1. Thanks, Amy. I am inspired by your organization of thoughts and data! I started a new career two years ago and have watched. a ton of YouTube videos by coaches and trainers and have written notebooks worth of notes, but they are all over the place. I love the idea of creating an Index! Thanks so much for your insight and entertaining expression of self.

  2. I use bullet journal too, and I have for yeeears! I'm loving it more and more as I understand what works better for me 🙂 I'd love to see how you plan your content and your batching days. As a new youtuber, that's really helpful 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  3. The timing of this vid is awesome. I tried bullet journaling some months back. But could not keep up with it, because I just didn't understand the system and how to use it productively. I'm going to get back to it now..

  4. As a planning and organising freak I love the idea of putting things together so you know exactly where thoughts of the same kind are… I use my regular year diary for a lot of things and I am constantly thinking "Did I ever actually write this thought down in this diary???"

    Thanks for another awesome vid Amy. I never really comment but thats usually because I am either listening to your videos whilst driving or doing "mindless" tasks. Also just want to say I love Detail Therapy as well.

    I am sure I have asked this before but would you ever consider doing a video on the process you followed when writing your book? Just looking for pointers there as I am halfway through writing my own training manual (more exciting than it sounds I promise!!) and seem to lack motivation to get it finished and published.

    Love you!

  5. I use a planner from Blessed Is She and I love it because each of the day sections have check boxes so I can incorporate the symbols for tasks being migrated completed or cancelled, but I also don't have to spend a lot of time making spreads.

  6. I've always wanted to try to bullet journal but it seemed too complicated for me. This breaks it down and easy to follow. Thanks Amy! 🌻

  7. Hi Amy, this is just to say "Thank You" for being such a great motivator. Last Friday I stayed in bed until about 11, and did not get around to having my breakfast cereal until Noon. Watched one of your videos later that day and since then have been up at around 8:30 and gotten chores and errands done early. I am retired so I don't HAVE to live on a schedule, but I feel MUCH better when I get an earlier start on the day.

  8. Thank you for these really helpful tips! It's really an important thing to be organized especially when you're an entrepreneur and has a clear goal in mind that you want to achieve. Without being organized, we wouldn't have beeen able to reach where we are right now in our business. I have a cookie shop in my college town. When I started it, I was living in my car with very little direction, just a huge passion to be successful. I just graduated college as well. I started the late night cookie shop out of a local bagel shop in their off hours at night. I was living in my car in the parking lot of the shop at the time with my boyfriend, Bran. It was a crazy experience but it worked! We became a success! And how we have our first storefront location (And a second location coming in January!) We started it to fund a year long backpacking trip around the world and to be successful while living the life of our dreams. A second location honestly wouldn't be possible without being good at organization!

  9. I have multiple journals that I use to jot down my thoughts, to do lists, products I want to try etc pretty much everything. It’s tricky organizing them sometimes with I want to reference them because I have a very basic index system. I think I will invest in a bullet journal to make it more streamlined

  10. Yes monthly updates would be great please. I use a Franklin Covey week on two pages (Classic size). Last year I did a day on two pages…and just too much bulk and I do not need to take that many notes. The index page is key!

  11. Bring on the BuJo updates this year! I love seeing how people organize and categorize their lives. Also, I love handwriting – sometimes people write in a style that’s very different from the way they present themselves. I was expecting your handwriting to be small and precise and it’s actually a lot more free-style without being frilly.

  12. Thank you, this is very helpful. I am using a planner just so I don't forget what I need to do. But I want to take it to the next level so this was very helpful content for me!

  13. I love how simple your journal is. It’s very easy to navigate and understand! Thank you for sharing! I would love to see more!

  14. Extremely thankful for these helpful tips! Keeping organized is very important to me as an individual and a businesswoman, and I really like the bullet journal template. Keep up the great content!!

  15. Great tips, especially for creators! I like to break up my yearly goals into quarterly and monthly goals and projects. Each week I review which project I'm focusing on and break out my action steps.

  16. I really need to start a bullet journal sometime, I actually need to get all new journals but just haven't made it there

  17. I’m in the process of establishing my first bullet journal myself so I’m glad to see how it’s working for you. Super encouraging to know we can all do it differently based on our needs. I’ve done my planning on blank sheets of paper before. Rather bullet journal style now that I look back on them actually. But now it’s time to put it all together in one book for the year. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I'm a devoted Bullet Journaler and I also use a Hobonici Cousin planner for business stuff. Technically, I could use just one or the other, but I like both methods and I love planners, so I indulge myself and use both.

  19. Dedicated bullet journal-er here. I love how you really use it. While all the pretty ones out there are very nice to drool over, I am like you–it is a tool to get s***t done, so it is inspiring to see how you you use it. I would love to have regular check-ins with your BuJo as they make sense to you and your community. Love your channel Amy. Sending good vibes, as always.

  20. Thank you Amy, these videos are my primary source of inspiration. Please do More bullet journal videos, your layout is inclusive of self care which I tend to neglect when I'm working to meet timelines. Speaking of stats how much time do you spend writing in your journal? Do you do it all in one sitting or do you spend time with it several times a day? Thanks for making a difference in my life by way of these amazingly well put together informative and relatable videos. The content is pleasing to the eyes and ears.

  21. Thanks for sharing, Amy! That seems like a lot of BuJo content; does it all fit into a single journal for the year or do you find you spill over into a second volume?

  22. Hi Amy, what sort of fitness watch do you have? Would you consider making a video about it?
    I am using a Moleskine professional vertical planner for the first time and have really found something that works for me – everything in one book. 🙂

  23. I don’t get it. Is this about bullet journal or about Amy? Why not use one note? Are you drawing frames /boxes in there or does it come like that? Passively watched this 2x so maybe I am missing key points.

  24. Hey Amy this is my first comment EVER on Youtube. You made me do it 😀
    Your way of putting your Youtube, Insta stats in bullet journal…Why not use google spreadsheets for stats?

    Having said that ..it speaks to the female in me who prefers pen over keyboard..because writing actually makes you think a bit more..creativity flows and all that stuff but you use it for stats too! thats brave!

    Love your work, Farah from other side of the pond x

  25. Awesome thanks for sharing! I'd watch updates for sure. Planning tips are super helpful at this point while I'm setting up my own business. Great word of the year too!
    I use a journal that I keep in my baby bag for all my family stuff created by YouTuber Emily Norris and it's great for that purpose. And soo pretty 😍

  26. Great video Amy! I don’t use a bullet journal but I do have a Happy Calendar where I plan out my days in 30 minute intervals. This year I am doing something new and planning out my 12-week year instead of 12- months at a time so I have detailed day to day actions that I plan out for 12 weeks and then take the 13th week “off” for some R&R and then to re-evaluate and plan out my next 12 weeks. So far it’s going well! I love seeing your approaches to planning so that I can incorporate some of your techniques as well.

  27. I use a Moleskine notebook because I ❤️ the paper but I could really use an index lol I’d like to hear at least Quarterly updates on your planning!

  28. Whoa whoa whoa so many questions LOL … Just spent a bit o'time w/you this a.m….First, thank you, I needed a simpler layout … last year was a flop so I'm using the same book… I wanted it to be cute and that stumped me… I AM INTERESTED in a MO recap! I want to add Menu, Shopping, Bills, Birthdays to it … love the idea of adding accomplishments to the one line journal part … todays says … made Bullet Journal … Thx so much Amy, XO Kelly <3

  29. I’ve been thinking about buying a bullet journal for awhile. This just sealed the deal! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  30. I would love to hear updates as the year goes on. I actually use a lesson planning website (I’m a teacher…) as my calendar and it works very well for me! It’s kind of like calendar blocking.

  31. great video amy! i’m using notability on my ipad for digital bullet journaling and i’m loving it. it’s so much more intuitive for me to keep everything digitally, plus then i always have my bujo on me even if i’m just out with my phone!

  32. New to the bullet journaling world but a friend of mine used to do it so I thought I'd try it. However I'm using a regular journal because I have so many empty ones that I need to put to use! Thank you for this thorough video

  33. OMG Amy you use your CAR FOR A 2mn DRIVE ????!!!!
    What's a shame ! You're not having the benefits a walk would have gave you, not talking about warehouses gases effects that you could have avoid. You're great but please, go green !

  34. Hi Amy. Your channel it´s one of my favorites and I really like this video because i love to use my Bullet Journal. I hope that you´ll make more videos of this kind. Thanks!

  35. Hm, Im curious if I would be a 'good' bullet journal-er .. currently I use 2 calender's, one for my kids schedule and then for myslef.. I want to get back to the google calender but it just hasn't happened. I like in this kind of journal its desgined for my commenting/note taking.

  36. Omg you look so different with the false eyelashes / eyelash extensions! Also, thank you so much for this video. It made bullet journaling seem so much less intimidating and now I'm actually down to try it. Also, maybe consider making a habit tracker (like you did for walking Lucy?) for reading since you seem to want to do that a lot more than you are (and consider reflecting on why you want to read more/what it'll add to your life & write that down). Hope you're doing well!

  37. I think it would be amazing to see your new ideas as you do them…? That way it doesn't have to be a regular bujo video for you. But you did an amazing job at explaining and showing what you do. I the SM trackers! such a good idea to be able to keep track!

  38. Hi, Amy: Can you vlog about how you wrote your book? What was the process? It looks from your book (I bought & read it) that it was published by Author Academy Elite? Do you have an tips and guidance for your audience? Thanks.

  39. Instead of resolutiones you can call them outcomes, this looks a lot like time management of TONY ROBBINS I totaly recommend, 🙂

  40. I just began using the Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets book to help me with defining goals and breaking up my big stuff for the year into those bite sized to-do’s. I have a planner (that I need to be better about keeping up with 😬) and I just move those little goals over. It helped a lot with defining goals and getting away from that box thinking we tend to do. Not defining our goals by what others say we can/can’t/should/shouldn’t do.

  41. My wife is big into BUJO in 2019. She wants the entire family to try it. Thanks for your video and sharing your creator templates.

  42. Your journal is so different to mine, but it's really cool! I make YouTube videos about Bullet Journaling, and I absolutely loved this video ❤️

  43. Planning helps me to save my time and energy. As an online entrepreneur, my time is very important to me. Creating a bullet journal is something that I can definitely consider doing. Aside from the methods that I use currently this would help me with my daily tasks and activities make it for my online business or my affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing this yet another helpful and useful video, Amy. There will never be a time wasted for nothing.

  44. I'm an ENFP, and the biggest breakthrough for me in journaling was when I read "The Survival Guide to ENFP's" and it said to use colors for scheduling, because otherwise we get bored out of our minds. I keep a bin of colored markers and pens and it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! And now I enjoy journaling, it makes me happy! 🌈🌟🤩

  45. I put a lot of this stuff in iPhone notes and more of the fun stuff and planning goes in my bujo.

    I have a ‘Last Time I…’ iPhone note where I track thing like: last time I had a haircut, cleaned the shower, etc etc. I have iPhone notes on packages I’m expecting and I delete items as they arrive.

    I personally think you’re wasting time if you keep all that in a bujo. Plus it just gets messy. There’s infinite space in an iPhone note and you can delete things to make more space. I’m all about saving time!

  46. Im so sad because the first couple spreads in my bullet journal are so bland and my monthly spreads are GORGEOUS they feel like such a shame 😂😂 My spreads are generally pretty minimalist (with the exception of my financial spread because I need detail for that), but I like using pretty markers to make it a more pleasant experience 🙂

  47. I am totally jealous of people who successfully implement bullet journaling. I need more structure than that, and have been absolutely loving my Panda Planner for staying on task. I used to be a Happy Planner, but found the fun stickers take up a lot of time—->even though being creative in my journal was cathartic. I just don't have the time for that system anymore.

  48. Do you still use the sticky notes for your month for planning the creative videos etc? Just curious if you have a new way of being “ creative” in the journal?

  49. On my 2nd year with a bujo and it makes my life so much easier and better organized. I do write out my calendar each month but it's the only one I use besides the family calendar in our bulletin board area. Great tips! And thanks!

  50. My goodness, so much line drawing and fussing around! I use the Passion Planner and it is so much easier than this looks to be.

  51. And if you’re a lefty, you can number your pages backwards. Love the freedom. I am using a planner now, but there are many events in my life that require this kind of journal.

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