How To Associate An External Website With Your YouTube Channel

How To Associate An External Website With Your YouTube Channel

Hi this video is about How To Associate An
External Website To Your YouTube Channel Associated Website Annotations or Cards is
a great way to redirect visitors to an external website that is associated with your YouTube
channel. This could be your blog, squeeze page, or
any other website that you own. Herman Drost
If you want to link youtube cards or annotations to an external website you first have to associate
one website to your youtube account After associating one website you can add
more websites via Webmaster tools. Here are the steps to associate an external
website to your youtube channel Log in to your youtube channel
Click the profile icon Click creator studio
Check your channel status by clicking “channel” In order to link your youtube channel with
an external website your channel first must be verified
It must be in good standing It must have no community or copyright violations
Here I’ve got verified If your youtube channel is not verified watch
the video at the end of this video So this channel is already verified and it’s
in good standing Next I’m going to click “advanced” scroll
down where it says “associated website” Here you want to add the website that you
want to link to Click add
Now it says “pending” It says “to associate with this site, you
must verify that you own it” So I am going to click “verify”
Webmaster Central of your Gmail account Recommended method it says HTML file to upload
which I usually use It says “download the verification file”
Upload the file to your website then Confirm by visiting…in your browser
There is also Alternate methods You can add a meta tag to your site’s home
page You can do it through your domain name provider
You can do it through Google analytics or Google tag manager
I’m going to use the Recommended method Ok I’ve uploaded my HTML verification file
to the server Click here to confirm it’s successful
There it is Click “verify”
It says “great job has now been verified. You can now use Google
services for your site such as webmaster tools I can also verify another site or domain
I can also view my list of verified sites and domains
Let’s go back to my youtube channel Here it says Associated website…pending
I can refresh it I can remove it You can request approval from the website
owner or if you own the site , verify that you own it
So I click “verify” It says “you are already a verified site owner”
It might take a couple of hours to propagate or sometimes longer but you can check back
here to see if it’s been approved When you see the green success icon you know
that your channel is associated with a website or websites that you own
Here’s how to add an associated website annotation Click on your video manager
Select the video that you wish to annotate Click edit
Click annotations or you can click Cards We’ll click annotations
If this is the first time you’re using external annotations at the top of the menu you’ll
see a banner that says “enable your account for external annotation links”
Click the enable button and accept the terms and conditions.
This is the banner that you’ll see Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions
click the add annotation button Position the rectangle over the place where
you want the annnotation to go Click link then you’ll see the drop down box
here with asssociated website Add your asssociated website URL in the box
You can also click the preview link to preview it
Once you’ve finished click “apply changes” or click publish
If you’re adding an annotation to a video you’ve already uploaded click apply changes
If it’s a new video click save or publish Here are 4 tips to keep in mind
1. You can link to any page within your domain 2. If you can”t link to an associated website
that means you haven’t verifed your account, your account may not be in good standing or
you may just have to wait a few days. 3.You must use the full URL of your site for
it to be accepted That’s it!
Now you know how to associate an external website to your YouTube channel
Now you know How To Enable Mobile Friendly Annotations On YouTube
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77 thoughts on “How To Associate An External Website With Your YouTube Channel

  1. Associated Website Annotations or Cards is a great way to redirect visitors from your video to an external website associated with your YouTube channel

  2. Always delivering helpful information Herman!  I'll have to add this to my favorites and watch it again! 

  3. Ok so you've just basically read the screen which I can do my self 🙂 but you've skipped all the complicated parts most would be help with. I can read the instructions, but what is a DNS configuration and basically, where on my website do I have to go in order to post that code? I'm looking everywhere, but nothing simple enough to understand immediately is working. Going to have to come back to it and work it out myself later i suppose.

  4. Your videos are awesome and super helpful,
    One question, I just made a 2nd channel on youtube and Id like to link it to my website like it is on my main channel, I followed your steps however, when I go to Annotations it doesn't have an option for a website link, Channel is verified tho.


    Kind Regards
    from Australia

  5. Great tutorial, but my site will not upload the file. Says bad file. I would love to use this, but am not going to do any of the other methods. Wish I could download that file.

  6. +isitebuild – can a Facebook page be verified as an associated website? Is there any simple way to do it?

  7. no one shows how to upload the file to the website, how do i find my websites host to log into filezilla to upload the file?


  9. Me and my friend did all the things that can link another website here on a video but my friend can't link her twitter for some reason. We checked and she was verified and all that so we tried to use cards but it doesn't work. It says that it's not a verified URL but her twitter was already connected to YT so.. yeah… How can we fix it if possible???

  10. Great video. I like your direct style. Did you have a video for using webmaster tools to link more sites to your YouTube account?

  11. I have a further question, I am attempting to verify my wordpress blog. How do I upload the verification file? I tried by opening the file and copying the text into a blog post. But this would not confirm in the next step.

  12. Way way to fast in your descriptions on how to do it.. not everyone is a computer geek.. try to remember that…..

  13. you need to show how you upload the file to the server. That's the part that doesn't seem to work for me. I use a weebly site, and when I use the "embed code" with the html file, nothing happens.

  14. I have a free Wix domain, do you need to do anything different from the steps here. I had trouble uploading the file onto my site.

  15. It says I'm verified but I do not get a website choice when I select link i only get these Video
    Google+ Profile/Page
    Crowdfunding Project

  16. Struggled with this. At 1:47 you say upload the file to your website. You don't show yourself doing that bit or explain how to do it. So I ground to a halt and got no further! May be obvious to some, but I guess there are others like me who don't know what to do at that stage. Up til then I was following you fine.

  17. can you link to an amazon affiliate account? I want to but it tell me if I'm violation my youtube channel will be removed, do you know if it appropriate to link to amazing affiliate accounts

  18. the option is no longer available.
    My account is verified and in good standing but there is no option to add a website.

  19. as usual, … it seems aussies give only partial information and never really disclose what they would like you to purchase from them….

  20. Thanks for posting video. I had a fun time associating my channel with my web domain through Siteground who I host it with. The HTML code did not work when uploading to my website, hence going the long way round. All verified now. As we can no longer use annotations we are left with cards to send links to our website. My question is have you worked out a way yet get a url link to work with other websites and landing pages you own (not the domain associated with your channel). I have tried to do this in consol and followed all the google instructions but still no joy. There is so much hassle just to send a link from your Youtube channel to external websites. Brilliant if we can do it. I know google don't like sending to affiliate links which is fine but I just want to send to my other web domains with the extension added. Thanks for any help you can offer here

  21. i have no my own website but its possible to associate my youtube channel to any external website who's owner is unknown for me???…

  22. YouTube says: "Don't use cards to further redirect to unauthorized sites from your associated website." So does this mean one can't direct viewers to an associated website and then from there to Amazon or some other affiliate website?

  23. I want to redirect my youtube channel to my website I mean when i click my youtube channel ( then open my website (

  24. Does a channel still need a minimum amount of Subscribers in order to link an Associated website or can someone link to a brand new channel?

  25. Hello! I am a verified partner, my website was successfully acceped as an associated website, until today I could add cards with external links, but all of sudden I am not allowed to do that. The channel is in good standing. What should I do? Thank you!

  26. Just found this video when I was searching how to do this. Yours popped up! Happy to stumble across your video. It was helpful and to the point. Thank you!

  27. Hello, I tried doing to my ig account, but it won't let me. Do I have to own an actual website? I own the ig account, shouldn't it work? Thanks for the tutorial!

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