How To Add Adsense Verification Code into Your Blogger Site

How To Add Adsense Verification Code into Your Blogger Site

Hello! Friends How r u? In This YouTube Tutorial Video I’m Going To Show You how to Add Adsense Verification Code into Your Blogger Site Add meta tag to Blogger Header error Fix 2017 If You Like My Video Then please Subscribe My YouTube Channel friends very careful about Google Adsense and HTML Google Adsense and html very carefull actually it’s very easy Don’t worry about any problem Friends Let’s See The Instraction First You need to copy The Code and pest it on Your Blogger And your Website After HTML head Pest It easily Ok let’s copy the code from here Click on This blue icon or copy it directly First Copy the code from here and go to bloger/website Open Your Blogger first Go to the Theme Click on Theme Ok Click on The HTML after clikc on html you will see this window search here head you can see let se again the instraction head to copy and past pest it now now see the error because this is worng way just put one aro and change it save but error careful about HTM color ok pest it again pest complete then read color will be change saved it now now error gone i’m going to saved it now Click on Save Button saving…….. Sucessfuly saved now to to Google Adsense see Click the blue icon done and done after We should wait 3 days for this mail i hope you enjoy this video don’t forgot to hit the like botton if my video is helpful then Please Subscribe My channel Thanks for watching

56 thoughts on “How To Add Adsense Verification Code into Your Blogger Site

  1. Editing your theme so it mixes HTTP and HTTPS may affect the security and user experience of your blog when it is viewed over HTTPS

  2. bhai…..thnku yr puri youtube oe dundha par html code daalne ka kahi nii mila ye wala thnxs for uploading this video bhai

  3. I've been trying for 3 days now and I am lost. I have the code and my client I'd but nothing shows on my blogger I need help ASAP.

  4. sir mene apna code copy karke peste b kar diya per error dhikh raha h uska kuch soletion bata do sir kai bar karke dhekh liya h

  5. Bhai apka ye video mera bahut kaam aya thank you bhai apka bahut bahut dhanyawad…apke liye labz ni hai bhai love you

  6. hi sir. maine abhi hi mera bloggers pe account banaya hai.. Agar mai abhi sab adsense ke formalities karu to approve ho jaega ya nahi? maine abhi tak ek bhi blog post nahi kiya hai. Please bataye

  7. bro apka adsense main show ker raha ha keh apka adsense just youtube ky lia ha agr kisi or site main ads lagana ha to pehly usko aprove kero

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  9. Ye verification code dobara se kaha milega …site ready hai but ye code nahi dal paya tha ya templete se change gya hai

  10. My theme button will not save, I`ve tried over and over again.  Can I hire you to do this for me?

  11. after inserting the code, it`s the next action I missed out, maybe that`s why it`s not saveing.  Will have to watch video a few more times to get it.

  12. This I think would be easier in English. Subttitle distracting me whilst I`m trying to watch what you are doing..

  13. It`s taken a while but at last I think I`m getting it, another week and I should be ready to try to put the code in. I`ll let you know how I get on.

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