How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger

How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger

how to add Google Analytics to Blogger hello and welcome in this quick
video session I’m going to show you a couple of methods
for adding the Google Analytics tracking code to
your and blog powered by Blogger okay as you
can see this particular blog is powered by
Blogger okay what you do is you simply surely log into your Google Analytics account
and locate your tracking code okay simply you copy that and I’ve already pasted that in there okay so your code looks like this
right its there’s couple of ways of adding your tracking code an to your Blogger platform and one
being is once you go into your settings in blogger on the left-hand side here you’ve got
settings you press on that and underneath that
you have another option that says other you press on that and once
you do its asking you for your analytic web property ID and that is only this
portion here okay so you can simply paste that code ID there and then you hit
Save what will then happen is Google
Analytics will be installed on your blogger platform right so I’m gonna show you another way so let’s not save this let’s go into
let’s go back to the overview let’s disregard the changes the the other way of putting that code on your blogger blog is on the left hand side
you have this template option here press on that and once you do and
whatever template your blogger blog is running on you’ll have this
option here it says edit HTML you press on that and what you need to do is quickly and
easily locate this this is the template file that’s
actually firing your blog okay so once you go in to edit HTML then you simply locate this portion here that’s the end of your head element okay and all you do is you copy your entire tracking code and you pasted just before the head element before the closing of head element and as you can see now we’ve pasted that in there and all we then have to do
is hit save template once we do now that’s saved let’s open the source code control+U on the
keyboard now we will see if we find Analytics as we can see that’s our tracking code installed so that’s how simple it is for you to be
able to add Google Analytics tracking code to a blog that’s fired by WordPress okay I thank you very much for your visit if you haven’t got Google Analytics
account created yet I’ve got video tutorials that shows you how
to do that quickly and easily I thank you very much for learning with
me I’ll talk to you very soon thank you take care bye bye also if you have any problems with it and simply comment I’ll take a look for
you thank you bye bye

20 thoughts on “How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger

  1. Hi!

    I've tried both of the ways you've shown on how to install Google Analytics. However, I don't seem to receive the data on my blog from Google Analytics. 
    I was wondering if you could help me out with this? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for clear and easy to follow instructions – especially for someone who isn't confident about doing this!

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