How I Use Visual Time Tracking in my BuJo | Nicole’s Journal

How I Use Visual Time Tracking in my BuJo | Nicole’s Journal

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel. I know I promised I was going to upload the
second part of my 2017 planner setup which covers how I set up my mini size discbound
notebook, but I had some issues recording the voiceover, so I’ll have to upload it next Friday. Instead, today’s video is going to be about
the visual time tracking system that I use in my bullet journal. Usually, bullet journalists use a vertical
or horizontal time tracker to track the tasks and activities that they want to do or did
in a day. I prefer to use my circular trackers, because
they represent the day in a shape similar to a clock so it helps me to visualize my
schedule in a more intuitive way. I also like it because I divided each hour
into 15 mins segments, so I can be really specific when tracking the amount of time
I invested in a task. These sticker are a 24hr clock divided into
2 layers of 12 hours. The inner layer is the 12hr block of AM hours,
and the outside layer is the 12hr block of pm hours. Therefore, if you start at 12am in the inner
layer and go around the clock clockwise, you would reach the mark for 12 again and go to
the outside layer to start tracking the pm hours starting from 12 as well. Each petal represents one hour and each segment
in between two dashed lines represents 15mins. To use these stickers, you must have a color
coding system for the activities you want to start tracking. This is an example of my color coding system. Now, to give you an example, I’ll pretend
I’m tracking a day and fill it out accordingly. Let’s say I wake up at 6 and my morning routine
takes me about 2 hours and a half to complete. This means I would shade the petals from 6
to 7 am and half of 8am. If I then want to start working on a project
from 9am to 1 pm, I would color the inner petals up until 12pm, and then switch to the
outside petals to mark the 12pm to 1pm hour. From then on, I would continue to fill in
the petals as I complete any other activity I planned for the day. These are examples of how I’ve used the stickers
before. For the moment, these are printable stickers
on my Etsy store. Many of you have asked me in private messages
if I would sell them already printed, and the answer is that I am still figuring out
how to ship internationally from the Dominican Republic. You can print them on sticker
paper like I do. I buy mu paper from Amazon, and then I cute them out with my small scissors that I can always carry
around in my HomeCube pencil case. Which is, by the way, the best pencil case
I’ve used by far, and I’ll be making a review soon so you can look forward to that. You can stick multiple stickers at a time
in your weekly setup, like I’ve done before, or stick them as you go in you daily spreads
as I am doing now in this mini journal. That’s everything for today’s video. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up
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where I post pictures of my planner almost everyday and you can also check out my Patreon
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next Friday!

24 thoughts on “How I Use Visual Time Tracking in my BuJo | Nicole’s Journal

  1. Está muy padre y todo, me gusta mucho tu canal, entiendo el inglés, pero algunosnterminos no, sé qué hablas español, no entiendo porque si no hay tantos que hablen han explicado de bullet journal (porque todos hablan en inglés) porque también lo haces tú!!!??? Hay tanta gente que habla español que quisiera saber toooooodo esto y no puede porque no entiende el inglés.

    Deberías hacer algunos videos en español.

  2. What pen do you use for coloring? Or highlighters 😂 I love the colors you're using for your journal but I can find 1 that has. The similar color 😂😂😂

  3. Can you make a video about your daily routine? From you wake up, have a shower, go to school maybe? I want to know how you schedule your daily activities because mine is really really not scheduled 😂
    I usually start studying in my house around 8 or 9 p.m (after I had math course and sometimes I take a nap) and I have to wake up at 5 o'clock so I don't get late to school 🙁 can you help me😂

  4. I have, what might be called, a stupid question 😂 The discs, that you have linked to in you description, are they meant to "build" your own journal? Because I can't find a journaling system here in Sweden that doesn't cost a fortune or doesn't look like I want… BTW your videos help me a lot as I am a newbie 😊

  5. Sorry to ask this, but did you ever consider to teach how to print out your "free printable" or somebody knows how to print out, I would like to know how I have to setup the printer. Thanks

  6. Hola Nicole! Excelente contenido! Te encontré a traves de The Reset Girl, que chulo ver como haces tu Bujo. También soy dominicana y me encanta todo lo de papercrafting, stationary y planning. Sigue explotando tu talento y subiendo videos ♡

  7. Hi Nicole! I love your time tracker clock. Unfortunately, the Etsy links do not seem to be working anymore. Can we please get updated links? Thank you!

  8. También soy de republica dominicana, sabes si se pueden conseguir algunos materiales como los marcadores u otros utensilios en el país ?

  9. My Floraldex stickers are now available on my website. Here's the link:

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