your videos

  19. I have found when making a list, to put down "make a to do list" as the very first task; this is so you already can start off the list with an accomplishment. Just checking off a simple task like making the actual list is a great way to get things started! Great tips Jenn, thank you!!

  20. Organizing my schedule is such a stress reliever too. Thanks for your tips! I'm trying to be better at disciplining myself and pushing myself through tasks I don't want to do. The 20 minute timer is something I'll definitely try! 🙂

  21. Cal Newport recommends creating a timeline for your day, which I find super helpful in completing/scheduling tasks. The set up is simple – using the tasks you have for your day, just write down how long you think each one will take. Always leave an hour for meals and give yourself a break every 30min-1hr.

    The best part about this is that it only takes 5 minutes to do, so it could be something you create every morning before starting your day.

    here's a quick example:

    7am: wake up, morning routine things to remember:
    8-930am: dr appt dr appt 8am
    930-1030am: breakfast study for chem!
    10-11am: study chem laundry
    meditation break: 11-1130 create outline for learning guitar
    1130am-12pm: study
    12-1pm: laundry
    1-2pm: lunch

    he gives more extensive explanations and examples in his book How to Become a Straight A Student, but thats the basic gist. I think the timeline helps give a more realistic outline for your day instead of only using a list. anything you cant schedule that day from "things to remember" can be pushed to the next day, so definitely prioritize the more time sensitive stuff.

    Hope you're doing well Jenn! I have loved watching your videos for over 5 years now – you are my favorite youtuber and a big inspiration to me, especially because we are both Korean American 🙂 If you try this out, please let me know what you think!

  22. Hello from Indonesia Mrs. Jenn ! I adore you a lot for sharing positivity through ur channel I love it so much n it very helpful!! Thank you

  23. Hi Jenn!

    It would be awesome if you could do a vlog regarding the process of vlogging. From beginning to end. For example, you mentioned several times in this video about a "vlog treatment". It would be great if you could go into more detail about what that is. Then, what would be the next step? Planning and prepping? And so-on.

    Also, how far in advance do you plan for your monthly video list?

    Actually, I think you could make this a series of vlogs. As an aspiring vlogger, I hope to see something like this in the future.

    Thank you for reading this!


    If you're curious about my channel, you can find it by searching: t0keeyo
    I don't have a custom URL yet 🙂

  24. These tips was so helpful Jenn! Especially the "write it down" tip. Jotting down everything I need to do helps me a lot to remember and organize my schedule & end up doing it all with no worries!

  25. Thank you Jenn. I’ve really been struggling with motivation to do my homework because it’s spring break and I just want to watch movies and bake cookies but I have so much to do 😭

  26. I've been binge watching your channel for days lmao. I've had the house to myself so watching your videos in the background make me feel less lonely. Am i the only one who does this??! I've been doing it for like 6 years

  27. Jenn, you are such a motivator and great influencer to a lot of ppl. As a pretty bad procrastinator as I am, I can surely relate scheduling ahead and putting urgent stuff first before rolling in-bed comes around. I do appreciate this video about your personal tips on organizing lifestyle. Thank you! P.S. I absolutely love your floral make- up and radiating smile! 🙂

  28. Hi Jenn, love you very much. Just wondering do you usually just write your to do list in your working email calendar? how about like the example you gave us, you got sth you need to to when you drive? Are you gonna add it to your calendar after you park? or you got sth else to write on?

  29. Love your talking jenn im 😍😍😍 you makes sense! I’m glad I saw you here and followed your channel, you are inspirational…. thank you 🙏🏻 😊

  30. Have you heard of Brian Tracy?! He is one of my inspiration!!! Your video os truly inspirationl and on point! No wonder you have millions of followers!!!

  31. Thanks for sharing your tips, Jenn! I've been using a paper daily schedule for a year now! What is iCal? :O

  32. You’re so good at SELF IMPROVEMENT Jenn!! You really are stimulative, making my work goes on 🙂 Thanks a lot!!

  33. Is it annoying for me to ask where you got your leaning book shelves from 😅

    I’m currently working on being more consistent and following through with my goals for my budding business. I appreciate your tips and will definitely be looking into the iCalender 👍🏽

  34. * Urgently needed to be answered, guys! Jenn's saying that she uses the 'iCal' app (as the translation says). I really wanna know what it is. Anyone knows? and she says it's a God-send for her. Thanks!!

  35. I love the aesthetics of your computer program! Which program are you using to type in youe tasks, goals, and to do's?

  36. I like to download extensions on my mac called assignment tracker which allows me to make lists after I open up another page. I also love camscanner u can download on ur phone which u can take a picture and convert it to PDF. I especially like this because I can not only have things on electronically but also physically because I'm able to print it out. collaborating and asking others for ideas are good too!! 🙂 hope this helps

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