How To Add An About Me | Tumblr Guide

Hello Internet Friends!
So as a person that goes on the internet a ton I obviously have a tumblr and I know how
to work it. So today I figured I would show you guys how
to add a link that you could use for a fic rec list or an about me or anything like that.
So let me show you mine. So here we have my tumblr and if you click
the Fic Rec List link it brings you to this link which is a Fic Rec List.
Here we have my About Me. And so today I’m going to teach you how to
put one on your blog. So what we’re going to use is my secondary blog.
Um So what you do is you click on the link starting
from your tumblr and you press customize. I really love the theme that I have on my
blog BTW. So next what we do is we scroll down to add
a page, um, which will bring you to this. So show a link to this page? Yes, we want
to. And let’s put this as About Me. You always wanna make your URL something easy
to go to so I just made it the title I put About Me.
We’re just gonna write a short description here. So put your content here and you press
Update Preview and if you like it you press save.
Now, we got that Juli. But how do we add the link to our over here where all our links
are? Well you are going to take one of your links
out and put “About Me.” And then just, since mine is in backslashes we’re going to do it
like that. Type About me. Press “Save”, “Exit”, and see if it works!
And if you’re lucky, yep, it should come up. I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and
fun and I will see you guys next time! Ask me any questions you have about Tumblr
and how to work it and I will answer them. I’ll see you guys soon
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