How to be a tumblr boy I girls

How to be a tumblr boy I girls

How to be a tumblr boy I girls Summer is approaching really fast here and things that comes to my mind with summer are.. The beach Parties! And meeting new people *shakes* But all of this will only interest me for about… that long! I’m so full of life I’m such a l..loser Yeahhhh *giggles* Anyway when i’m bored i will usually go to the all holy tumblr! Ohh praise! There are a lot of different sides to tumblr. The scientific The fandom! The hipster And the crazy side… hahaha! And a lot more ofc! Yes i am the avatar of tumblr, master of all sides muwahaha! It doesn’t matter what side you’re on because everyone does the following things. You have to wrap yourself in a blanket where ever you go! This is very important! Common knowledge Like i mention in almost all my videos, you must have food at all times NO EXCEPTION! Never! You don’t care about time.. at all! I don’t care… i’m such a badass Okey.. only 5 more minutes and then i go to sleep. I just going to like 10 more post before i’m going to bed! Ohh puppy! ”Random weirdo noises” Okay i will scroll until i find a really funny one and then i go to bed! Oh food… foooooood Look at how delicious it is *random weird noises* Okay i’m going to bed now. It’s light already..? What *continues random noises* Oh well i can atleast try tonight again! You have to be completely honest on tumblr Tumblr is a safe place that propably knows more of you than.. your own family..? True story I’m sorry family! Never let anyone in your personal life find out about your tumblr Never forget, yup that’s the golden rule. Hey guys if you can tell your tumblr urls, then we could all add eachother Nooo! And oh yeah i you where ever maybe to end up in jail Then makes sure that someone deletes your tumblr! Because it won’t do you any good.. believe me! wow… he’s such a psycho! Police? I’m really cared for my life right now Please help me! You take my tumblr, i take your life muwahahah! Thank you guys for watching my video! Be sure to give it a big thumbs up if you liked it! And let me know in the comment section below, what kind of tumblr side you’re on! So i guess i see you guys next Saturday again.. and on tumblr ofc Okey… BYEEEAAA

53 thoughts on “How to be a tumblr boy I girls

  1. New video!! 😀 I swear i need to be a little more ''chill'' on creating the next video ending, it's getting out of hand haha!

    Ps. How cute was that puppy T-T/ how good did that food look right? ^-^

  2. Lol, I'm a tumblr girl and the sides of tumblr that I relate to are the creepy stalker fangirl side, the side that talks about sexuality and gender, the side that loves zodiac sign posts, and a couple more random sides 🙂

  3. So true and relatable! I always say to myself, "Only five more minutes.. but gotta sleep.. but only one more awesome GIF/pic/etc… one more!" Then it's like practically morning… oops! Also, hey food is a fangirl/guy's best friend… You gotta have that in order to stay awake from staying up all night!

  4. "It's the sexy endscreen dance …" Yeah I might have watched a little bit to much danisnotonfire recently , but anyways the thing about tumblr is , I don't understand it 😀 I mean I am on tumblr from time to time , but I just don't really understand how everything works there and what to do and I'm basicly kinda lost 😀

  5. @Nico Potters PUPPYYY!!! haha! Food you must always have with you, NO MATTER WHAT. If u dont have food, voice goes deep, dark and demonic U SHALL DIE. xD this video was so me though. Haha! <3

  6. Now, I just browse through tumblr for interest. I haven't been infected with this addiction to it (yet) and besides, I'm not even that popular on tumblr anyway.

  7. Tumblr is love Tumblr is life…as long as you stay away from the night bloggers and the Homestucks. :33 H3H3H3

  8. You need a hobby other than eating food and going on Tumblr. How about writing? Singing? Making more videos? Writing a Nico movie? :O

  9. Hey Nico! I made a new account so i don't have that annoying long username lol. My old username was echopercenvereicneslouaproductions or whatever.. so Hi!

  10. I found you accidentally through a comment on I think Britney Spears video yesterday, and I've already watch all your videos. You are truly the best thing on YouTube! You're awesome.

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