How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger 2019

How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger 2019

Hey guys welcome to this video , today im
gonna teach you how you can add google analytics to blogger . First , im gonna create a new
blog . You might already have a
blog , but in my case im gonna
create a new one to show you
guys how to add google analytics to blogger 2014

79 thoughts on “How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger 2019

  1. What do I put for my account name you left that out because you already had one. its right above website name and says contains one or more codes. please help. I'm new to copy and paste.

  2. On my google analytics tracking code page it says tracking code not installed :/ but I did exactly what you said. Very confused!

  3. Great video, thanks.  I'm having the same issue as Gemma O in my Blogger blog.  Status still shows it's not installed.  I followed the instructions exactly.  Maybe I'll repeat the process of adding the tracking code to dashboard settings.  p.s. your English is just fine!

  4. Thanks! I've upgraded to Universal Analytics, do you have a video on how to upgrade the code in my blog?

  5. I can see real time activity but when i go to tracking info from admin menu it says tracking not installed is it normal?

  6. you are the best!! and no your English is perfect! i understood everything!! took me 5 days to find the perfect video!!! 

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing the video i was very confused where to add the analytics code to blog but now after watching the video iam clear with that.

  8. Hi, I believe that you need to add a tracking code (script html) onto blogger now for Google Analytics to work. I've followed your instructions but there doesn't seem to be any data recorded on Google Analytics. I was wondering if you could do an updated video on that?

  9. Richard,
    I wanted to say thanks for the help from a Walsh College Student, easy to follow and I am up and running for Port Austin Collectibles on Blogger.

  10. Thanks so much, Richard for your easy guide. I have added the ID and will check back again to see if it works. But how come they say copy the tracking code and adding it to each page of our website? What does that mean?

  11. I have been trying to add Analytic's for a while now and this was the best video! Thank you! I finally am set up. I really appreciate you taking the time and making this video.

  12. This is missing a key step! You have to copy the tracking code from Google Analytics (not just the UA# shown in this video)…go back to your Blogger Blog > Template > Edit HMTL and paste the tracking code just above the <body> and save the template.

  13. Thanks for the guide, Richard. Do you also know how to add google analytics in wordpress (free version)? Please keep me posted. Thank you.

  14. Great video
    but I have a question ;

    The ID that you copied and added into your blog could be used for other blogs as well or do I need to get another ID from google analytics for every single blogs?

    Thanks in advanced

  15. Thank you SO SO MUCH! I was really in a tizzy when my domain changed, it seemed to throw out my google analytics; this is the most simple and informative help I have found online. When I did the test of uploading my blog and seeing one person online I almost did a dance, haha!

  16. Hi Mr. Stevens, I copied your steps and I got a result with a location too!
    Just wondering whether I will get complete data given Mr Ty Bohannon comment. However, I didn't want to go o through the extra clicks with the tracking code, as I had done this over 5yrs ago. I will wait and see. Thx for sharing this easier option that I forgot about 😉

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