How To Add AdSense to Blogger Blogs Tutorial

How To Add AdSense to Blogger Blogs Tutorial

Hey guys, It’s Ileane from
Basic Blog Tips, and today we’re over on Blogger. I realize that I hadn’t done a tutorial on
Blogger in awhile, and they’ve made so many changes that
I figured I will come over and just run through
them real quick.
Well first off they introduced some new looks to
Blogger, and over on the top left hand side you’ll see
where you can scroll through the different views
you can have on a Blogger blog. Now this is sort
of replacing templates, or what we know as themes
on WordPress. And one of the things about it is that
you’re not having a sidebar anymore. So you’re not
seeing all of the banner ads and so forth on the
Blogger blogs if you use any of these new looks.
So right now I have the Classic look — and that’s
the Flipcard — here’s the Magazine style, which
as you know with a magazine style, they always have a featured article up at the top and
then other article recently published that you
can choose from to browse — Mozaic, which for
me was more like a hodge-podge, I’m not that
much of a fan of this one because, you don’t really
get to see the full titles until you hove and
to me that one was a little confusing, but it depends
upon the kind of blog you have. If you have an
art blog, photography blog that would probably be perfect.
Now this is called Sidebar and in the sidebar you’re
just seeing the list of the recent posts. This is a nice
look too. Because this way somebody doesn’t have
to scroll down you’re whole blog in order to see
you’re recent posts. Snapshot is another one, and that’s kind of
a fun look, once again people can’t see the titles.
They’re only seeing the image that you have in your
post so if you don’t have any images in your post,
this might not be the way to go.
Timeslide, this is very similar to the Magazine style,
and it also gives you a list of your recent posts, over
on the sidebar. I’m going to go back to the Classic view,
that seems to be the one that’s working for me.
Although the Sidebar one was a little interesting as well – let’s try that again.
Yeah, I do like the fact that you can see all of the
other posts there. So, as I mentioned, you lost the ability to
have any of your banner ads or anything over in
your sidebar, but you still have AdSense!
And let me show you how that works. Head over to your dashboard and just click
on this little icon here, and you’re going to
see one that says Earnings.
And in your Earning area you’ll see where you
can sign up for AdSense. This is where you’re going to connect your AdSense account to
your Blogger blog. And after you’ve made that connection you’ll
see that you have a choice of having AdSense on your blog. You can either show the ads
or not. Or you can show AdSense for your feeds. So
here’s the options for AdSense on your blog The sidebar and your posts or sidebar only
or below your posts. I’m going to stick with the default which is to display them in my
sidebar and my posts. And we’ll also insert AdSense in my feed.
That would be your RSS feed that people subscribe for. And I think it’s best to display the
ads at the bottom. At least let people read some of feed before
they start seeing AdSense, that’s just my opinion.
Now let’s go back to the blog, and remember that
I choose the Sidebar view of my blog, and you’ll
see there is another sidebar now, which has the
AdSense and at the bottom of my posts there’s also ads.
One more thing, let’s just go back to the Classic
look. And you’ll see in the Classic look, there
is no sidebar so, there’s no ad there.
And I know that one of my popular topics that I
always talked about is CommentLuv and Intense Debate and I just wanted to let you
know that if you guys do decide to switch over
to any of these new looks with Blogger, you will no
longer have access to CommentLuv. So there is a down
side to doing it this way. But, if you’re not concerned with that, and
you just want to have a different type of look
and feel to your blog, then go ahead and switch
over to one of the views that we just went through.
And like I said, I’m going to stick with Sidebar, that seems to be the one I want. In fact I
think I’ll go back over to my AdSense settings and
even get rid of this ad that’s over on the sidebar.
But, there’s all your choices that you have, with
the new looks in Blogger. Hey and if you have any questions, just leave
me a comment, and do me a favor. While you’re on YouTube, just click that Subscribe
button that’s right over top of this video. Or come down
and give this video a Like and leave me a comment.
I would really appreciate that. Thanks so much for joining me today.
Once again, it’s Ileane from Basic Blog Tips and the
Blogger blog for me is Basic Podcasting Tips. You guys take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

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  3. Hi Ileane, i would like to ask you to make new video adding an adsense ads inside blog post but with the new blogger template. I hope you will guide to this ads set-up for the blogspot blog.
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  4. Thanks for the request granted. .i hope that i will learn a lot from you coz i am a newbie in this kind of business. God bless!

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  6. You need a good flow of targeted traffic to earn from AdSense on your blog and YouTube channel. It takes time to build it up in the early stages. Hang in there!

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  10. Yes you can go to the section called "Allow and Block Ads" to target the ads you want. The amount you make depends on your traffic, your niche and how much advertisers are willing to pay for placing ads on your site.

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  13. Hi Sam, Thanks for the awesome feedback!
    You can block ads in the Allow & Block ads settings on your account. Check around to see if you can get the Bally's ad to show up. Try making custom channels that are targetable. That might help.

  14. You're welcome Russ. The best way to get in touch is to join my email list. The link is in the description of the video.

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  22. It sounds like you have everything you need. Give it a few days to see if some advertisers want to serve ads on your blog. If that doesn't work you should contact AdSense.

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  25. I sure can! Are you referring to a Blogger blog or a WordPress blog – I can do either one. Just let me know. Thanks.

  26. It is in blogger, I have my blog with dynamic view template and I have created more pages, I just want to post to these pages, since by default all entries are automatically posted on the main page. I would appreciate your prompt response.

  27. You can't customize the menu on Dynamic views. I don't use that template anymore because it has too many limitations. So just pick a different template. If you go to my Google+ profile on the About page you'll see the links to my Blogger blogs so you can see the templates I'm using now. Good luck.

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