How I Start & Plan my Bullet Journal + Useful Beginners Tips! ☆

How I Start & Plan my Bullet Journal + Useful Beginners Tips! ☆

Hi everyone, today I wanted to take you through
my entire planning process and show you how I actually start my setups! I’ve heard from many of you that bullet
journaling or even drawing is daunting and you have no idea where to start. I am hoping that I can offer you some insight
to help ease your worries and inspire you to be fearlessly creative to plan your own
journals! I haven’t created such an informative video
like this, especially before the final inking stage where everything is perfect, so let
me know your thoughts after you watch this video! Before I begin sketching out my ideas
for the month, I spend an insane amount of time trying to work myself into inspiration. And that usually involves writing ideas down
in another journal and a lot of researching on google images, instagram, and pinterest. And if I still feel uninspired or lost, then
I normally head to the gym and clear my mind so that my ideas can flow freely, you can
also do this by doing something you love, but make sure to come back to planning. One of the most important piece of advice
I can give you on finding inspiration is to let it flow, that’s always the beauty of it. It is normally unexpected, so don’t beat
yourself up if you can’t think of an idea right away, but be open to everything and
like I said before, just start, anywhere, start planning or start drawing anything. After I have a jumping off point, and I call
it a jumping off point because the idea could still change, I start to brainstorm in mysketchbook. This is the place where perfection does not
matter and drawing preliminary blobs with eyes are fully welcome. So here are some preliminary sketches of my
past setups and journal ideas I’ve done. When I feel a little more confident, I’ll
start to plan out my pages in a storyboard where I shrink down each page and the content
so that I can see them all in sequence. I normally flip through last month’s spread
and jot down that sequence first. Then I go ahead and jump into sketching out
my ideas for the cover page to start this month’s spread, using pinterest as my go
to source for animal photographs. I try to avoid jumping right in and looking
at other illustrations because I don’t want to copy or be greatly influenced by another
artist’s work. Especially to the point where there is a great
resemblance. If that happens I always feel so guilty and
unoriginal and I don’t like that. Now I make it a habit to come up with my own
layouts and ideas in order to continue growing my own style. So another tip when you don’t know what
draw, look up real photographs of things that you love. It can be a beautiful sunset or a bunny rabbit
and try using that as your jumping off point. And then, only after I have developed my own
ideas and if I really need help with layout, then I’ll look at illustrations for overall
positions and placement. The wreath around the bear, was a weak point
for me, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, so I looked up watercolor florals
to help jolt some ideas to complete the illustration. Once I like the cover idea, I quickly sketch
that into the storyboard and continue to plan out the rest of the spreads. Simply figuring out where things go and working
through a few different ideas. Moving on to the actual journal, I then start
to sketch in my ideas using a 2b pencil, referencing my storyboard for my layout and image ideas. If you guys also sketch out your ideas, make
sure to sketch lightly and use a 2b pencil if you can, the lead is perfect to draw lighter
and it also erases pretty well. Now for my mood for the month, which is determined
by my actual mood or hopes as I look forward to the month. And that is determined by what’s going on
or any upcoming goals I want to achieve. I picked emergence this month because I really
want to accomplish a lot within the next 31 days, even more so than I did the past few
months. And recently I’ve been in a state of slight
disappointment in myself and my abilities. I am making it a goal to conquer that thought,
change it, and continue moving forward. Those thoughts which create those feelings
are normal because we’re surrounded by amazingly talented and successful people and its human
nature to think, I can’t versus, seeing their success as proof that you can. And this where journaling saves me everytime
and that’s why I love it so much and want to share what I’ve learned with you. So as I go through these thoughts, I love
using the thesaurus to find the best word to convey the emotions I want to achieve. It’s plenty of going back and forth between
a few different words and then finally choosing one. And in this case, it’s the same exact word
that I started with. As I continue to sketch out my spreads, which
normally takes about 2 to 4 hours from beginning to storyboard to completely sketching out
my plans in the journal, because I am creating a actual story through mine, yours may take
less time if you’re creating a basic one, I want to answer one question that kept coming
up on instagram and on youtube and that is, how I overcome my fear of failure and of perfectionism? First of all, I want to say that there is
no right or wrong way to bullet journal. Journaling is a personal extension of your
thoughts and basically of you, So making sure that it works for you, is all that matters. When I posted my very first bullet journal
setup, In september of last year, I really thought that I was going to get hateful comments
about how different my journal was from the normal, but I received the most loving ones
instead. And after a few months, I realized that everybody’s
journal should be different, because we are different from each other, we’re all individuals
just sharing a simple love of organizing our own lives in a notebook. So just understanding that thought, I know
that my fear of failure and the need to be perfect back then, was coming from my own
expectations of the reactions of others. And that means that my feelings were out of
my control and I was placing that control in the what ifs. But I wanted that control back, because I
don’t want fear of anything to stop me from growing as a person. I want to reach my goals or at least get insanely
close. So just like riding a bike, or learning something
new for the first time, I knew that I just had to fail a few times and disappoint myself
in order to stop fearing that fear of the unknown, because then it won’t be unknown
anymore. This might sound funny, but I made time to
fail and to not be perfect in my work, just to doodle whatever came to mind and then I
continued to build from that. Basically, accept failure as part of the journey. And better yet, embrace it because it is how
you learn to be your best self. To add to that about perfectionism, is there
really a perfect in art? Because, my perfect can be different than
yours. And if by perfect you mean completely aligned
with what you visualize, then it’s a matter of expectations, which is also a part of the
fear of not meeting those expectations, which is again the fear of failure. So, my two biggest tips of overcoming these
thoughts is to understand them and know where they are coming from and then to start without
reserve and without expectations. Okay, so once I have my spreads all sketched
out, I need to sketch out my painting that goes along with the mood of the month in another
sketchbook that I use. I wanted the bear to break out of his shell
and open up to opportunities. I have him walking along a rocky path with
beautiful leaves that seem to defy nature and grow even on hard surface, following the
song of the bird, which represents Spring. After I ink and complete the illustration
then I’ll have it to reference for the final painting on camera. Next in line is to find quotes that work with
this set-up and that all starts with googling the mood of the month and the word “quotes”
behind it. I love two sites the best and that is good
reads and brainy quotes. If I can’t find a quote I like then I’ll
start searching the synonyms of the word, in this case growth or rising. I measure out the size I want and then create
them to fit in those sizes in photoshop. When I create my own quote, which I did for
this set-up, Its just a lot writing out a few quotes and then hopefully, coming up with
one that works, all based on the how I want to end the story or to sum it up. Now from this cardstock pack I bought at my
local craft store, I picked out my blush cardstock and then ripped them to sizes I need, not
worrying so much about perfection here, the imperfections adds character. Finally, It’s prop picking time. I don’t have too many things to choose from
so you’ll see some of the same items and florals, but I do have a few flower stems
from my wedding and diys that work with the feeling of the spread. I then, adjust the layout and make sure that
I have enough room to work in my journal on camera. And that’s normally it. But, this time around, I wanted to create
my illustration digitally and change things up for March, which is where I would love
to gain more experience, but I was not happy with the the direction of it. So the next morning I had the idea to add
more movement in the bear and the entire scene with the bird. I wanted the bear to embody the word emerging
in his action, and so the idea of him rising out of the water to connect with the chirping
bird, came to mind. Now, we’re ready to shoot. One final piece of advice about this whole
creative process of starting a setup and bullet journaling in general is that, it’s okay
to take time to plan before you’re ready to jump right into setting it up. I don’t really know anyone else’s planning
process, but this is what I have to do to come up with my layouts and I love it. Throughout each month, I can actually see
my work evolve and improve. And I sincerely wish that for all of you. I am so thankful for Audible for sponsoring
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moving forward. An amazing book that I am listening to right
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progress or join me on my life’s adventures, come find me on Instagram! Thank you so much for watching and I hope you have a wonderful and meaningful day. I’ll see you next time, bye!

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