How To Add AdSense Ads to Your Blog Post

How To Add AdSense Ads to Your Blog Post

Hey guys, It’s Ileane from Basic Blog Tips dot com and i got a question about adsense and i want to answered here and
knows a lot of new bloggers coming on the scene and they’re concerned about
using adsense on your blogs here i’m going to show you how-to ed adsense into individual blog posts now we’re going to act like we’re doing
this from scratch so the first thing when you do of course you have to have
an approved accent account this will work but are there and work press plot the first thing you want to do is come
and two-year exits account click on my ants and then you going to click on custom channels now complex and new custom channel for everything you want a and m custom
channel he’s so that you can had targeting so
that advertisers will know what appears one this particular blog
page so they’ll be able to make sure that they’re getting targeted traffic that to directed so that’s why you when you use accustomed channel so i’m just gonna sts
stipend the custom channel that i want to set up now there’s all of different types of
and units that you can have we’ve already set up some at unit so
what i’m going to do pick one that i don’t know performs well and it’s a very popular
and even adsense has recommended that i used to size and that’s a three hundred
by two fifty now we’re going to turn on the targeting now would just fill out the rest of
before so i filled in the name of the blonde the position that the ads will appear in and i gave a description so this is
where i could in the keywords so that this is going to talk about that email marketing utube marketing and websites and then of course the language insti okay now we’re going to go over to and units little do anew and unit and once again were quiet fill in the name an ad size we already determined was three hundred by two fifty member
told you that accents army recommends that i use that size so here it is right there so now when it comes to the and tight i like to use image of rich media aunt
only but due to testing because there’s also a text or text and image pants so do some testing for yourself to see
what works best with europe audience and about concern myself with the backup ads but
as you can see there’s a couple choices there are i’ll just leave it as she would like
space now for a custom cannot remember we
already set ours are that’s the reason we set out the custom
channel before we treated the enemy and i know that kind of back which
because if you look at the menu it makes it
think you should set up the at unit first because that’s the first thing but i’d like to set the channel first that women are coming here infinity unit there’s my camera okay keep in mind when you’re saying that day so he stayed the same speak and factors
k at the bottom of the screen you’ll see
two choices save was safe can get code what time we get the code because what i did up already have app
blog post ready i’m already envy edit mode of a
blog post this one just so happens to be born a
proper block so i can just grab this curve right now
and stick it into the post so here we go that’s even get killed so here’s my code let’s grab it now let’s go over to the edit mode of a
blog post from that particular block i’m demonstrating this on a block of god but he works the same way or were
pressed the read different is you’re going to see uh… compose or text mood in this case it’s html when your own
blocker so in the way switch over to html port exposed find a spot where you want to insert the
ed update the post and come back to be the post there you
see the and appears within text some that scene that’s how you and and enhances unit into that no-one not post and as i mentioned you can do this and dr and of course number press i hope you’ve enjoyed by king is the
deal and here’s what i’d like you to do one you all want you to subscribed to my channel and when you can keep up to date with of
a blogging tutorials social media and anything that’s going
on with you too angry fink so much for joining me today and million preachy and i’ll talk to you soon once again it
citing from basic block tips bye for now

42 thoughts on “How To Add AdSense Ads to Your Blog Post

  1. failed 🙁 pasted the code in but was just left with a blank space when I previewed it. Is this because I have 3* adsense ads on my site already. If so How do I put affiliate widgets/banners in my blogger post boy Heeeeeeeeeeeelp! Thanks in advance Andy

  2. I just looked at your blog and most likely your AdSense account will get removed due to the content and violations of there TOS. They have very strict rules. You might want to try a different ad network.

  3. Thanks for the reply Ileane. Rather than placing ads it seems that I have another issue to deal with, but I do not know what TOS I may have breached. Thanks for reply so quickly. Regards Andy

  4. Google AdSense just released a video you should watch that will help. Do a search for "AdSense Tips: Keeping your site family-safe"

  5. Excellent response. I will definitely watch what I write about in future including the images I post. I may have sailed close to the wind on some posts, but if I had breached Googles TOS it has been done purely by accident. Thank's Ileane. I guess you have just picked up another subscriber. Andy

  6. I have 12 Adsense ads in my account even though I can only have three displayed at any one time. As it seems to be working I am not going to interfere with them, However, I do not recall typing in any "Targeting" text to help Google supply relevant ads. Is it too late to make these changes.. Thanks in advance for any help received

  7. Andy, you can make the targeting changes any time you want, so go for it! As new ads come in they will see the updated targeting info when they bid for the ad space.

  8. I have tried to delete all my old Ads and channels in a vain attempt to tidying my interface. It appears you can't do this so I have adopted best practice and use the HIDE function. I have (With your help) now got a clean sheet with three beautifuly new target-able Ads. I do have one more question.. why do we need to fill in the Target Description if I am only running Ads in the sidebar and header. Surely Google supply Ads based on the content found in each post. Key word prominence etc

  9. The advertisers use the description you enter there. They don't see any other info Google has collected on your site.

  10. I should see more "Targeted" Ads then. This is all good news. Thanks Ileane, I will have to check out some more of your excellent videos… Doh! Have a great day

  11. I'm still in the approval process and creating units for the first time. I'm curious if you do this process for each blog entry you post, targeting for the content you are posting, or do you do it once and it shows up on all posts?

  12. how can we put the two 300*250 size ads in the series(horizatal)…..when am trying to put the two ads it's coming like vertically

  13. Hi Ileane, I have an aproved adsense account and I have an add in my side bar but when I try to add a new add to a post I just get a blank space.  I use WordPress.  Any suggestions?

  14. Hello Ileane, I am quite restless, same like in the case of Wendy Tomlinson, I am facing issues in adding adsense to my blog, either way it shows up as blank space, I am very tensed. Have got blog since a year but no use, can't earn. 
    You're simply the best. Can you help me please?

  15. heyy hi  please ,,every time u add new add ,, 
    u just need to go on a custom chanel ,,pleaseee

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