How To Add (Edit) Blogger Post Editor With Shopping Cart Template

How To Add (Edit) Blogger Post Editor With Shopping Cart Template

welcome to Irsah inDesigns today we’re going to show you how to implement or install and automated product post template from as you can see here this is the custom product post template source codes in our blog we also provided for
you the source codes for the custom product post template after you have copied all the source codes for the custom product post template here in
our tutorial page you can head over to your blogger dashboard and go to Settings post and comments and at the post template section paste the codes here after checking click Save settings button head over to your blog posts to create a new blog post click on
the create a post pencil icon to quickly include an image play a part up close world to begin left click on the left side of the default image go to the image icon and choose an image file to upload into blogger once selected click open click on the image and add selected to add the image to remove the default image hover on to the default image then click on the default image head over to the remove link here and click that link this how to install a product image afterwards you can edit your product description edit the text and the product price and you can also remove or add your smaller product thumbnail images this one I would like to add a small thumbnail image let me see you can also choose a different image but to make it easier for me I[ll click the same image here once displayed maybe change the image size smaller and remove the default thumbnail image add a product title for it add a label for easy categorizations and once you’re finished you can click on the publish button once published you can actually view
your product page here by clicking the view
page the product image the descrpition and everything inside
the product post you had just edited before included even for the smaller image thumbnails in your gallery page automatically BlogrCart White updates the slider images as you can see here the product post is aligned nicely how easy to publish a product post with e-commerce template thank you again hope to see you soon

7 thoughts on “How To Add (Edit) Blogger Post Editor With Shopping Cart Template

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  2. Hello irsah when i copied the template code & pasted it ,it showed me this error:
     "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: HTML"
    Now how to resolve this ??

  3. Hi Irsah I brought the pro version BlogrCart MukaBuku PRO V1.0 but the <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'> something wrong because the page count don't work only show two  page the number 3 don't work example when I click next showme only page 1 and 2  the number 3 does not work, can you help me please thanks

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