How to Auto Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

How to Auto Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

Welcome to WPBeginner and thanks for
watching. In this video I’ll show you how to
auto-schedule your WordPress blog posts. A lot of times you can go through and you’ll
start setting up your post to publish but sometimes you might forget to
schedule them if you doing multiples at one time. So wouldn’t it be great to have something to do that for you immediately, to get this functionality just install and activate a plugin called publish to schedule. So we’re going to go to our
WordPress dashboard, log into the back of your site once you’re in the dashboard
just go to your Plugins>Add New and in the search bar we’re looking for publish
to schedule this is the one we want so we’ll click Install now and after it installs you also want to
activate the plugin. Once activated we can click on Settings here also under
Settings>Published to Schedule. If you ever need to go back to it. Under here you wanna fill in this area for how many posts you want published each day then we can go
through, and so we want to publish every Monday we’re just getting started so we’ll
only have one a week. We have more to publish daily then you want to fill
those out specify the interval, so that’s more
important if you have multiple blog posts going out but this defaults to zero and to 23 59 meaning basically every day at the same time and down here right here
this is showing that if you’re not in the right time zone you might want to go
in and fix that you can click on the WordPress settings and I’ll take you to
our general settings here where you can go in and pick the correct time zone, find
the city that works with that and then you can go back. And also you no longer have that issue so now
when you go in to add a new post you have a new button instead of publish you have
published a schedule and it’ll automatically set the next scheduling
date and this one will be scheduled for pretty much immediately but then the one after
that will be scheduled out so if I’m doing five blog post today, it will schedule out
for the next five Mondays in a row. So I’ll go ahead and add some content here and when I’m ready I’ll click Publish to Schedule and now it’s scheduled for today. We’ll go ahead and add a couple of more posts to
see when the next one will happen. Now that today which is a Monday so
there’s ones already scheduled for today. Now you’ll see my scheduling here the next
available one won’t be until a week from now so when I finish this blog and click
Publish to schedule it will automatically go out next Monday at 9:49 so we’ll finish this out here when I click
Publish to Schedule now we have another one scheduled out so now I have two
weeks worth of blog posts scheduled out immediately. If you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment there, we’d love to hear from you. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos.

6 thoughts on “How to Auto Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

  1. please tell me while migration of blogger blog to wp, what changes are necessary if you've custom domain on your Blogger blog that you want to migrate to wp?. simply change hosts…?
    I've seen your video, please reply I'm in a big confusion…

    I need to retain my google rankings of my blog on blogger(custom domain) but simply host it on wp…what should be done…?

  2. Doesn't the schedule settings in the posts area do the same thing, since you can schedule the exact day and time there as well, or am I missing something?

  3. I just discovered this yesterday. Thank you for sharing this awesome feature. Have a wonderful day.

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