How important is the frequency of updates on a blog?

How important is the frequency of updates on a blog?

Here’s a fun question from Land Lubber in
Colorado. Land Lubber asks: “Some people are under the impression that blogs are good for
SEO only if they’re updated frequently. How much does frequency play in to PageRank for
blogs and other dynamic sites? Isn’t the content more important than the simple number of posts
per day, or per week?” The answer is yes,content is much more important.
So if you’re thinking about for people, then frequency might be a nice thing to have. If
you show up on a blog everyday and its never been updated, and you’re a person, then maybe
you don’t show up every single day, maybe you show up once a week. So people have noted
that the more often you post, the more you have fresh content, to the degree where sometimes,
some megablogs will have like a new post every few hours, just so that any time you show
up during the day, you’ll have something new to read. That’s fantastic for users. Users
like to see something different, not just the same static content whenever they show
up. But whenever you’re thinking about search engines, it’s much, much, much more important
to think about the quality of you’re content. For example on my blog I don’t post everyday.
Sometimes I don’t post every week. But I try to make sure that each post has something
useful about it, or some kernel that’s going to be helpful to people, that’s funny, that’s
interesting. If you need to take three weeks to do some research, and then that research
results in a really good blogpost, whether it be about the iPhone, or the Android market,
or how well does gmail do web spam or…whatever it is… How much does Gmail detect spam compared
to other webmail providers? Whatever it is, those original pieces of content often attract
alot more attention than those sort of follow-on blogposts where you’re talking about, “Oh,
I’m the one hundreth person who wrote about an iPhone that got leaked, and I don’t really
have any new or interesting different insights.”…or something like that. It’s a lot more interesting
to take a little bit more time. Think about sites like Techdirt. Mike Masnick doesn’t
just follow the headlines and write about everything just to write about something.
He’s told me that he waits until he has some insight, some unique angle, some of value
to add, some perspective that people haven’t really noticed on a particular story. And
I think if as long as you’re doing that on your blog, or on your website, it’s going
to be a lot more useful, it’s going to attract a lot more links, and it’s going to do much
better in search engines. So don’t just pay attention to, “I have to have a certain frequency
of update per day”, unless you’re really trying to make a play to get a lot of users, and
you’re really caring about how people are gonna be coming back to you’re site, as far
as return visitors. If you’re thinking about search engines, what’s much more important
is the quality of the content, rather than the frequency with which it’s posted.

19 thoughts on “How important is the frequency of updates on a blog?

  1. Interestingly enough, I've found myself automatically skipping the top five Google results to get to the information that I was really looking for.


  2. I can think of only three reasons why you'd want to post regularly: 1) you make money through advertising, 2) you are seeking superficial popularity, or 3) you are easily bored and have a lot of free time. In the long run, quality (rather than just regular posting) probably will be most satisfying for both the person posting something and the person viewing it. And satisfaction will in the long run increase your profits and/or your popularity. But if you enjoy posting regularly, then do so.

  3. I write my blog about things I am interested in that seem to have been missed by other people. The problem is its all to unfocussed (maybe the polite word would be "eclectic"). One of these days I will decide what its going to be.

  4. MAtt. You say that content is king. I have unique quality content, and was getting 100 visitors a day from google. I moved the site from a dedicated host to a shared host…. the same site, same content you claim is king, the traffic I was getting from google dropped to 5 … I am about to abandon the blog (it is about actionscript tutorials)

  5. So why does Google return 50 blog posts repeating the same rubbish PR release about the iPhone4 then?

    Seems quantity often beats quality.

  6. hey i have problem at alot of vids and not just me alot of ppl i try more than 40 vids and all of them says "erorr occored, please try again later" so any 1 have selotion for this problem and youtube most solve it cuz not just my pc

  7. Matt, sometimes U say "Good Question" and sometimes "Fun Question"…..Could U pls tell me how is this question funny…?

  8. Very well said. Sites that are regularly updated with POOR CONTENT won't amount to anything. Especially since Google's algorithm is geared towards user experience.

  9. Google bot has no way of determining "content quality", it is a fact that Google favors frequently updated websites over static ones even if you post crappy content, so don't be fooled by what Cutts says on this video.

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