how i use my bullet journal! (updated version)

how i use my bullet journal! (updated version)

hello, it’s seo from tbhstudying! so i’ve gotten a lot of asks and dms and comments asking me howi use my bullet journal now since it’s changed drastically since i did my previous “how i bullet journal” video. here’s a quick rundown of how i use my deconstructed spreads now. i build my bullet journal spreads off a single color usually, the color ends up being the color of the month. for this example spread that we’re doing, i’ll be using blue. (evidently i did not lmao) next, i make a weekly overview of the current week that i’m on. it’s either vertical or horizontal, whatever i really feel like doing that week i write down the week’s events on the week that i drew and this helps me keep track of events i might not fit the entire week’s to do list on a single spread but the week will still be there to provide me some sort of structure for events planned. i don’t bother writing down dates for individual days because that helps me keep my bullet journal more fluid, loose, and flexible to my schedule. i don’t bother doing any sort of color coding either. i just use whatever colors i want i put bullet points for tasks wherever i want them and it’s just a long list of bullet points there’s no real sense of structure or order to them it’s just the deconstructed nature of my style when i’m done with them, i’ll just cross through the tasks with a pencil or something like that sometimes, i’ll forget to cross them off and they’ll just be there, but i’m not really too fussed about that i add different drawings, stickers, doodles, quotes, etc as the week goes on eventually, by the end of the spread, it’ll all be full and complete. for the purpose of the video i’ll just be doing a whole bunch in advance and to be honest, this feels super weird because i never “plan” anything in my bullet journal except for my monthly spreads. i keep all the decorations and doodles with the same color scheme. it helps keep everything sort of unified and gives it the same vibe essentially, my bullet journal is a glorified to-do list filled with a lot of quotes and doodles and stickers there’s no real sense of structure, there’s no key, there’s no legend it’s very free-flowing and i get to do whatever i want in there. if i want to add a tracker, then i go for it. if i want to journal in it, then i just journal away. i even use my bullet journal for lecture notes sometimes if i don’t have a spare sheet of paper with me. i feel like a lot of people get intimidated by bullet journaling and try to make it all pristine and perfect i’m here to tell you: that’s not true at all. you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. a bullet journal is nothing more than a glorified to-do list that you can do with any notebook and any pen that you want. the freedom is all yours~ hope this helped and thanks for watching! make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and click the bell to get notified whenever i make new videos~ again, thanks for watching. hope this helped and good luck with your own bullet journal. bye!

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  1. You can always tell who has notifications on by whos here before a minute has passed after posting

  2. you and a handful of other study youtubers inspired me to start my bullet journal in April of 2018. i have been continuing it from that month and I am really happy with the results ❤️👍🏻😁 btw your bullet journal is Seo amazing! 😊

  3. You're a cutie, I enjoy your minimalistic bullet journal. 💓
    Good luck in your APs and possible college admissions. Xoxo

  4. Hey Seo! Just asking but can you remake your handwriting video? Your handwriting has changed so much (For the better)! I really love your handwriting and I aspire to have something similar to it! Btw thank you so much for all your content, I really enjoy it!

  5. girl! i have loved all of your videos and i just found your channel today! i love all of the study tips they are very helpful since i am also a rising senior in high school as well.

  6. Loved your video! I'm finding it really hard to find a nice doted notebook and brush pens to start a new bujo (they seem to be very rare in my country) but honestly I'm really considering to just pick up a random notebook and start there. I really like your style. Hope to see more content from you soon. Keep up the good job ✨.

  7. i love this idea of a bullet journal being not so structured like it usually is with all the habit trackers and strict usual formats, and definitely is fitting to anyone since not everyone works the same way!! <3

  8. I just love how cherry (?) you sound in every video, it always brightens up my mood! Thanks for your amazing content. 😆

  9. i've tried bullet journalling so many times and i've always stopped because i felt disheartened that they didn't look nice or seem "me" enough. this video has helped me realise that no one can say anything about how it looks or what it contains but me, so thank you

  10. Yay! 💕thanks for this seo But actually even you dont bother the color codes it turned out really well hehe H O W ? lol

  11. Hi Seo! Just a question (you don't have to make this video if you don't want to), but it would be cool if you made a new what's in my pencil case video since it been a while and I've noticed in your recent videos that your pencil case has been changing and its the star of a new school year soon! 🙂

  12. Just when I was about to give up on my bullet journal, this video shows up! What a life saver, now I’m suddenly motivated to make my spreads more free flowing!! Less stressful that way too!! Love it, thanks so much seo!!💙

  13. I have a video of how I bullet journal, but it's not nearly as pretty as yours. I'd love to get some fellow bujo-ers to give me feedback and how to speed up the process of it

  14. is it possible to do the nice letters without water colour? tbh I'm been journaling for a while but I haven't tried bullet journaling n I'm scared to.

  15. ugh I went to camp and somehow I didn't realize how many of your videos I've missed until now! I love your videos so much!

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