How Many Blog Posts Should You Write Per Month?

How Many Blog Posts Should You Write Per Month?

– Everyone says content marketing works, but how much content
should you be creating? Hi everyone. I’m Neil Patel and today
I’m going to discuss with you how many blog posts you need to write each and every single month. (light music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way when I release
more videos like this, you’ll get notified. Question for you. How many blog posts do you
write on a monthly basis? Leave a comment below with the number. Now, can you take a guess
on how many content pieces I write each month? Do you think it’s one,
do you think it’s three? Do you think it’s 20? I write four a month. That’s roughly one a week. And some months I write five ’cause there’s five weeks in the month. But that’s really it. I just write one piece of content each and every single week. And you’re probably wondering, wait, if Neil writes one piece of content, then I should write only one
piece of content as well. Well, that’s not the case. What works for me may not work for you. So let’s go over to figure
out how many pieces of content you should be writing
each and every single week because it’s going to vary
per blog and per industry. The first thing I want you to do is to head over to Ubersuggest and type in your competitor’s domain. When you type in your competitor’s domain, you’ll see this domain overview report. Click on top pages and this will show you all the top pages that
your competitors have. Some of them will be blog
posts, some of ’em won’t. It’ll even show you the keywords that they’re ranking
for each blog post for. And it’ll even show you the
backlinks that they have. What I want you to do is
take all of those blog posts that your competitors are ranking for and create a big long list, not just for one competitor, but all of ’em, whether
it’s three, five, 10, 20, just get a laundry list. This will give you a good
understanding of overlap, what articles are similar to
all your competitors have? What ones are unique that they don’t have? And only maybe one or two have? And this will give you a good idea how much content is there
to be covered in your space? And this works for almost every space because you have to consider now there’s over a billion blogs which means there’s content on everything. Now that you have that, you’ve figured out roughly
how much content do you need to get the max amount of traffic and beat your competition. The next thing I need you to do is look at how competitive
your competitors are. How many backlinks do they have? How much traffic do they have? What’s their domain score? The higher the number, the harder it is to compete with them. I want you to go to Ubersuggest and then look at the domain score, the traffic of your competitors, the higher that number that means the more competitive it is, the lower the number,
that means the easier it is to outperform your competition. Now that you have the domain score number, the backlink count, the traffic
number of your competition, this will tell you how much content you should be creating. If your competition has a domain score generally under 40, that means if you produce all the content that they have, over time
you can quickly outrank them. That means you should be
producing a lot of content, whether that’s seven
pieces of content a week, whether that’s 20 a day, you can produce however many you want. The main reason being is, your space isn’t as competitive and it’s not going to be that hard to outrank your competition. But on the flip side, if your competition has high domain scores, above 65, it’s going to take a
lot longer to beat them. And if that’s the case, I don’t want you to produce 10, 20, 30 articles a week, a
month, or even a day. What I want you to do is
look for content gaps. Look at all the things they discuss and what are the topics
that not too many people are discussing, but yet
still get a lot of traffic? ‘Cause you’ll find that if you look up 10 competitors, maybe there’s one competitor who gets a lot of traffic from one blog post, but none of the other
competitors even considered writing a article on that. What I want you to do if your space is competitive is to write content that other people in your
space aren’t leveraging. In other words, you’re
looking for content gaps. You’re seeing what people
aren’t really covering, and then by you covering ’em, even though your competitors have more domain scores than you, they have a higher authority, you can still do well
because they’re not trying to rank for those terms
when they should be. That’s will help you determine and figure out how many pieces of content that you should rank for. In other words, if your
space is ultra competitive, domain score of 65 and above, you want to look for content gaps. If your domain score of your competitors is under 40, write as much as you want, build the links, do the internal linking ’cause over time, you can outrank ’em. If you need help getting more rankings, more traffic, check out my
Adding Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell
other people about it. Thank you for watching.

69 thoughts on “How Many Blog Posts Should You Write Per Month?

  1. Thank you..
    1 piece is okay if it works for you.
    But it your audience wants 17 a month, then way to go.
    What works for you may not work for me.
    Your blog post would be 5k words but when my audience doesn't want that length of content.
    It goes back to what works for you.

  2. This is one the first time I’ve seen you be so open about the 1x a week may not actually work for someone else. Not that i felt you were hiding but I really appreciate you being so quick to even mention it. Well done m8

  3. I write one article per day because my blog is not more than 1 month. That's why I write daily one post with 1000-3000 words on blogspot

  4. You have almost 5k blog post so making one per week makes perfect sense. How many would you recommend for a new blog? You said before 3-4 per week is that still true

  5. Thanks Neil. I am trying to use ubersuggest for keywords but it's causing problem. Are you updating your tool ????

  6. Neil thanks for sharing what it is the easy way to find my competitors, i am webdesigner webmarketer for latinamerican market and i want to rank specially in two or three countries

  7. Beginners new bloggers are 3 to 4 articles published per week .. after 3 to 4 months domain authority established then publish 1 r 2 per week.. i think

  8. Great video! Though, White shirt on white background makes the speaker's head and arms look like floating… but that's just a small thing compared to the big content he is discussing.

  9. You are by far the most honest internet marketer I have seen, clearly you are not out to rob small business, but to help them grow. Keep up the good work sir. My question for you come in two fronts: how long does it take to get an article written, and where did you get them writing, or better yet did your team write them for you? see it’s takes time to get an article deliver from an outsource what is your advice on that? I don’t have the skills to write those articles my self coming from a French speaking country. Please help!

  10. I also aim for one a week, some weeks it's two and some weeks it's none. I've been blogging at my current blog ( for six years.

  11. Hey Neil, I recently compared Ubersuggest and Semrush, both show different results for my website… why is it so?

  12. Hey Neil, Should we be miser about knowledge or share it all with others. What do you do? Do you share everything you know with people around or not?

  13. depends what type of blog, currently i write 1-4 per month plus a few more shorter posts for my personal sites

  14. My blog posts are erratic. I usually publish 1 to 4 per month, but have published about 15 in a month.

    I focused more on making sure I had content going out last year. Now I do as well by making new Pins for existing content.

    I do need to concentrate my energy upon my novel and non-fiction book projects, so it's not entirely accidental that I'm letting go somewhat, with my blog and social media postings. Because of my health issues, I'm limited to start with. But, that said, I honestly don't worry that I can publish three days in a row on my blog, and then nothing for a month, because that random element is how I stay interested.

    Great video, Neil. I always appreciate your insights. ??

  15. Nice to see you up front about content creation. Some in the industry see content as some sort of panacea that will fix all your income woes. It won't. Content is important but there is so much more going on in making a website successful that if you over-concentrate on 1 aspect you will invariably lose out in the end.

  16. I write 1 or 2 articles per week because I always look for low-competition keywords to write about in the first case.

  17. I've been writing 3 posts/week (M-W-F) since 2015. A few years ago I experimented with going down to two/week: traffic dropped a bit but when I tried one post per week traffic dropped like a rock. But, yeah, I guess I need to revisit post frequency.

  18. Thanks for sharing valuable points Neil . I too prefer 3 to 4 blogs every week doing constantly for any website I worked and got good results.

  19. Sir I just started and I'm posting 1 article per day from past 1 month but my Per day reach is about 30-40 🙁

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