How to Activate Theme Newspaper 8.5 or Above 100% Free

How to Activate Theme Newspaper 8.5 or Above 100% Free

Okay in this video I will show you how to activate theme Newspaper 8.5 for free Let’s try to activate Newspaper 8.5 with manual activation I will using trick on my previous video replace the false value with true It said failed to activate the theme 🙁 So, how to activate Newspaper 8.5 for free? Follow this simple step Here I have 3 version of Newspaper 8.2, 8.5, and the latest one 8.5.1 First, we need to manual install Newspaper version 8.2 Newspaper 8.2 succesfully installed Then we need to activate this theme with manual activation Theme Newspaper 8.2 succesfully activated after that, we need to update this theme version to 8.5 Follow this steps Create a archive file (ZIP) of the 8.5 patch folder Let’s check 🙂 Sorry, the wifi was diconnected LOL XD Let’s check again And here it is… Newspaper 8.5 succesfully activated 🙂 If you want to update to the newest version, just upload the patch folder of the theme No need to upload all of the theme folder Please subscribe, like and share. Thank you 🙂

46 thoughts on “How to Activate Theme Newspaper 8.5 or Above 100% Free

  1. Bro, itukan kalau mau jadi Newspaper 8.5 ya.. Tapi kalo kita mau activation untuk 8.5.1 pertama tetap install 8.2 atau 8.5??

  2. I have currently installed 8.6 version and I have customized my website alot.I wanted to know if i upload 8.2 will my data be lost or not? Plus it would very good if you make a video tutorial of which files to zip and upload. Waiting for your response.

  3. wp booster error:
    The path C:xampphtdocsokeynp5/wp-content/themes/Newspaper/parts/footer/td_sub_footer_template_1.php of the template id: td_sub_footer_template_1 not found.

  4. Hey! For some reason when I upload the theme, everything seems to be okay, but I cannot see the "Activate theme" option… Please help 🙁

  5. instead of this, try to search this method in same file and replace with this mine

    static function on_ajax_manual_activation() {
    //required data
    if (empty($_POST['td_server_id']) || empty($_POST['envato_code']) || empty($_POST['td_key'])) {

    $id = trim($_POST['td_server_id']);
    $ec = preg_replace('/s+/', '', $_POST['envato_code']);
    $ad = trim($_POST['td_key']);

    //return buffer
    $buffy = array(
    'envato_code' => $ec,
    'theme_activated' => true

    if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === false) {
    $buffy['theme_activated'] = true;


  6. Find td_ajax.php file on includes/wp_booster
    In the function td_validate_data
    where should i find this, in my computer or online if online then where

  7. All this guys with BS content. The links are no good and most of the people here didn't get anything fixed, besides your friends jumping in excitement as though it really worked.

  8. thanks mate i finally found the right link after open some ads … hope opening ads will help you to get some money to cover your work … thanks so much … good luck my friend … greetings from Syria ❤

  9. btw, after patch 8.6 stops working.. Tried the 8.7 and everything disappears. I'll try to run 8.8 and 9 without putting 8.7 on and see how it goes. Gj anywayz 🙂

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